5 Main causes of bowel problems after hysterectomy

Why do so many women complain about bowel problems after hysterectomy?

bowel problems after hysterectomy

A hysterectomy appears to have a high occurrence of interrupted bowel function and changed bowel habits.  

It is not strange that women have bowel issues after hysterectomy. After surgery, the bowel fills up the empty space where the uterus once was.

After a hysterectomy, women are more vulnerable to developing pelvic organ prolapse. A weakened back wall of the vagina will cause bowel issues. This bulging of the bowel against the vaginal wall is named a rectocele.

Some women experience the uncomfortable feeling of the bowel being filled with stool pushing against the vaginal wall. For others, a rectocele may cause difficulties in having a bowel movement.

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Post hysterectomy gastrointestinal problems

Proper bowel preparation is very important for every vaginal or abdominal hysterectomy surgery. During the surgery, the bowel contractions (peristaltic) slow down. The cleaner the bowels are before surgery, the sooner normal activity will return. When the bowel is not well prepared, hard stool may cause abdominal or rectal pain, inability to pass gas, and bloating. Women may also feel nauseous and not tolerate food.

Furthermore, pain medications aggravate constipation issues. A complication that can occur is that bowel activity does not return. When the doctor suspects an obstruction or partial obstruction, a patient will get intravenous fluids and is not allowed to eat or drink until bowel activity returns.

Chronic constipation after hysterectomy surgery

One study reports that women have fewer and harder bowel movements and use laxatives more often following a hysterectomy than women in the same age group who haven’t had this surgery.

The cause for chronic constipation after hysterectomy is not fully understood but may happen for the following reasons.

  1. Neurological – It may affect her bowel when they injure a woman’s autonomic nerves during the hysterectomy.
  2. Anatomical – As mentioned above, a rectocele may cause defecation difficulties.
  3. Hormonal – Possibly, a drop in estrogen may affect bowel function.
  4. Pharmacological – Using iron, opioids, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications can cause constipation.
  5. Psychological – The effect of the psyche on the bowel is still unclear. Depression and anxiety may cause bowel problems after a hysterectomy. This is possibly due to less willingness to exercise due to depression. Physical activity helps keep the bowels moving.

How can abdominal adhesions cause bowel problems after hysterectomy?

Changed bowel habits after hysterectomy are often due to adhesions. Adhesions are fibrous bands (scar tissue) that connect organs that normally would smoothly slide past one another.

Adhesions are often the result of tissues and organs being injured, tissue drying out, and contact with foreign substances during surgery. But also, an abdominal infection after surgery can cause adhesions.

Adhesions can entangle the intestines and pull them out of place. They can make food or stool difficult and sometimes impossible to pass through the bowel.

How are hysterectomy adhesions and bowel problems treated? When adhesion causes severe pain and bowel obstruction, surgery to remove them is often necessary. Mild symptoms are usually left alone as adhesions tend to reform once they are surgically removed.

Bowel injury during hysterectomy

Injury to the small bowel or colon can happen during a hysterectomy. This can become a serious complication if it is not quickly recognized as bowel contents spill in the woman’s pelvis.

A woman’s chance of bowel injury (enterotomy) is about o.4%. This is most common during a laparoscopically-assisted abdominal hysterectomy.

When bowel injuries are not noticed and repaired during surgery, women will soon complain about fever and a painful, tense, and swollen abdomen. Untreated bowel injuries may lead to a life-threatening condition called peritonitis.

Bowel problems due to endometriosis

Bowel problems after hysterectomy can also occur due to endometriosis. Pelvic pain, painful menses, diarrhea, constipation, and pain during sex are common complaints of endometriosis that will not necessarily be solved with a hysterectomy and are considered the last resort.

However, for some women, a hysterectomy for endometriosis relieves significant pain. A hysterectomy is the best option for women who have completed childbearing and are not responding to medication.

In most women suffering from endometriosis, endometrial cells grow in the pelvic organs and areas outside the uterus.

In this case, if endometrial implants exist on the pelvic floor and on the front wall of the bowel and they are not removed along with the uterus, their hormonal activity will continue to cause bleeding, scarring, and pain.

Bowel problems after hysterectomy appear to be a part of the healing process. But when your bowels don’t get back to normal, and these issues insist months after surgery, you should contact your doctor and have this checked out.

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Reviewed by: Kimberly Langdon M.D. (OB/GYN)
Date reviewed: 17/3/2019


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  1. I have the opposite. Since my hysterectomy and sapingo oophorectomy, my bowels have never been better. I’m passing a still at least 3 times a day. I’m wondering if Its because my bowels has more room in the cavity left by the removal of my uterus etc..

  2. Hi Shawndra, I am in my 11th day of having my hysterectomy, and I am having lots of gas and small bowel movments, everytime I have gas
    it seems that i need to pass bowel Will this correct itself

  3. I’ve read so many comments on here and it’s so reassuring to read that I’m not alone in experiencing ongoing bowel issues. I’m nearly 4 months post op and I never thought I would ever become this obsessed with my bowels at 45 years old. It just makes you appreciate the things you take for granted. Every trip to the toilet stresses me and I’ve been so constipated at times that I have sat on the loo for 20 minutes with no result, then panicked that I might have the dreaded ‘faecal impaction.’ I take lactulose at least twice a week and on the odd days when I have a normal bowel movement, I forget I have constipation problems problems, then drink less water, eat more doughy, processed foods and it starts all over again! It’s so depressing and isolating at times because no one can really understand what it’s like unless they’ve been through it themselves. On top of that I’ve had high calcium levels in my blood which my GP suspects is hyperparathyroidism and this has made my constipation worse and my insomnia! My gynaecologist thinks my symptoms are partly to do with early menopause, that my ovaries are perhaps failing,
    and wants me to start HRT . Everyone has a different view and all the while I feel like a human experiment that went wrong. I feel so far removed than the energetic, fit and healthy person I was before my hysterectomy. I was even referred for a colonoscopy to investigate my constipation issues but I chickened out at the last minute because I couldn’t bare the thought of some tube going around my bowel after all the stress it’s already had! I had an ultrasound to check everything internally and the sonographer said that he couldn’t find my ovaries, probably because they were hidden behind my bowels. No wonder I’ve got poo problems when my bowels have decided to go walkies down my pelvis :(.

    1. Hi Nicole, you could ask your doctor to check your magnesium levels. Many women have sleeping difficulties after hysterectomy due to magnesium deficiency. Magnesium also has a mild laxative effect which can help with your constipation.

  4. I wish I had tan across this before my total hysterectomy. I am 5 days out from having a total hysterectomy (open incision from hip to hip) because of complications. My uterus, ovaries, and everything else that was to be removed were somehow attached to my bowels so a surgeon had to come in for the hysterectomy. I’m having so much pain and did not realize the majority of post-operative situations. I really hope that our medical research doctors can come together to do something about this common situation that we women have. We deserve extensive research on this issue because I know if men had to deal with this something would have already been invented. Ladies, I hope everyone gets to getting relief and I hope I reach a point where I can be at least okay.

  5. I had a full hysterectomy Feb. 28, 2018. The issues I am having with my bowels are now beginning to really scare me after reading what can happen. I have an appointment to see the surgeon in a few days but am wondering if something has gone wrong. It is almost impossible for me to have normal bowel movements and I have noticed that if and when I do have one, the movements are thin, as if there is some sort of blockage. I’m also feeling the pain mentioned in the article as I feel the bowel reacting to contents moving through it. Very unpleasant. I went ahead and had the surgery because a sister was just diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer and another sister had just died of stage 4 cancer three months ago. The doctor had found a benign cyst in my right ovary ( the left was removed in 1986) but suggested I get the surgery in the event I, too, would get cancer. Yes, I guess I have peace of mind, but now am questioning why I went through with the procedure and am suffering a consequence.

    1. I had a total hysterectomy February 7th 2018, and ever since I’ve had abdominal pain and constipation and also back pain, all this as painful as it is was bearable, but 3 days ago I couldn’t hold my pee anymore so basically complete incontinence, I went to see the doctor only to find out that I have a fistula and might need another surgery, it is so stressful having to wear a diaper all day, and smelling bad all day, I’m devastated, and don’t know what to expect, sad just sad.

  6. Hi Ladies,

    I am about 5 months post-op from DaVinci hysterectomy- They were thankfully able to salvage my right ovary. I am also a runner and was eager to get back out there doing my thing. The first 3 days were the worst because of the gas pain but my doctor told me to “walk it out” the more you walk the quicker it will move through your body. The first 5-6 hours after surgery honestly, I couldn’t move, and was crying … when you have DaVinci surgery they inflate your abdomen with c02 so they can see inside. At about 1 am I was able to walk. At 9:30 the next morning I was doing slow laps around the nurse’s station. However, my recovery went well, the thing that occurred after… no so great… I had such a drop in estrogen that my hair started falling out in gobbs … I still have terrible gas, and I can’t really control it. I went from having normal bowel movements to, well… I guess when it comes out it comes out. Weight gain Not really, I just can’t get my abdominal wall to build abs like I had before and it’s infuriating especially since I run50-60 miles a week… and work out intensely. I don’t eat meat, even long before my surgery- but I do eat bread … lots of greens mostly though. It’s really frustrating to read all of your stories and see so many similarities. I also agree that they should make a sling, so our bowl doesn’t go down into our pelvic floor. I wish all you ladies the best in your healing.

    1. I agree!!!! I am having the same exact problem I was regular before my surgery ever since my hysterectomy I’m lucky if I go once a week it’s absolutely terrible

  7. Hi, all I had a hysterectomy and both ovaries removed when I was 26. I suffered terribly from endo. My pain has no much eased some 22 years later. I have huge bowel issues mainly excruciating pain and bloating. Lasy year I was rushed to the hospital to have my appendix removed, a pretty straightforward procedure one would think but no, my appendix was hidden and very low in my pelvic area. Once it was removed the drs made a rare discovery that endometriosis was found in the removed appendix. 1% of people might get this.
    My concern is that Drs know that when removing the uterus that the bowel will fill that hole, why not maybe make a sling or something that would stop the bowel from falling cause us females more pain and ongoing issues. Sorry for my rant

  8. I’m 8 weeks post op from a total abdominal hysterectomy. (surgery was 1/2) I have a 7inch vertical incision. I had one there from before, had lots of abdominal surgeries! Recovery has been better than expected, I am a runner and avid exerciser.. believe being in good shape has helped. However.. that being said, the bloating and constipation is constant. I had a good BM today but that was I believe after 2-3 days of no BM. With being into fitness and eating right, the scale and how I feel is moving in the opposite direction! I look in the mirror, I don’t see myself.. I see someone bigger than I used to be.. I know, it isn’t much. I just don’t want it to get any worse! It’s only 2-3 lbs so far. Praying it doesn’t go higher. By the end of the day I feel so gross.. even before surgery I was prone to bloat and it’s happening still, but worse. I’m also doing a weight lifting program. So I know that when lifting weights, bloating is common unfortunately. I don’t know what else I can do except wait it out.. I do have stool softeners which I take every day. I have tried milk of magnesia and that gives me diarrhea for like 2-3 days. I’m crazy emotional and having a rough time getting back into the swing of things at work. ugh everything makes me cry!

  9. hi ladies

    Firstly it is great to hear that I’m not alone. Feb 10 I will be 4 years post-op. Believe it or not, I still have pain as if I just had the op. I had open surgery hysterectomy, from hip to hip, 7 weeks in the hospital. everything that could go wrong went wrong. Sepsis in the wound, spiked temp and bp. Let’s not forget not having a bowel movement. I dread intimacy as the pain after is excruciating in my abdomen. I’ve seen my Dr for the past 4 years and his explanation is adhesions and also endometriosis. I thought after the operation I would be free of pain, but that was wishful thinking. I find that when I stay away from meat and starchy foods that the pain is manageable. lots of water also helps. unfortunately, my life is pain killers and smoothies most of the time. the pain has been the reason for not going back to work as yet, as I fear to have bad pain days.
    As for post op, I find that binding my stomach helps. Or wearing a gym tights. it kind of just holds everything in place. Abdominal manage also helps with pain and pain movement at times. circular down movements……I wish that my Dr told me what to expect afterward. stay strong ladies……I feel your pain…..

    1. Its been 3.5 Years i cant eat meat or bread because it causes me to have an obstruction.. i have constant abdominal pain..

      Glad to know im not alone

  10. Helene
    I had my first surgery on Nov 8, 2017, which was a robotic hysterectomy. After the surgery, I was having complications of heaving bleeding and cramping so I was taken back into surgery on Nov 21, 2017. After the second surgery, the complications continued I went to the Doctors office and ER several times. I underwent 4 CT Scans and blood draws. On Dec 13, 2017, I was taken back into surgery to correct the complications please note the bleeding stopped, but the cramping and pain down my leg have not. has anyone had this surgery does anyone have a cure? Pain and medication cannot be my post-surgery life because I have scar tissue? or adhesions as the doctor calls them.

    1. Look into IT band issues for the leg pain. Try this when a leg pain starts, sit on floor or bench with leg extended, grasp your foot around the ball (just below toes) and pull back towards you, holding the pressure. Alternatively, have someone press towards you firmly as possible from the ball side of the foot. Continue until the pain subsides. For me it takes about 5-15 minutes before the cramping/spasm subsides. If this helps then look into exercises or yoga for IT band on the web and proactively do those exercises. (My daughter is a dancer and thankfully she recognized the issue and helped me through it Post-op, when I had been warned to expect “bone pain” and only advice was to treat it with ibuprofen

  11. Hi there ladies. Please help me!!
    I’m two weeks post-op from keyhole hysterectomy.. I also had my ovary and bowel fused and some other issues that my gyn corrected whilst in there. She said it all went as planned and id be in hos for 2’3 nights. After almost a year of excruciating pain, i finally had my op a few days before Chrissy. I was sent home 12 hours after surgery and was told by the nurse to get up unassisted n get my own coffee 30 minutes after she removed my catheter. Nursing friends are shocked that after such a major procedure i was given no advice on aftercare and sent home so soon. I’ve been feeling pretty good in comparison to the months prior, however, the last few days I’m in so much pain when i attempt to move my bowels.
    Not in the abdomen but in my actual anus as i attempt to bear down. Its agony and I’ve taken coloxyl …eating ok but it just hurts too much. Feels as though I’m giving birth.
    I’m balling my eyes out reading all of the comments on here cos I’m scared to death of whats wrong now!
    Does anyone have any advice or should i head for the long wait at the ER only be told to go home n suffer it out?

    1. Hello Jayne
      I’m not sure what a keyhole hysterectomy is. Is it just a laparoscopic hysterectomy? Your Dr. said your bowel and ovary were fused, so I’m thinking you had adhesions. I live in the US, so I’m guessing things are defined differently. When your uterus is removed bowel fills that space where the uterus was and sometimes can cause issues. Look up rectocele and see if the symptoms sound like what you are experiencing.
      I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy 5 days ago and experiencing gas pain, but it doesn’t sound as bad as what you have.
      I hope all goes well for you.
      Rae Lynn

    2. I have just had full hysterectomy keyhole only been 9 days today and they told me: Can’t stretch, strain, lift or do any housework for 6 weeks but am getting a lot of pain in my back end kills me when I go to the toilet feels like a ball or something going to pop out. I don’t know if it’s normal. I have been trying to check it’s a horrible feeling and hurts bad. x

    3. Hi is this the first time you have had your bowls open? You could just be constipated so take plenty of laxatives, eat plenty of fruit, fresh veg and drink plenty of water.

    4. Hi, I had similar issue.
      Use proper bowel evac technique every single time. (with stool and breathing)
      Use Degas for pain (simethicone) breaks big gas into smaller gas.
      Check with ultrasound (SOP at day three for hyst to rule out clots before discharge) for clots as they feel like childbirth.

      Breathe, anti-inflammatories past 4 weeks. Peppermint tea and probiotics

    5. I feel your pain I go through the same exact thing right now. I am on day 6 of no bowel movement, all I feel is pressure it’s very painful. I have tried everything I can think of nothing has worked

  12. I had a total hysto in April 2017 due to a 13 cm tumor on my left ovary. I stopped taking any type of pain medication 5 days after an open surgery (with 29 abd. staples). I was told I could leave the hospital if I passed gas or have a bowel movement. I passed gas and was able to leave. 13 days later I still did not have a bm. I ran a fever of 101.2 and my abd. was distended. I went to the doctors and they did x-rays and yes I was full. So we started the whole laxative thing. Nothing worked. I did every thing under the sun, still nothing worked. I even “over dosed” with laxative which brought one different issues. I did not have any issues moving my bowels before my surgery. Now I have ZERO feelings to move them. I recently did a sitz marker test which tracks the motility of the bowels. (24 markers they should all be out of your system in 72 hours…well I still had markers high at 96 hours). Next came the colonoscopy which did not show any thing of importance. Then came an anal manometry to check the pressure. They said it showed “pelvic floor dysfunction”. My next test is in December and this is to “re-train” my bowel so that I can go to the bathroom again. I don’t see this working. How can I re train when I can’t even feel that I have to go? It has been almost 8 months since my surgery. I have done 43 enemas. I am 45 years old and I am not going to do this for the rest of my life! After this next test I am going to go get a second opinion from a different university by another specialist. Has anyone else gone through this?

    1. I have the same problem but they won’t do any testing. I go to the bathroom like once a month or every two weeks maybe if I take laxatives.

    2. You might like to consider changing to a vegan diet. It has worked wonders for me and I am now back to normal

    3. Nicole, I know this is a late post but are you still having the same issues? My hysterectomy pretty much damaged my large intestines and rectum many problems I have and so much medication I am on know. I have to go to a university hospital 4 hours away that can deal with my issues. I did all the testing, bio feed back did nothing it has been 1 1/2 years since my surgery. Just wondering if you ever found relief or answers. Thanks

    4. Hi! It’s been 5 months since I had a hysterectomy. I didn’t think I would ever have to experience such an inconvenience of passing a bowel! I have taken every under the sun too! I found out that if I take colon cleanse pills, then I may experience bowel movement. I tried Miralax with Gatorade, stool softeners, and others laxatives. I am able to pass a bowel but a very small one. I don’t eat much now b/c if this. The only problem is now I think I may have a yeast infection for taking these pills for so long. I am still waiting to get an appt with my doctor.

    5. Hi Nicole, I’ve been having some problems with my own health when I came across your story. I to had a large tumor removed in 1992 (11cm). My total hysterectomy was done in 1996. Up until my last surgery, I didn’t have a problem with my bowels working. Right after this surgery I knew there was a big problem. I told my Dr. and he said I just needed to give myself time to heal. I had six weeks to heal and five weeks into this I became very worried because I didn’t know how I was going back to work feeling as bad as I did. But thank God I was feeling better and I did go back. My bowels were still compromised by this surgery, but still I was able to go when I could. My Dr. at some point suggested to me to go on calcium with magnesium and things really changed. I was able to go without straining and more times a week than before. I’m not sure if this will help you but maybe talk to your Dr. about this. I did tell my Dr. and she couldn’t medically give me an answer for it because I was actually taking this to keep my bones strong. Wishing the best for you!

    6. Yes yes and yes I have done all of the same exact test colonoscopies everything that you have done and I still have no answers myself. Please let me know if you find anything that will give us relief from this pain. It’s horrible I too was completely normal with my bowels before surgery. Ever since my hysterectomy I am lucky, very lucky if I go to the bathroom once a week, and it’s never a lot

  13. I am 4 weeks post op tomorrow from a partial hysterectomy. I haven’t had too much pain in about a week although last night I was woken up several times with throbbing pain in my right side. I have noticed That when I wake up in the morning my stomach looks great. Much flatter then right after surgery. As soon as I eat something or drink something, my stomach looks huge. Almost how it did when I had the fibroids. My question is, will this get better over time, or is this how my body is going to be from here on out? This by far has been a very emotional recovery not to mention all the physical aspects of it. Nice to read everyone else’s experience.

  14. Ok ladies ive got some very valuable information…if ur experiencing bloating and painful bowelments try GAS X if tht doesnt work for u …ur doctor can prescribe u the actual active ingredient thats in gas x …i received this information by reading other posts….i tried it and it worked… im 10wks postop and i still have to take one every now and then…….fyi … gas can definitely interfere with bowel movements…..abnormal bowelments was my MAIN reason for the procedure…..take care of urselfs and listen to ur body….

    1. I had a vaginal hysterectomy (uterus removal only) October 2015. A year after I was still experiencing unbearable pains. I went to obgyn and was treated for kidney stones. Days later and I couldn’t stand at all and was painful to sit. Sex was horrible afterwards. I went to the ER and had a MRI and they found a 4cm cyst on my right ovary and was only given pain meds. It’s 2 years later and I still have that pain. They told me the cyst dissolved, (something I’ve never heard of), but the pain hasn’t completely left. Sex is extremely painful. Urinating is painful. Extreme activities are a No. I e never been the same since. I still have what they call fathom cycles, which are worse than real cycles. I need a Dr that actually cares. I was 28 when I was told I would have to have the operation or basically I will soon have ovarian cancer. I wish I had known more before agreeing and committing to this life change.

    2. I had a TAH on 12/20/1017 and I am still dealing with painful BM’s. I take 3 stool softeners daily and gas X after each meal and before bed. My bowels move fine but right before needing to go I have excruciating stabbing pain in my abdomen. It’s hard to bear down so increasing my stool softeners from 1 a day to 3 a day has helped with that. I go for my 2 week post op check this week and can’t wait to discuss this with my doc. I also still have vaginal bleeding (light pink). I hope everything is okay.

    3. Actually trying to reply to Angela, but she doesn’t have a reply button.. I watched a laparoscopic robotic hysterectomy on you tube to see why my guts were hurting so and aparently all your organs are attached my tissues, cuz it shows the robot cutting them apart, then one of the arms hold part of your intestines out of the way (in my instance, for four hours) while they move your uterus out. If you can stand to watch it it is educational. I just think it looks like chicken or something so it doesn’t gross me out, and there is minimal blood in the video because the tools electronically cauterize.

  15. I found a homeopathic product that has helped a lot with the cramping and bloating. Gasalia I place two under my tongue and it really helps to stop the cramping. I am two weeks out and able to have at least 2-4 bowel movements daily. Eating lots of healthy foods and drinking a green drink daily with kale, spinach and berries with chia seeds to help keep me cleaned out!

  16. I always wondered who else went through what I’m going through. Had hysterectomy(still have ovaries) back in Sept. 2012. To this day, I wonder if I can go out and eat and not have to go to the bathroom before I even finish my meal. There’s days where it hits my stomach hard and there’s days where I’m ok and survive dinner. I’ve had to switch to lactose free milk and try not to eat foods that will cause gas. There’s days where I’m bloated and days when I feel normal. On my bloated days, I’m nauseous….don’t eat much…and have alot of gas. It gets painful and frustrating at the same time. There’s days when my ovaries hurt because I was told one of them has a torsion. Dr prescribed birth control and Prozac cuz I looked depressed. Didn’t even take them. I just prayed for that pain to go away and it has diminished. With healthcare being pricey, I haven’t been able to go and get checked again. I hope that we can all one day get that break from all this pain.

    1. Hi. It’s been 2 weeks since my total hysterectomy for the removal of fibroids. Nothing prepared me for the symptoms. Painful gas, yellow loose stool at least 4 x per day, severe pain with every BM, heavy period with bright red blood and last night I developed an unbearable cough. While my ovaries are intact I have night sweats, hot flashes, numb legs and feet and start weeping suddenly to my baffled husband who is pretty amazing. The fibroids removed weighed 2.5kg. The size of a full term baby and I’m now convinced that removing it has caused trauma to surrounding organs as my symptoms are too many. Have always been so independent and feel so useless for being so dependent on everyone else right now. I pray everyday that these symptoms will soon go away. On a positive note using a hairdryer on low heat on my wound has really helped with the incision healing.

  17. I am 8 days post robotic partial hysterectomy.
    Everything seems to be healing okay, but I have noticed that a few hours before a bm, I run a low grade fever. Last night I had chills, fever went up to 100.3. It scared me. When I woke up at 5 this morning, I was still running a fever, but not as high. Went to the bathroom and now I am back to normal.
    Is this normal? I am a little scared that something might have gotten damaged during the surgery.

  18. I had mine done 8/22/17. The surgery went as planned. I was recovering great. The following week I was planning on going back to work (I’m a nurse) I was feeling that good. My job doesn’t require me to lift anything over the limit. But then on a Sunday 5 days post op I was standing up an all of a sudden I got a horrible cramping feeling in my groin. This kept happening every time I stood up. The next thing that happened is i could feel pressure dropping into my pelvis when I stood up and if I tried to pass gas or have bowel movement ( my stool was very loose because of the stool softeners mine you) it was extremely painful and felt like razor blades cutting through me. This pain was that bad, I would start, sweating, shaking and feel like I was going to pass out. Your body does its own thing and tells you to push, just like labor and this is what I was going through. Pain like child birth and passing a kidney stone at the same time. I talked to my gyn on Monday the day after it started and her comment was to try some miralax and it’s good if I don’t push. I was like seriously this can’t be normal. Tuesday (7 days post op) I ended up in the ER because the pain was so bad and my pain meds weren’t helping. They did an x-ray it was good, no bowel blockage, I didn’t have an uti, so they did a cat scan. The cat scan showed I have a sac of some sort of fluid now, they don’t know if it is a hematoma, seroma or an infection. My gyn was supposed to see me within 2 days after that to determine the next step. They did not schedule anything with me for another week. Minewhile I’m in all this pain every time I need to pass gas or bm. Thank goodness a pa that I work with also agreed this is not normal. She is sending me for another cat scan and blood work. Another concern I have is my vaginal discharge was very minimal and had almost completely stopped, but 2 days ago I started having a watery pink discharge now and more of it. I’m also getting pressure when I empty my bladder. The only time I could control my pain was laying down, but now even laying down I’m in pain, and it hurts to sit on my bottom. Anyone have the same experience or issues. A lot of my friends and even some of the doctors I work with suggest I go back to the Er that this is not right. Sorry so long

    1. Hang in there!
      I am almost 9 weeks post op…ive had some major issues post surgery….extreme bloating, constipation, uti that was not detected at first and a mean case of proctitus due to an onset of SIBO..use laxatives if you have to, keep your bowels moving…i ended up on a costly anti inflammatory rectal suppository for 14 days as well as an antifungal vaginal gel for a yeast over growth!!!!….not to scare you at all, and we are all different, but please remember, THE SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE GREASE!!!…be your own advocate, you call and cry and make sure someone HEARS YOU!!…your pain is real!!….BUT for the mean time be as calm as you can and of course try to breathe and remember all this is temporary and part of revovery, as you know our body goes through MAJOR TRAUMA, BECAUSE ITS A MAJOR SURGERY…i went the Gastro route because my OBGYN declared that my growing symptoms were out of the scope of the surgery…i was relieved and yes disappointed to hear this but then I decided to take his advice and go see one…i had a colonoscopy/endoscopy 7 weeks post op…it was tough but im glad I did…yes, a CT showed that I had tons of trapped air, bulging L discs and Sacrum bulge…inflammation!!!!….be proactive, God bless, elimination diet has helped greatly…no dairy. No gluten, no sugar no yeast…meditation is a great thing!!…keep the bowels moving!!..take gentle care of you..

    2. I had an total abdominal hysterectomy 8/23/17, there was a watermelon size tumor in my left ovary and smaller one on the right. I saw the surgeon on 8/22 and he agreed it needed to come out and fast because it was not visible nor did I feel it 6 weeks before and now I looked and felt 5 months pregnant. Today is 9/4. The pain from the surgery is not so bad, I plan to go back to work tomorrow. But I have had to take a laxative twice since I got home from the hospital, I was there for 6 days due to pre existing anemia dropping my blood levels down to needing a transfusion twice, but the pain from the constipation was horrific. I have to take 3 150mg tabs of iron a day which is binding enough so I avoid the narcotics to avoid additional constipation. I want to go for a colonic but my Dr said it isn’t safe yet. But I notice when I have to pee the sensation is different, I know when I feel pain in my bladder area, a BM is the same, I’m not sure it’s time until it’s there. And the color/texture is simply unnaturally black and thick. I’m still a bit numb around the incision and things inside seem different too. But they took everything out, all my girl organs along with my appendix and lymph nodes. So maybe it’s to be expected? Of course pathology takes forever so I still have cancer in the back of my mind cause the Dr saying the tumor was borderline was no help. I’m going back to work simply because I will loose my mind home alone all day worrying, I work close to home and I can leave if I need to.

    3. YES. YES. YES!!! I have the same problems. I have the same types of pain and also ended up in the ER one week out and still have the pain and pink discharge.. almost like watery blood.. I get a sharp razor pain in my colon and can’t pass gas (before my surgery my Crohn’s was under control after years).. I have try natural foods and drink lots of water and juice to help .. still nothing but pain.. I had my surgery 8/30/17. My surgery went great and no pain at all.. I have a high pain tolerance and I am allergic to narcotics so I took Motrin one day after surgery and I haven’t taken anything since. The cramps are so bad sometimes I have broke out in a sweat and chills I also felt like nauseous. I am going to call my doctor on Monday to schedule appointment. If you find out anything please let me know I am scared something is really wrong to.

    4. This sounds exactly like my problem. I did go on Antibiotics for a UTI though. I’m currently two weeks out and I’ve never felt so much pain in my life every time I need to pass gas or BM. It feels like someone stabbed me when I sit. The only relief is laying down. I went through the cat scan and everything was normal. Please tell me this gets better soon.

    5. You have described my symptoms perfectly. The pressure, pain and now pink discharge. Post-op 7 days today. I was hoping this would go away and return to normal within a week.

    6. Have you heard or figured anything out? I’m experiencing the exact same thing. I have another follow up and Tues (Halloween)

    7. I had a robotic done 10/18 and only ovaries remain. I thought i was doing good and not lifting stuff but truck doors are heavy and so are store front doors here in mn. 6 days ago i thought i had a bladder infection and did not go in but now it hurts to stand or sit & even more to get out of the truck. Having some yellowish drainage for the last 6 days and it is increasing. Pressure build up to pass gas is increasingly painful. Is this normal for healing?

    8. I have been reading these blogs for the last 4 months trying to find someone with similarities like mine and you are the closest I’ve found.. It’s been 4 months since my surgery and I am still experiencing some issues.. My sent surgery went well also, but two days later I started having some pain.. By the forth day, I ended up in the ER.. They treated me for a UTI, but I I didn’t get any relief and in the 6th day I went back to see my dr and he checked for prolapse and said everything was intact and thought it was a case of interstitial Cystitis (IC) caused from the Cather.. The next week I was still having so much pain that I made an appointment with my sisters urologist.. He decided to go back into surgery and treat my bladder for the IC.. After lining my bladder I was still having a lot of pain 4 weeks later.. I could barely stand or walk.. The pressure was unreal.. When I went back to see my doctor he told me I had the largest uterus he had ever taken out.. I had been told prior to this on several occasions that my uterus has fallen and was enlarged.. After talking with my doctor again and thinking back on how black and blue my stomach was after the surgery, I asked him if he had to rio it off my bladder and he told me they may have had to sever it off.. I had the robotic surgery.. I’m pretty sure they that my uterus had fallen and embedded itself onto my bladder and it had to be pulled off.. I still can’t drink anything but water and that had to be room temperature.. Drinking cold water is painful and I usually have a bowl movement within 1-2 hours after eating.. Each day is getting better, but I still struggle with certain foods.. It has made my bladder so sensitive.. Praying for all of you to feel better.. No one knows exactly what you are going through..

    9. I’m 6 days post op robotic partial hysterectomy & experiencing the same issues!!! It is so painful to sit & have a bowel movement. My pains are so sharp & feel like someone has hit me in my lower gut! It hurts to lay down & can’t sleep. Stopped pain pills & don’t know what to do???

    10. Hi.Yes. I had a lap/vaginal hysterectomy 9 days ago.Im getting the same thing. Sit in a car and I get sharp pains right up my back passage!-Man it hurts. If I need to pass gas or a bm..the back end starts hurting like crazy!!-I can’t hold on for a wee anymore-like if I gotta go-I gotta go!! And it kinda hurts..not bad..but that tingle that you get when you have a urine infection… I’m reading thru everyone’s comments and getting worried now…man none of this was explained to me.I was so against having this Op but I was getting so sick and soo weak from all the blood
      loss -it seemed necessary..now I’m hoping I don’t end up with other complications.. regretting not listening to my inner instinct.

    11. I had my hysto done 8/23/17. I had total but I still have my ovaries and it’s been 4 months and everything has gone well. I have some bowel issues but they weren’t normal before surgery because I don’t eat enough fiber in my diet. But I am like some of you I am experiencing pain in my when I rise up from my sleep in below my stomach. I went to Er dec.3 and had a vaginal ultrasound and cat scan and nothing appeared to be wrong so I still have the pain. Can’t get it need a doctor until feb.8. So have any of you women who had robotic hysterectomy experiencing pain when you sit up from sleep?

    12. I’m having the similar issues! I’m 3 weeks post op. Had a total vaginal hysterectomy. I felt so much better just a few days ago and all of a sudden I’m in agony! Afraid to eat anything. Can barely sit down because my rectum hurts too much. Ive had a couple of bowel movements but they don’t seem to help the pain. My surgeon did not give me a bowel cleanse before surgery. I’m wondering like you what’s wrong. I’ve been constipated my whole life but this is horrible. Trying to decide if I need to go to the emergency room? Did you ever find out what’s wrong of get any relief? Thanks

    13. I had a laproscopic hysterecromy 8 days ago. I was up all nightin screaming pain trying to have a bowel movement. It hurts too much to push with everything so sore from the surgery still. No stool softeners or laxatives help the only thing I can do to get things moving is to drink magnesium citrate. My doctor said I can drink it 3 times a week or every other day as needed. It’s the strongest thing over the counter. I drank some around midnight and by 2 in the morning I was in the bathroom and screaming pain as something big was trying to pass through an area that wasn’t big enough. It felt like I was giving birth without any pain medication I was sweating and shaking and felt like I was dying. I ran a fever and thought I might pass out. I almost made a trip to the emergency room but I know I’ll feel better once everything has passed. I cannot eat anyting solid or it makes it worse. I’ve been drinking Ensure for the vitamins and pudding cups and jello as recommended by my doctor and an occasional peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I am so hungry! I cannot eat so I guess I’ll starve until this goes away. It’s very scary because it feels like I may have blood clots or an infection inside but I think that’s all just normal to feel that way when you’re in that much pain and think the worst. I feel like I need a sonogram to see what’s going on in there because this is not normal and I don’t feel like it’s going to get any better anytime soon. My abdomen pelvis and hips are in so much pain when I sleep. I just know it’s from my now sensitive colon or something related to the surgery. We need to remember that it was a major surgery and there are stitches inside but I just feel that the problem with my intestines should not still be this bad. I’ve never in my life felt so much pain. I was literally in too much pain to even get in the car and go to the ER. I thought I would die right there in my bathroom floor! I don’t actually suppose I will but it feels like it. I get so much relief after have passed most of the bowel but everything is so sore inside afterwards from the pressure I just endured. I’m scared and I don’t know what to do I missed my follow up doctor appointment and now he is booked up for the next month. I hope I’m not overlooking something that could be seriously wrong. I have read many other stories that sounds so similar to mine however I do have a few friends that didn’t encounter any of these problems after their hysterectomy so I don’t know what’s up with that I guess it depends on each individual

    14. I’m having the exact same symptoms. I’m 10 days post op vaginal hysterectomy. What did they find out for you?

    15. I am 2 weeks post-op robotic/lap partial hysterectomy. I am having the exact same issues. The first week I felt great, I seen my Dr. 1 week post op and she said you look great, I said I feel great. No issues. The following day I started with excruciating gas pain in my lower abdomen. I was passing stool but when I did, I felt like I was gonna die. The pain was horrible. The need to “push” to have a bowel movement, was like I was delivering a baby through my anus. I can’t sit on my bottom. I went in to see my Dr. and she was saying constipation is a issue, But I kept saying I’m not constipated! I am having BMs but with horrible pain. I continue with Colace, miralax, and I am only eating soft foods. I am supposed to go back to work next week, I can’t see that happening.

  19. Shawndra
    I had my procedure 8 days ago and for the last two days, it has been a struggle with going to the bathroom. I had these issues before my surgery but my symptoms are very similar ,if not the exact same as these stories. I opt for the hysterectomy simply because the fibroids was interfering with my intestines and sometimes I wouldn’t pass stool for ,4 to 5 days at a time. Since my surgery, I have been experiencing the bloatinig and the painful moving gas that cant escape. But I don’t think anything is more horrible then not being able to use the bathroom. So, I started researching, to see if I what I am experiencing is normal after having a hysterectomy. I see that I’m not that only one and I must say, ladies you have my deepest sympathy. My deepest sympathy because I’m not alone and my faith has increased even more reading your stories . Simply because this to shall pass. I have read almost all of these passages and I have a plan to try and make myself better.Ladies ,we didn’t come this far for other things to start going wrong. My plan is to eliminate my pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds.to the bare minimum they cause constipation. I am also going to eat only soft foods for the entire weekend, even thouh I dnot want to eat at all, Buti know a empty stomach can cause gas and I think I have enough of that going on. I’m going to walk as much as my body will allow me to. But most importantly I’m going to remain POSTIVE during my entire healing process so I can bring good positive vibes and energy around me . Your stories have inspired me to push on.I was starting to feel down and sad but not anymore, This is a healing process and I’m older and these things take time.As much time as your body says so. Thank you so much ladies and I pray that we all make changes or find the help we need to improve with our quality of life .May God bless each and everyone of us

    1. Thank you for sending such a positive perspective on what has been a very unexpected and challenging journey…from my first post to now, I am 6 weeks post total hyster…i have experienced the same bowel issues that I have read from others…the discomfort, fear of constipation, trapped gas, and loss of appetite is to be expected from such an invasive procedure…along my journey I am continuing to learn to be proactive not reactive…we are going through a transformation ladies, a new us!…we can do this!..we own this!…as our bodies are busy repairing cells, nerves, muscle memory, we must be patient and DO NOT despair…I still suggest, meditation versus medication (for pain), adjust your eating habits, but eat something! and try your hardest to see yourself happier, healthier and new once this healing has occured…we are all usually patient with everyone else and less patient with ourselves, it’s now time to focus on gently healing our beautiful vessel…express your emotions!..its ok!..there is such strength in admitting and showing our vulnerability, because once that out of our vessel we can fill ourselves up with a healing elixir, our own mixture of energy that will carry us through!!…Focus on the outcome, the present is temporary, each day is better…

    2. I’m 8 days post op for a laparoscopic hysterectomy …I didn’t have my 1st bm for about 5 days and am experiencing sharp pains in my bottom I know I need to go to the toilet but it’s too painful to push.. I’m just worrying that this will be something I gave to deal with I do hope not

  20. I am one week post surgery. I had a robotic hysterectomy ( The DiVinci Robot) I was extremely bloated after surgery, and it hurt so bad and it feels like the gas will not come out. It hurts to even try to pass gas. I’ve had to take many different laxatives and stool softeners so I could move my bowels. I’m afraid to eat because my stomach feels like its so swollen and full. I have bad pains and it hurts when I pee even. I had cancer so I know I absolutely had to have a full hysterectomy, but wow this has been a very difficult process. Having a baby via c-section was a breeze compared to this. I just feel like everything is out of place and sore and pardon my bluntness but I feel like I have a air compression device on high up my bum. It just feels like a balloon. Its miserable! I feel depression too. This is awful I feel for all of us girls going through this. I pray God helps us all heal and get back to normal. Sad and pessimistic… 333

    1. My heart goes out to you, I have usually been a very proactive kind of girl when it comes to battling illness and disease so I can relate ..we are capable of overcoming so very much, but this has had me stumped since the day I came home…i was prescribed estrogen 4 days after my surgery, since then the immeasurable amount of gas has become practically unbearable to today I am visiting my Dr to see if there needs to be either a halt or a balance with adding progesterone back into my daily routine..i too had a total hysterectomy w repair to my bladder.. keeping a positive attitude is tough I know but please don’t become too pessimistic about this journey, we are here to listen and to add some comfort, you are not alone!…my best advice is along with researching , gentle meditation will help soothe and provide a bit of peace…Aloe therapy is a very good way to combat constipation, Alkaline water helps to reduce indigestion, and lessening the sugar in your drinks will help , good bacteria from fat free yogurt, and by using probitiocs …Best wishes, you are strong!!

    2. God is your healer, He is Jehovah Rapha. I had my hysterectomy on July 19th, I was discharged on Saturday morning, July 22nd and back in the same day with a pelvic infection. I spent another week in the hospital and there were some nights I was so weak I thought I wouldn’t make it, but I got quiet and talked to God I called on Jehovah Rapha and He heard my cry. I’m home and less than two weeks post op I do not feel like I just had a hysterectomy and I owe it to Him. I will be praying with you. God Bless

    3. Hi had mine 1 week today and not feeling to bad !!!! The gas they fill you with hurts like hell Shen in hospital one nurse give me warm pepper mint god it helped me loads with wind and pain in my back hope this helps

    4. I had a robotic assisted laproscopic total hysterectomy on 8/15/17. I am 2 days post op now. I am a Registered Nurse & have been reading these posts for several weeks now in preparing myself for my surgery. I’d first like to say that I hope all of the women who are commenting here recover well…I can see that many have had complications. Be your own advocate, be strong. I myself am so far having a good recovery.
      I can attest that the removal of the catheter was surprisingly a little painful, the passing of 1st air vaginally was also. I expected pain overall & everyone should remember that we all have our own limits to what pain is tolerable. For me, it hasn’t been too bad. There’s not a lot you can do if you have a post op infection except get medical attention. As for the gas…..the worst of that was the Co2 that accumulated in my shoulders & chest, which I was told about by an Md/ friend before surgery so I expected that. Today, it’s almost all gone. They say 24-48 hours for that. Overall body gas has greatly improved. I am less bloated now than I was most of the time on my periods. I am a small person & I looked like I was 8 months pregnant on my periods. They were terrible. I felt better immediately after surgery compared to the last 4 years of periods. The first urination stung but got easier and did not after that. The hardest part for most people is making yourself get out of bed to get started on recovery. The sooner you can hydrate, sooner the catheter comes out, the sooner you pee. The sooner you walk helps bowels to return. Remember pain meds will constipate you & your bowels need time to recover motility & you need to drink & eat to assist bowel movements too. Take the laxatives to help from the start. It’s all a balancing act & your decisions do factor into the outcome. Again, I am emphasizing this for those who may be reading these comments in an attempt to prepare themselves or to those roughly 1-2 days post op. I am doing great so far, hardly any bleeding so far, although blood can pool & that could change. I’ve been told to consider it a problem if you soak a peri pad in an hour. That’s a good guideline for anyone without medical background. I feel that’s important to share with everyone too. I had a cousin that did not know that, she assumed blood loss was expected & had no guide as to when it’s too much. She did not tell anyone about her blood loss after total hysterectomy as she had several D&c’s prior thanks to Insurance not wanting to pay for needed hysterectomy of course & therefore she expected blood loss because those are pretty bloody afterward. She did have a couple of other medical problems that added to the situation. Unfortunately, she was taken to ER 1 week post op & passed from complications that could have been interrupted if found earlier. If you have large amounts of bleeding, lots pain or can’t move bowels within 3-4 days despite eating, Drinking & walking, call your MD. Don’t wait. Be sure your attempting all that’s suggested though- it’s not always easy but needed. Avoid drinking soft drinks if you can until the gas is all gone- they only add to the air you’re trying to get rid of. A little caffeine (I prefer coffee or tea because it’s not carbonated) will also help move bowels sooner. Avoid using straws, they also introduce more air into your system. As for activity, everyone is individual.. I’m a busy person normally. I was discharged yesterday at 11am. I was up walking from 7:30am to 2pm, took a 3 hour nap as needed & then got back up around 5:30 & walked around until 9:30pm. I took a pain pill at 1200 and again before bed. That’s it. I did not require any pain block at hospital & only pain med 1st post op night at bedtime. Everything is getting back to normal now for me, just making sure I don’t lift anything over 5 or so pounds. So, I’ve gone on long enough….hoping all who are having a difficult time have good outcomes. Im happy to share with anyone if they have questions. If I don’t know, I’ll share that….Glad there is such good support out there though. It’s important!

  21. I completely understand all the issues and concerns about post hysterectomy ….i am 2.5 weeks out and I have experienced the same bowel issues that I read above…this is a time when physically, emotionally, psychologically we as women are not properly supported by the outside world of our Physicans, E.R. and unknowing but loving family members…eating and nutrition are very separate, I get it…losing weight or gaining weight can happen..its up to us as women to remain steadfast and to research with diligence how we can help ourselves with the choice we made…branch out of your comfort zone of eating, I am learning to embrace high fiber foods from other countries, drinks that are natural and to stay away from caffeine…its time to be the kindest to ourselves and make this commitment for the many years we are still on this planet!…meditation is also a very good tool, used around the world to help relax our body and allow us to focus on what’s truly important, our well-being…i suggest a great mix of pro biotics, lots of liquid and educated choices for small meals…Do Not Give Up!!…My wish for everyone is to do what’s best for yourself, with the gentlest care, God Bless.

  22. I had a full Hysterectomy August 2016. Nearly a year later and Im still googling why my bowel isn’t as it used to be. I have to rely on laxatives, enimas etc. I eat heaps of fruit and veg, drink heaps of water and go walking daily. Had a colonoscopy all was fine. So I just will have to accept my new bowel as it is and it sux.

    For those that are desperate for relief try a colen clense / hydrotherapy. Great relief but a bit expensive.

    1. I am 9 years after my hysterectomy. I still have spasms and have bowel problems. Be carefull of laxatives as the can tear your rectum .I have been on Linzess and have been very pleased.

    2. Hi I had mine March 11 2016 and i have a constant feeling in my stomach of either constipation or the runs and weird pains that i never had before are u the same way

  23. I had my hysterectomy on Monday, June 5, 2017. I’ve been drinking lots of water, stool softers, gas x, eating prunes, miralax. It’s now Monday June 12, still no BM, just a little gas. I’m bloated & can sometimes hear & feel my intestines moving. I’m so miserable. I have a follow-up appt. tomorrow. Hopefully he can give something to get relief.

    1. I am 2.5 weeks post op. I’ve been having to give myself enemas since may diet of nearly exactly same as you hasn’t produced a thing. I’ve given myself 2 so far this past week but it seems to only clear out the sigmoid colon. My bladder also hurts when I urinate. It seems to spasm.
      Apart from the cramping, bloating, constipation and urinary issues, my lower abdominal region where my uterus,ovaries and fallopian tubes used to be, feels less bloated. Just hope the surgery wasn’t just a trade off for other issues.

      I’m discourage myself and hope this is not indicative of what my future is going to be like.

    2. How did your follow up appointment go? It’s been 5 days since my hysterectomy and my symptoms are exactly the same.
      Thank you,

    3. Hi

      I’m feeling the same, I had my op last Friday 21st lateral incision and everything removed. I haven’t been to the loom since Friday morning (5 days) I usually go every day first thing. It’s got to the point now where I can’t eat therefore the medication is making me extremely nauseous and I don’t even want to talk. I don’t want company or visitors!!! Feeling so backed up and it hurts. Not sure how long to leave it?? Any ideas please would be much appreciated, thanks Ingrid

  24. Reading this blog has really helped me with my healing process. I am just a couple of days in from a partial LAVH. I had my surgery on 19MAY17. I was worried that I didn’t have a bm since the morning of my surgery but it happened today (day 4 of PostOp) which gave me some relief. I was only eating soft foods and drinking plenty of water. So it wasn’t too bad, but what I did to make it feel more natural is I did prop my feet up on a mini waste basket as if I was giving birth and it helped the process. I will continue a soft diet through my healing process. I have been drinking veggie and fruit smoothies, eating veggies not too much carbs, seafood, and minimum chicken. At the end of my day, my doctor did prescribe me the Probac 10+ before bedtime.

    1. I had a total hysterectomy in January and I have suffered constipation ever since, I have to live on laxatives to help bowel movement, I’m so glad I found these responses as I’m feeling like no doctors are taking me serious. I was feeling so alone, and sick of people telling me to eat prunes, and drink Metamucil, as if I haven’t tried. I was seriously looking for a healthy lifestyle after the operation, but now I am starting to feel like it’s all in my head.

    2. All,
      Just an update from my JJB post. Received excellent advisory to STOP drinking cold drinks, Icees, dark sodas, and to use MiraLax and GasX; AND to drink room temperature water, and warm/hot drinks (hot chocolate, mocha, tea, etc.). Also, told to walk around the house but not to do much more than that. After 2-3 days of taking this advise, I have had NO pain. Stool soo soft the weak part of intestinal track barley hurt, now not all all.. Yaah! GOD is GREAT!

    3. I have just had a total hysterectomy on July 5, 2017. I can not move the gas or my bowels. I’m so miserable. Should I call my doctor?

  25. I fully understand everything being said. Had my partial LAVH surgery (5Apr17). Everything was going well until a couple days ago (16Apr), I went with my Husband for a quick grocery shopping before he went back to work post my surgery. I starting hurting so bad we had to leave early. Since returning home, I have been experiencing the most painful gas and bowel movements EVER! I can feel the movement of food and it feels like the end of my rectom has no contol, quivering with a pain worse than giving birth. It’s so painful I immediately start sweating and getting weak. I have been drinking lots of water, eating a few cashews for fiber, and will drink a bit of prune juice. I’m at the point of being afraid to eat, as well. Praying this will not be a lasting issue. Your written experiences are a big help and some are very encouraging. If pain persistmire than 3 to 4 more days, I will schedule an appt with my Dr. and keep you all posted. Thank you. JJB

    1. I had a total hysterectomy June 6th and was back in the hospital yesterday morning (June 12), because i have the same symptoms. I had a high bowel movement on Saturday but it hurt so bad (10 out 10) that I was screaming and almost fainted. I had to use a suppository 3 days post op and had some relief. I have had a bowel movement everyday since Friday. My pain in my stomach and pain and pressure in my rectum was so bad I went into ER. After 36 hours and bloodwork, xray and ultrasound, they could not find what was causing my pain and sent me home. They were going to CT scan my belly but because I was stable and not running a fever, my surgeon didn’t feel like I was in a dangerous condition. Sent me home with the instructions to come back if I get sicker (love this response). I would never wish this pain on anyone but it is nice to know that its common. Something i would of liked to know prior to surgery. I’m 36 with 2 small children, hard to take care of them if there’s a chance I’m going to be in so much pain.

    2. GEEEZZZZ that happened to me and I ended up having a 1inch fissure…SOOOOO painful…I had to go see a colon rectum surgeon to see what the heck was going on…Still having problems and I had my hysterectomy last September. Now I have to go for a colonoscopy. I am also have problems with bowel movements always having a hard time and not even constipated…Going to see my Dr. in a few weeks..

  26. I’m 4 weeks post-op. Still, have ovaries. I was great my second week but my third week I started being very nauseous and very loose yellow stool. Not being able to eat and keep stuff down landed me in the E.R twice. A CT scan and some test reviled a bladder infection and colitis. It appears the colitis is caused by surgical contamination or IB Profin 800..so I been put on amoxi/clav although my stool is normal again (but very soft), I have severe lower back pain and nausea still (worse in the mornings) hoping to be back to normal soon. I pray that this is just my body healing slowly. It’s hard to be positive when you have a sister and great friend Who seem to have done great with their surgery’s and recovery.

  27. This site has been SO helpful!! Love all of the comments…I had a total hysterectomy 13 March 2017 and am experiencing many of the problems listed….Some of the advice that has been given, I am going to follow (the pant hose one especially)…thank you everyone!!…
    I am post-op a little over three weeks ..pain/pressure still in the lower area….went to the office early for checkup…..they ran some tests…waiting for the results…low bm volume….taking stool softeners…lots of fluids…etc….on mobic now…first day, felt better…now, not so much….today, finally had my first fairly decent poo….hurt like heck before!….pain afterwards…have to wait four more hours before I can take my next Mobic….will be seeing my Pcp…in the next 3 1/2 hours…..glad to have had the surgery (had HPV) didn’t want to run the risk of developing cancer of the “anything”…but damn, I didn’t sign up for the after pain and constipation…….Hope it gets better with time…..and not have to have any repeat surgeries….

  28. I am 5 months post op and just experiencing my third cold as I think my immunity is low. I am a runner and also cross train regularly. I have had issues with bowel incontinence when running and now can hardly have a bowel movement since coming down with this cold and also feel that a muscle has dropped in my vagina. I did everything I was told post op but I am now wondering if I have overdone things and either got an infection or undone the good work that my surgeon did. I had a total hysterectomy after having multiple fibroids and andemosis (not sure about the spelling). Rather down about it at the moment.

  29. Had my surgery two weeks ago. Bloated, can’t sleep and I too have experience constipation. Depressed, cry alot.

  30. Jessica, I am 2 weeks post op. And having the same problem but on top of that when I urinate as my bladder is coming close to being empty it also hurts. Going to the doctor tomorrow because now the pain in my rectum won’t stop and I’m having complete abdominal cramps as well as a low-grade fever. Watch for signs that your doctor warned you about.

  31. I had vaginal hysterectomy 4 August 2016. Still constipation with need of laxative. If I dont take laxative I will have no bowel movement up to 4 days, rectal pain, and yes straightening your back does help but i will still strain. Lax Sachet Powder is non urgent no griping, very soft stools like baby poop.

    Now its December

    1. I have been experiencing some of the same problems with my bowels and its been a year since my surgery. I went to see a gastroenterologist and they put me on miralax, it helps but you have to take it every other day and drink more water.

    2. Belinda, I had a hysterectomy August 4, 2016, as well and am experiencing the same symptoms. My primary care prescribed Linzess, for IBS which didn’t have an effect. He then prescribed Amitiza, ten days passed without a bowel movement. I was in agony! Finally I took Castor Oil and it felt like I excreted half my body weight- -The best elimination I’ve had in 5 months! Unfortunately, I’ve had to rely on Castor oil once a week because Milk of Magnesia is like drinking water. I don’t want to rely on stimulant laxatives, as they cause your system to be dependent but I don’t know what else to do. I have to see a Gastroenterologist, I’m hoping this eventually resolves itself. I never realized a hysterectomy could case so many complications.

    3. I had my hysterectomy 13 years again and I’m still not back to normal more problems then ever. Please always use a hysterectomy as the last resort it’s not the cure it’s just starts more problems.

    4. I had my hysterectomy many years ago also. Now I have to take merlax to poop. My bowel and colon are so missed up that I suffer with chronic back pain.

  32. I have no appetite, with constant rectum pain all day long with yellowish loose stool. My stomach is always grumbling and after the grumbling, there’s the loose stool. Tomorrow makes 1 week, post-op, I’m curious to know what the causeor is this normal. My appointment is set for Friday. Is it too soon to worry?

    1. I was like this for most of the 2nd week. I took buscopan to help with the cramps.
      When having a bowel motion, put your feet up on a step, elbows on your knees and straighten your back… this may sound weird but make your abdomen swell like you are making a MOOING sound. Makes the motion much easier.
      I wouldn’t be too concerned, but if you are, you can talk to your Dr. I now 2w 1d and having painful cramps with peristalsis. But I have read that this is very common, the bowel has a new space to fill. Most people settle by the 6 week mark.
      Monitor your temperature. If it spikes, then I would be worried you may have an infection or leakage of the bowel.

    2. I have had vaginal hysterectomy 7 days ago, strruggling big time with bowel movement….
      I’am sngle and hate to complain and always think all is ok… But not feeling good

    3. Hi I had my hysterectomy on 30th Nov 2016. I had the exact same symptoms as you I ate nothing but potato cakes and potato waffles for about 5 days & loads of water. Then doctor gave me buscapan for the cramps and I had a bottle of yakult a day for two days and started to get my appetite back by day 3, still taking the yakult now and I’m back to normal. I have put it down to my IBS playing up with trauma of op. Hopefully now I will be OK.

  33. I have a doozy of a story for you ! I had a partial vaginal hysterectomy in April 2004 ! After having 7 lap clean up surgeries i was enough is enough. I went 12 years pain-free after it was the best decision of my life. Surgeon left ovaries and tubes. NOW i am in absolute agony! Just woke up screaming in pain. The pain has been back almost daily now for about two months. I’ve noticed bowel movements and gas put my pain level to an instant 9, i get dizzy faint or throw up a few hours after the bowel movement. I have photos of my bowels being fused to my body lining and my ovaries and my uterus. I know for absolutely sure that they are, fused again to probably my body wall and ovaries. And something massive is going on with the ovaries, they feel like they are being ripped apart and ready to explode. I saw my OBGYN 1 month ago she basically told me to suck it up and take some tylenol!! I am on the strongest pain meds there is, due to Rheumatoid and Fibro and now im dealing with Endo again. Sitting here crying with a heating pad shoved into my belly as hard as i can bare. This sucks!!!

    1. I have a bodyworker who does Mysofascial Trigger Point Release, and other more eastern methodologies, subtle nerve manipulation, accupuncture etc. and she sometimes breaks apart scar tissue by doing topical micro-massage… you should look into this type of massage therapy and find a practicioner or two near you, it has really helped with my abdominal pain.

    2. I had my partial hysterectomy on Dec. 2, 2016. By robotic arms due to adenomyosis or endometriosis. They are both similar. After I keep having an infection in my urine like UTI. I have taken so many antibiotics. Now I have severe cramps all day and it wakes me up at night. But I have no fever, no constipation just cramps. I went to the Er and they did blood work and CT scan. Nothing found and they gave me more antibiotics. Then I saw the gastro and had the scope put in my stomach they found a hernia and Gerd. But nothing else. Now I’m schedule for a colonoscopy.
      This pain will not go away.

  34. Hi, I also had a total abdominal hysterectomy a week back. My major problem is the bloating and BM. I have been taking laxative thinking it would be better, but no luck. I have consulted my DR about this but he says it’s a normal healing process. The pain it’s unbearable and he indicated that taking Pain killers also has an impact on the bloating part. Will this issue ever be resolved? I’m scared to eat, and I’m loosing so much weight…..I don’t know what to do

    1. You could try flax seed it’s a great form of fibre and it helps to strength and clean your inner bowel walls, look it up it help me a great deal after my hysterectomy 1yr and 6 mths ago I also had blockage it was terrible. Best of luck….

    2. Abdominal/ back pain, with constipation and weight loss, may indicate ovarian cancer,

  35. i had a full hysterectomy 5wks ago when i have a bm it feels like its getting dragged out of me but i have 1 every day i had 3 in 1 day last wk and there all solid but very long and yes i still suffer with alot of wind i rock my body from side to side when im in bed otherwise its hard to pass

  36. I had problems with constipation after my recent hysterectomy. I could not tolerate the stool softener or laxative recommended by the doctor’s office. My daughter purchased an herbal tea with senna for me and it worked soon after. It is called Smooth Move. Please check with your doctor before taking if you need to.

  37. I had robot histrerectomy Nov 5 2016. Things were going well untill a few days ago. Every time I have a bowel movement it is so painful I feel like I’m going to pass out. I hope its caused from tenderness of healing, but I will mention it to my Dr. On my followup.

    1. It may be worth taking some movicol or light laxative to help. Makes things a bit easier until you are healed more. I definitely had this problem. The surgery and all the medications they have you on cause all kinds of havoc on your intestines.

    2. Hey my name is Amanda. I had mine Nov 14 2016.When I need to pass gas or poop it hurts so bad I cry. What can I do to help me, I had a partial one but done the same as you please let me no if u need my number. it’s 228_369_7378 thanks

  38. My surgery was Sept 20. My bowels are my problem. Pain I’m always running to poo. Small amounts all the time with mucus. I’m afraid to eat because I can feel my food in my intestines. Probiotics are the only thing besides peppermint tea that helps. Will this ever go away. My bum is so sore.

    1. I had an abdominal hyst 2/22/17 and I’m
      Experiencing the same thing. I can actually feel the food moving. Whenever I pass gas and have bowel movement, I can feel it moving as well. My doctor says it’s psychological but I know what I feel. I don’t want to eat anything. I’ve lost 15lbs in 3wks.
      Did this feeling ever go away for you?

  39. I had a vaginal hysterectomy on October 3, 2016. I am almost six weeks out and I still have so much rectal pain/abdominal bloating/gas/constipation. I had NO IDEA this could happen due to this surgery. I’m about to go nuts! I’m hoping this isn’t how it’s going to be forever now. 🙁

  40. I had robotic surgery September 9th 2016. All went well but my issue now is that I am constipated all the time.I get abdominal cramps too and it happens right after I eat. Any advise ?

  41. I had my hysterectomy on Aug 31, 2016. Everything seemed to go well. I did have to take a stool softener. I was doing good until……..I had a bladder infection after one month……still doing o.k………..Dr. put me on SEPTRA for 7 days………On the 8th day I fell apart!! I had a liquid stool that I could not control! It came out whenever it wanted. I had some abdominal pain. I haven’t had a normal BM in 3 weeks. I stay home all the time. I am afraid to eat. I did have some acid reflux. I have an appointment with the GI doctor for a sigmoidoscopy on November 7th!!! It will be 5 weeks without a BM by then!! I do wish I never had this surgery!!!

    1. I just had surgery 10/24/16 (hysterectomy) I have a lot of bowel pain and pressure and I know that tub bath’s are out of the question. So I have been using a heating pad on my lower back and bottom and 2 to3 inches of HOT water in the bath, I lay on my back and only allow the water to reach my rectum. I have noticed when I have to poo and I soak my back and but I am able to poo easier. I also take stool softeners and eat very little and drink plenty of fluid’s

    2. After reading all the stuff online about reasons for constipation after a hysterectomy , something clicked in my head. I cut off the legs of a pair of panty hose and tossed the leg parts and pulled them up over my belly to hold everything still, I slept with them on and 1 st thing this morning I was able to poo with very little discomfort and I also slept a lot better. I had surgery on 10/24/16. I pray this help’s. Good luck

  42. Had a hysterectomy and removal of filopian tubes 9 days ago……I have been taking stool softness so that has not been bad although I can feel the stool move through my intestines minutes before I have to go to the bathroom. The last couple days the stool has come out very thin maybe 1/2 inch wide….very abnormal for me because prior to hysterectomy it was always very fat due to constipation. Is thin stool something to worry about?

    1. I wouldn’t worry to much about it. I had the same problem and it was the stool softener.

  43. I hope you do get better. I had a hysterectomy 5 months ago. bowels are a mess. can not go on my own. lost 40 pounds so sick to stomach and pressure. After many test my GI Dr. just told me my rectum is not functioing properly and the hospital Dr’s there can not help this type of problem so I am being referred to hospital that is highly advanced and far away. I just want my life back and to be able to eat and have a bowel movement. This has been a nightmare I wish I never had the surgery

  44. I had a full hysterectomy 2 years ago and am still having constipation problems. When I told my General Practitioner, she said to have more fiber. When I did that I was continually bloated. I just want to stop having this issue but I do not know what else to do. Sometimes when I do have a BM it feels like a part of my insides drop down and then nothing happens.

  45. Hi, I’m Gia, I had a Robotic total hyst about a week and a half ago. Still have my ovaries. About day 6 , I called the doctor in tears. My gut was still sleep. I had stabbing gas pains that went upward and would literally paralyze me for a minute. I could not move my bowels nor all of the gas after taking multiple laxatives and gas relieving medications. I was told to take an enema which worked. I had 10 bowel movements the next day which were painful and I urinated about 15 times. I’m going everyday now with laxative assist and passing much more gas. I actually feel better now.I still am waiting for my bowels to just move regularly without dependence on lacatives. I pray you get better too. Oh, Increase your activity and drink plenty water.

  46. My gastro Dr has me on probiotic along with “Peppermint Oil” capsules 2x a day. I’m only 1 week post OP but the bowel pain makes it hard to deal with. The oil helps a great deal with the intestinal cramping (I have IBS). Hope this helps someone at least a little.

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