Unexpected Weight Gain After Hysterectomy – Is It Possible To Avoid It?

In the months following your surgery, you may discover that weight gain after hysterectomy may become an issue.

Weight gain after hysterectomy

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Quite a few women find they gain considerable weight in the first year following their hysterectomy. Typical is that the majority of those women believe that weight gain is uncontrollable.  Insisting it happened without them changing their dietary habits or physical activities.

That brings us to some commonly asked questions:

  • Do all women gain weight after a hysterectomy?
  • How much weight can you expect to gain?
  • Can you avoid putting on weight after a hysterectomy?

Does a hysterectomy make you gain weight? Is it a myth or not? The research is conflicting, with some showing increased weight and others showing no change.

This study compared women’s weight gain undergoing a hysterectomy before menopause and a control group of women without a hysterectomy. They reported that 23% of the women gained more than 10 pounds in weight during the first year, whereas only 15% of women in the control group gained weight during this period. However, the study was small, which could have introduced bias.

It is important to note that women who are already overweight or struggle to keep a healthy weight before this surgery appear to be at a greater risk.

Do you still gain weight if you keep your ovaries?

To what extent keeping your ovaries will protect you from gaining weight is unclear. According to this study, women with both ovaries removed gained more weight than women who kept the ovaries and the ones who went through natural menopause.

But this study shows that even if you can keep your ovaries, the risk that they fail to function is twice as high as in women with an intact uterus.

Armed with this information, let’s see why it happens and anything you can do to avoid this undesirable extra weight.

5 reasons for weight gain after hysterectomy

1. Your metabolic rate slows down

When a woman’s body matures, she starts to lose muscle, and her body requires fewer calories to function properly. The extra calories will be stored as fat when she eats the same amount of food. After a hysterectomy, this process of declining metabolic rate may go much faster. This often results in sudden weight gain after hysterectomy.

2. Inactivity after Surgery

A survey from the HERs Foundation shows us that approximately 70 to 80 % of the 1000 women who were interviewed complained about profound fatigue and lack of energy. You are forced to rest a lot in the first few weeks and give your body time to mend.

But even after the first 6 weeks, many women struggle with tiredness and lack of stamina. The truth is that it may take up to a year to get your stamina back. If you feel this way, you will be less active, and it is easy to gain weight after a hysterectomy.

3. Sex hormones drop 

Before a hysterectomy, estrogen is mainly produced in the ovaries. After a hysterectomy, your body will still produce small amounts produced in the adrenal glands, brain, and fat tissue.

The findings of new research published by the American Diabetes Association confirm that estrogen affects the amount of body fat and how and where it is stored. Unfortunately, after a hysterectomy, most of it goes around the midsection. The main concern is that an increase in visceral fat, the fat surrounding your abdominal organs, will put women at risk of other health problems like diabetes, coronary disease, and certain types of cancer.

Testosterone is also a hormone that is made in small amounts in the ovaries. Testosterone deficiency after hysterectomy may cause weight gain after hysterectomy as it is responsible for bone loss, reduced muscle mass, and decreased fat metabolism. Losing muscle mass results in a decrease in calorie burning and excess storage as fat.

4. Depression

Some women suffer from depression or anxiety after hysterectomy and are, therefore, more likely to put on weight. Some may lose interest in food and lose weight. Others try to find emotional relief through bad food choices and overeating. This will cause them to put on significant weight after a hysterectomy.

You have to find a way to escape this vicious circle of overeating and feeling bad. Try to reduce stress with exercises like yoga or going out walking. And make sure the “bad food” is not always available. For example, you can fill the fridge with fruits and vegetables instead of junk food.

5. Pain post-surgery

Aching joints and pelvic pain can occur after a hysterectomy. The results of a nationwide questionnaire report that 32 percent complain about chronic pain 1 year after their hysterectomy surgery.  Any pain after hysterectomy can make women stop being physically active. It may help to talk to your doctor to find the cause of your pain or ask for pain medication.

Returning to your normal activities is crucial if you don’t want to gain weight after a hysterectomy. Walking the dog, gardening, cycling, or swimming may seem insignificant exercises for weight loss, but they can make a massive difference in the first year post-op.

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How to prevent weight gain after a total hysterectomy?

1. Daily exercise

Fat building up around the waist after hysterectomy

You must realize that fighting weight gain after hysterectomy will be an ongoing battle. It is important to make the necessary lifestyle changes after this surgery. This means you will have to put some exercise into your daily routine. Even if you have never done any exercise before, try to find an activity you like. Check out our post on how yoga after hysterectomy can help with your recovery.

If you are unsure when you can begin to exercise after a hysterectomy or which exercises you must avoid, check out our post about exercise after a hysterectomy.

2. A nutritious and balanced diet

Again and again, it surprises me how little information doctors provide on this topic before women have a hysterectomy.

For one, it is important to make healthy food choices. This will not just prevent you from gaining a lot of weight but will also protect women from future health problems like osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

Both exercise and eating a balanced and nutritious diet are essential for managing weight and coping with the symptoms that come with surgical menopause.

Reviewed by: Kimberly Langdon M.D. (OB/GYN)
Date reviewed: 17/3/2019

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  1. Ok ladies, well I had a full laparoscopic hysterectomy and honestly, I literally don’t think I needed one. Just because I had heavy menstrual cycles and I had cysts on my ovaries. I wonder if I really needed a hysterectomy ( age 38 ) now I’ve gained so much weight I wonder why my dr wanted me to have one just because of the cysts on my ovaries along with heavy bleeding via my period before. This is neglect via the Drs. They want money and it has cost me my life. I am not as vibrant as I once was. Gained over 40 pounds! Don’t have it point blank and period. Unless they detect cancer do not have it!

  2. For any ladies tossing up a hysterectomy and whether any of these side effects are exaggerated. I can tell you first hand they are not! I like you was all over the web trying to find answers prior to my total hysterectomy. I was 32 yrs old when I was informed that I needed a hysterectomy due to having a type of pre-cancer in my cervical canal, which had already been removed via a cone biopsy. The surgeon had told me I had to have it there was no other way of them monitoring or being able to tell if it was anywhere else due to “skip lesions”. I was also told it would change nothing except not being able to carry a baby or ever having a period. I wish I had listened to all of the women and symptoms that were described. I was told it wasn’t true! I went into my hysterectomy completely positive! I came out completely positive having convinced myself the medical professionals know better and wouldn’t do anything to harm my health or well-being. Well, 4 months post-op my world turned upside down. I was a fit slim lively woman with a high sex drive. I started having hot flushes despite keeping my ovaries, I have no sex drive and my vagina vulvar and clitoris completely atrophied! I am now severely depressed, tired all the time with no drive for life anymore. Despite vaginal estrogen cream and tried patches. Nothing has restored me back to me! I’m now a 36yr old in the body of an 86 yr old. I’m so devastated! I wish someone had told me. I never would have done it. My life will never be the same. Honestly don’t learn the hard way as I did. No one will ever convince me that the uterus has no hormones! I now realize the importance of my uterus. It was even worse when the hospital rang to confirm the “good news” your uterus was normal.

  3. i am right there with you. I had my Full Complete Hysterectomy Jan 2019. I got a great job after that but it is i sit in a chair for 8-10 hours a day talking on a headset for Medicare, I love my job but I am not sure what is causing me to gain weight but I have no sex drive and that worries me about my relationship and I have seen the Dr that did the Surgrey and he has put me on hormone meds and I go back to see him in a month. I hope that I can lose some weight because I am starting to have problems breathing and I have no energy to do anything. I need help and a lot of it, I need knee replacement but they will not do that until I loose weight because of my BMI is too high.

  4. I had a endometrial ablation four years ago for fibroids and adenomyosis. My c125 was high. Recently went in for pap and results showed endometrial cells that I guess after an ablation and at my age 47 shouldn’t be there. Was scheduled for ultrasound. Results showed “angry uterus” adenomyosis is back and thickening enlarged and retroverted uterus. Scheduled for uterine biopsy, ouch. After the biopsy Dr scheduled me for surgery. I just got my results back and c125 normal pathology normal. After reading all of these helpful and informative comments I am afraid I could be dealing with worse problems after the surgery than I currently experiencing. Any recommendations would be so helpful. Thank you

    1. Jamie, I understand your facing a difficult decision. Please consider joining our private Facebook group. There you’ll find thousands of women who will share their experience with a having a hysterectomy for adenomyosis. At the top of this page click on Community and you can then request to join this Private group.

  5. Most of what I have read in the above letters about gaining weight after a hysterectomy made me feel a whole lot better. Up until NOW, I was so confused about all this. I had a complete hysterectomy 4 months ago and I feel I am out of control with my eating!! HOWEVER, I blame my weight gain on over eating ~ because I am so hungry “all the time!” I can’t seem to get satisfied anymore. AND … I crave all the “bad” foods unfortunately. THIS is my reason for gaining … I just can’t get control of my eating!! I have never had this kind of feeling before and it scares me!
    SO … what I need to do is find a way to get control of these urges to eat all the time???

    1. Sandy, I’m right there with you. I’m almost 6 months out post surgery and I’m always hungry, and eating bad foods. I’m having a hard time being disciplined. Hope your having better luck than I am. Sincerely, Lori

  6. Hi Ladies, I had my hysterectomy December 2014 by abdominal surgery. Within one year of the surgery I had gained 50lbs. I experienced sever joint pain afterwards and my physician ran several test never able to make a connection to my surgery. I was referred to a metabolism clinic and all they wanted to do was prescribed costly medications. As an elementary school teacher, I would go to the gym before school or hit the track afterwards. I changed my diet and count calories religiously. In September 2017 I began to explore a vegan lifestyle and I am still unable to loose weight. Does it matter that I am a happily divorced African American woman who is approaching fifty?

  7. Hi Jill and Deb,

    Thank you both so much for your advice. Consultant hasn’t called me back since I left message on Thursday so I will be chasing him tomorrow as I’m due in 7.30am on Tuesday and want to make crystal clear my ovaries need to stay 🙂

    Thanks again.

  8. Hi,

    I’m due to go in for hysterectomy on Tues 8th August due to thickening of the womb. My consultant offered to remove my ovaries at same time of surgery and given I’m 48 I thought “why not, it’s not as if I’m planning more children”.

    Further to reading I’m beginning to feel really anxious about having my ovaries removed (just left message for consultant). Will it affect my sex life drastically and will I gain more weight with them removed?

    Also, I’m really confused when they say we go straight into menopause immediately after op. I haven’t had a period for 2/3 years and thought I was well into the menopause. Having had no other issues ie night sweats etc will this mean they’ll start after op?

    Many thanks

    1. If your not having any ovary problems DON’T have them removed. Your sex life becomes 0 because you will have no more hormones being produced. I did not have hot flashes but it made me very depressed and I gained 25 pounds. It will be a year this September that I had my last ovary removed and I regret it. If you must though and you don’t have cancer in you family, go on a low dose estrogen patch. It has been a life saver. But if I could do it all over I would not have had mine taken out.

    2. Lorna,

      If given the choice, I would have preferred to keep my ovaries because they produce our sex hormones. However, I had uterine cancer and wasn’t given that option. I had my hysterectomy on Jan. 31st and gained about 12lbs. immediately after. Weight gain has NEVER been an issue for me until now. I’ve always eaten a healthy diet, no snacking, and exercise regularly. My waistline started disappearing almost instantly. 🙁
      I researched a lot since and have fine-tuned both my diet and my exercise routine. I made sure there was no fructose in any of my foods, and continue to only eat fruits, veggies, and lean meats. I’m continuing to do weight training 3 days per week, but had to add running 4-5 miles daily to get my weight back down. It has been slow. I still have 6 more lbs. to lose. I don’t eat sugar or drink alcohol, and I’ve reduced calorie intake. There isn’t much more I can do. I am no longer able to do the bio-identical hormones now either, which I miss GREATLY! They made such a huge difference in my well-being.
      Regarding sex, I have always been a very sexual person and the only change I’ve noticed is a slight reduction in libido. It’s a big decision, but I miss my ovaries. Best of luck to you. Research, discuss with your doctors and partner, and do what suits you best.

  9. I had a complete hysterectomy 2 yrs ago(I had a growth the diameter of a baseball) and in the first year I did gain about 15 lbs. and it threw me right into menopause. But when people ask me how I’ve been doing since the surgery my reply is always ” It’s been great absolutely LIBERATING “. No more periods that last 3 wks (gushing when ever it had a mind to) No more being stuck at the house or not being able to plan vacations or vacation at all.. couldn’t go to church regularly …no more embarrassing accidents or ruined clothing…I can travel without worry to visit or be with my out of state family when they need me most . Like being there before my dad past away. I just threw some clothes in the car and went…before the surgery ,When I needed to be with and help my family with the care of my mother dying of cancer, my first thought was, I’ve got to go but thats a 7 hr drive and this mess is going on. (Mind you I couldnt go to the grocery store without being a mess by the time I got home).So you prepare a well as possible and pray…..So yes, I gained some weight (I’ve always been slim) and yes the hot flashes are sometimes intense.But look what this surgery took away…it gave me my life back… Find joy in every moment…

    1. I have come to this site to read and get help with the awful weight gain of 15lbs since my surgery. (I was 130 and 145 now!) I never had a weight problem, ever. I have just read your post and it brought me back to the eye on the prize!! I agree with everything you have said and it is invigorating to know that I never have to deal with those horrible, life-altering periods again!!! Hallelujah!!! I have excessive weight gain, insomnia and the worst hot flashes AND I kept my ovaries…struggling with this but, it too shall pass. Thanks for your post! I TOO do have my life back and it’s a true blessing!

    2. Love your feed back I’m going through the same thing right now with unstable painful cycles your post just helped me a lot.. I need my life back

  10. I am 8 days post hysterectomy, left ovaries and cervix. Had fibroids severe bleeding prior had DNC first when she was in found new fibroid and they were pushing on my uterus. Over the last year I had gained 25 pounds. No energy at all. Now I am SO SCARED IM GOUNG TO GAIN MORE. I’ve always struggled with my weight and my whole family is heavy. Very emotional and still sore and tired. I’m an regretting this surgery!!

    1. Hi, I’m Angela. I had my hysterectomy a year and a half ago, they left my ovaries. Don’t worry, your energy will return. I think it took me about 6 months before I began to feel like myself again. It is a long slow process, but you will get there, believe me. Everything goes back to normal, of course no periods, that was so weird at first. Also sex should be normal as it ever was. Hang in there!!!

    2. How are you doing now? I’m scheduled for hysterectomy on Dec 6th and am beyond terrified of Hotmail changes, weight gain and sexual dysfunction…

  11. I am 9 weeks post full abdominal hysterectomy and I am already noticing the weight gain. However because my hysterectomy was caused as a result of a huge ovarian cyst and removal of one ovary 2 years ago I have to be grateful. The reason is because at the time of the operation it was discovered I was at the first stage of ovarian cancer. Everything that was left after the first ovary was removed but this saved my life. So, this is why I have to be grateful and grateful for life.

    It is still early days, but despite the weight I am expected to put on, I am determined to stay positive and embrace the new me.

  12. I had passed through laparoscopic uterus removal on 19/05/17. It was successful. I m well n fine. But now I m afraid of my weight gain n gaseous problem further in my life as I have heard. What to do?

  13. I am almost 56 found out I had something that gave me a 30 to 40percent higher chance of getting cancer. I got a hysterectomy complete one. I’ve always been active. And since I was perimenopause I gained weight and could not take it off. Worked out eat right. I am now going off my estrogen and have no energy and am depressed. would like to know if there is anything I can do to get more energy and lose 20 pounds. Does anyone know, is there any natural supplements to take that would help in these areas.

    1. Try the Hormone Replacement Therapy its natural… ask your dr about. I just rcvd my treatment and love it so far

  14. Mirilax helps with bowel movements. The meds can constipate so my dr recommended it to help me get back to going daily.
    I’m 7 weeks post tot hysterectomy due to andromyosis & endometriosis turning 50 in Nov. I’m a 14 yr breast cancer survivor so I can’t use hormone replacements.
    I am a black belt in karate & dr gave the ok to start working back to my exercise routine – currently doing 5 to 10 kicks and punches a day. Getting stronger every day – weight is up but have eaten too much sweets since surgery – switching to an anti-inflammatory diet to see what that does.
    good luck

  15. I am 4 weeks post partial hysterectomý I seem to have gained a lot of weight especially around my abdomen I have frequency and a feeling of not completely emptying my bladder. My lower abdomen feels numb is this normal?

  16. There is so much misinformation in these comments, in this article, and online! Good grief it gives one nightmares. If you are going to make statements about changes someone MAY go through, cite the scientific research to support them and know that most negative information is focused on the worst-case scenarios often affecting a small % of people!

    Everybody is different. I had an abdominal hysterectomy to remove a very large uterus with large fibroids, ovaries not removed. Not worst case scenario but not easiest surgery option or recovery time either. I’m in my mid-40s. Since the day of my pre-op biopsy a few days before surgery, I’ve LOST almost 25lbs and this is during recovery with limited exercise!

    I started venturing to the grocery store with someone else driving a week after surgery and no I wasn’t reduced to a blob needing to sleep for a day thereafter. I’m not exhausted all the time and I got off pain meds including over the counter aids within a week. With much of what you read or hear, you think you won’t be able to do anything. I kept waiting for this terrible shoe to drop and it didn’t. I’m also very mindful of not pushing it, going moving slow, and careful movements. I’m giving my body the best conditions to repair in while balancing being single and caring for myself. It can be done.

    Listen to YOUR doctors. Ask questions. Listen to YOUR own body. Do what’s best for you. And do not buy into the mental horror show of the worst case scenarios. And if you do end up going down the lesser traveled path, do it on your own terms with the guidance from YOUR medical team as it applies to YOU!

    1. OMG, I’m having a hysterectomy on Monday, taking ovary and uterus… i tend to grow cysts…. I already suffer from a hard time losing weight despite my “diet” and exercise regime and was hoping getting all these out would actually help… you have given me hope!!!! THANK YOU!

    2. Thank you for your comment! I’m reading no more and will stick with idea that I will lose weight, not gain it. You have given me hope, and determination!

    3. Thank you for your encouragement. I just had a hysterectomy ( uterous and Fallopian tubes) a few days ago. I had a very large uterus from fibroids, that became calcified. I’m out of the hospital and I’m moving around in my home. I’m only using pain medication, once at night. I’ve already lost 5lbs without any effort.
      Thank you for the positive reinforcement.

    4. I am 49 and healing from March 1st from a uterus/fallopian tube hysterectomy by 5″ vertical incision. I had a huge fibroid and several smaller ones, i also had 4 horizontal c-sections which created layers of scar tissue which adhered my uterus to my abdominal wall accumulating the last 13 yrs since my last child. I am 125lbs and very active. These last two weeks make me feel like a slug and I have acquired sweets in which i never did before. I am bored without exercise. I am trying to feel happy that I will no longer bleed like a river, be anemic, laid up for 3-4 days a month because of periods. It is hard though. Most articles are negative of what does happen to your body. We are all different, as I keep telling myself. Isn’t it strange though that we always try to find our twin out there that has the exact everything so we can get feedback as what to do next. We are all hyster sisters though and we are strong. Uterus or Not

    5. Not everyone is you. You are also in your 40’s and retained your ovaries that produce hormones. Big difference. I do agree that women should ask LOTS of questions.

    6. I’m so happy to see a more realistic positive statement instead of the doom and gloom I’ve been reading and worrying about !! like we are all going to get fat and want to sleep all-day between crying and eating !! . I am 4 months post op and had a few problems, water infection, weak bladder, slightly swollen belly still, but its mainly all sorted it self out now, gained a few pounds but that’s to be expected from working full time to sitting around the house. I’m back at work full time now and hoping to drop those few pounds steadily, I still ache a bit if I over do it but I just rest up for a while and it passes. And the hubby is happy because the few pounds has gone on my boobs !!!

    7. I had my surgery in June of 2012 and I had gained over 60 pounds. I was at 130 before the surgery and after the surgery I had gained over 60 pounds. You see I was at this weight before but I had lost it all. Then I saw myself back to that weight and I had to lose it again. I did the water diet for almost 2 months and a half or till I was at 125. It was hard but I did and I must say I do feel good again. I just started back eating right and do eercise as much as I can. Water diet was the fastest weight lose for me and I am glad that I did it. This diet is not for everybody so I would not recommend it. There’s also a liquid diet where you just drink liquids all days, mostly with no calories or low calories. I do watch what I eat now and I try very hard to stay active too.

    8. You did not have you ovaries removed! Big difference because you still have your hormones doing all the work for you. I only had one ovary remove in 2010 and I was still able to loose weight but still had no waist. Then in Sept 2016 they removed my last ovary. Since then, I have gained 20 Lb. doing nothing different except I have No ovary. If you have everything removed then you have no ovaries producing hormones. Which helps you with depression and weight, joint pain, fatigue, mental fog , and all the other stuff that comes with it that your doctor forgot to tell you. I’m 46, and still very active.

    9. Thank goodness someone is not negative….
      seems to be having a hysterectomy is the worse thing and i have felt like going to pieces because im about to have one….
      will feel more positive now…..
      thank you!!

    10. The reason you didn’t gain weight is likely due to the fact that you still have your ovaries, which produce hormones. I had to have a complete hysterectomy in Jan. 2017, due to cancer. I have always been active and in excellent shape for my age. I am 62, but most think I’m much younger. Since having the hysterectomy, I find myself in a fight against abdominal weight gain, even though I didn’t think it would happen to me. I am a healthy eater and I workout daily, including running. This is extremely depressing. My significant other says he misses my sexy, hour-glass figure. I do too! It is extremely frustrating watching my waist get thicker as I’m doing everything to prevent it. So far, I have gained 15 lbs., which is ALOT for me.

      Due to the cancer, both my Naturopath and my Oncologist say I can’t do estrogen therapy, but only testosterone. I have been researching the topic from different sources.This weight gain is unacceptable to me. My sister had a hysterectomy last year and gained alot of weight in her abdomen, hips, and butt. She was always tiny. My next step is to get bloodwork done to check my thyroid, hormone levels, etc. I will continue to battle this bulge, as I am determined NOT to get fat, but to get my lean abs and small waistline back. Research shows that determination is the one crucial factor in achieving success in life. So just call me “Determined”. ☺
      Don’t give up on yourselves.

    11. I really appreciate this! I am trying to make the decision if I want to go thru with the hysterectomy. I recently found out I have 6 fairly large fibroids on my uterus, they want to give me a total, but leave the ovaries. I wouldnt have it any other way. I have done enough research and I know that I need those, but its still scary! I appreciate your take on it

    12. I had my hysterectomy done last week Wednesday, left my ovaries, can’t complain too much about pain, it’s bearable,
      Moving around a lot but also taking it easy , I’m very scared of gaining weight as the last year has been a bit of a battle, however I saw an Entomologist as my hormones wear out of balance , plane to see her after I’v fully recovered, to go back into her diet, called slender wonder, but I do agree, no 2 people are the same, we are all unique.
      Just be a bit more conscious about food choices I think, healthier options…

      Good luck ..

    13. It is a whole different ball game when you have your ovaries removed. They hold ALL YOUR HORMONES! Sexual, mental, hot flashes, weight gain, this is all in the research). You did not have your ovaries removed, so you can not say one way or another if it is true or not. I have had it done and yes all this does happen and if you do have a choice not to remove BOTH of your ovaries, try to keep one. When you’re thrown into menopause at any age things are really going to CHANGE! I wish I could go back and have mine put back in and just be in pain because I can’t stand what I go through now. Of course, If you have Cancer it is a Life Saver and a totally different case.

  17. This answered so many questions for me! I was devastated after my surgery. The pounds have just packed on no matter how careful I am and being limited on what exercises I can do (Full abdominal hysterectomy) has made it even worse. I was so active before and losing weight was never that hard. This is a real challenge. The weight gain was bad enough but I have such pain in my hips and knees that what I can do exercise wise makes it that much worse.

    I am encouraged by the comments of some people here. Going to try a low card diet and just exercise more! Wish me luck!

  18. Please see my other post I just wrote. This is an additional comment. Also my ca 125 cancer marks test is really high! I was told this could just be the fibroids they couldn’t remove. I don’t know what to think! Any thoughts out there?

    1. Hi, My ca125 was also high which caused so much stress to me and my partner I cant begin to tell you , but after surgery the biopsy’s all came back clear, surgeon said it was probably the fibroids causing the reading. Try not to read to many horror story’s, I did and had many sleepless nights for nothing, it all turned out ok.

  19. Hello, I’m 43 years old with no kids and don’t plan to have any. I had breast cancer and a bilateral mastectomy 5 years ago this month. No chemo, no radiation and no drugs after. I did alot of research at the time and decided it would be too harmful to my body. My cancer had not spread . I have been healthy since except for painful, heavy bleeding during my cycle. and I have been struggling with excruciating pain during ovulation. It is always about 30 minutes of pain once a month. Some months my cycle is heavy and there are large blood clots . I had some fibroids removed last year. I was told that I have adenomyosis and that is what is the causing the pain. Since the procedure I went 6 months with normal cycles and no pain after the fibroids were removed. But now the pain is back but my period is normal. They are telling me to have my uterus removed through my abdomen. I can keep my other female organs. The doctor makes it sound like an easy solution .But, I’m concerned about weight gain, pelvic changes , and more. What should I do? I appreciate all of your help ! May God bless us all in our journey.

    1. 48 years old, had hysterectomy and bilateral oopherectomy 7 months ago. Wanted to keep both ovaries but my surgeon claimed there were a lot of adhesions and endometriosis. Didn’t know I had endometriosis until hysterectomy. Also had adenomyosis and very painful cycles every 28 days since I was 12 years old. Was diagnosed with blood clots in leg and lungs (bilaterally) 2 years ago that almost killed me. Had hysterectomy due to large fibroids (had myomectomy in 2005 for large fibroids, grew back). Think adenomyosis caused blood clots.

      Post hysterectomy, thrown into menopause (because they took ovaries) hot flashes and night sweats. Tried- I cool, cool lady, apple cider vinegar, primrose oil, vitamin E, soy milk have not found anything to help thus far.

      After surgery was having some urinary frequency but has gone away since doing Kegel exercises.

      All in all, glad I had surgery because I no longer have anemia, have to take 12 advils in a day or several Aleve. I have gained about 15 pounds, and have put myself on a low carb plan which has stopped the weight gain but no steady loss yet.

      If I could get rid of these flashes and night sweats I would be almost 100%. Other Than that I have No side effects. Sex is better, less pain. Still orgasmic, use vitamin E vaginally to make sure there is no atrophy. I can’t take any hormones because of previous blood clots.

      I would say if you must have the surgery, get an experienced gynecologist. Mine was a oncologist/gynecologist.(they thought I might have cancer I did not and don’t (my tumor markers were high because of endometriosis.)

      Make sure you heal I.e. No working for 6 weeks and no walking up or down stairs or driving for 6 weeks. Trust me I have had 2 abdominal surgeries and have not had ANY residual problems because I listened to my mothers recovery plan 😉

      I hope this is helpful for someone. If anyone knows how to get rid of hot flashes please let me know.


  20. Today the dr diagnosed me with adenomyosis and I have a 12 cm enlarged uterus. He gave me three options… Lupron, endometrial ablation, or removing my uterus. I chose ablation, but I’m so bloated will this help and did I make the right choice??? Or should I just rid myself of my uterus??

    1. I’ve had several ovarian cysts throughout the years and was always given Lupron to reduce them. I would definetly research what to expect after a hysterectomy. Good luck.

    2. Do what ever you can before removing your uterus! You might not know all the implications that could follow a hysterectomy .
      You produce your sex hormone in your uterus, you produce the lubricant for skin and hair in your uterus. You might not be able to climax ever again after hysterectomy . You most likely will gain between 10-25 Pounds the first year after a hysterectomy . You could end up with prolapse, incontinence etc etc . If I had know I would never had my surgery to remove my uterus , but to remove the fibroids only . Oh also by removing the uterus you shorten your lifespan …. does anyone talk about this before you have the surgery ?

    3. I had the same thing plus endometriosis and fibroids and suffered for years before having my hysterectomy. I tried Lupron (Made me frickin CRAZY), had an ablation and finally gave up and had the surgery because I bled for most of the last eight months and became anemic. My social life had literally stopped because I never knew when all hell was going to break loose. I carried extra clothes with me to work, had feminine products stashed everywhere and still could never be prepared enough before the surgery.

      Now that I am three months post surgery, the bloating is gone, so is the pain, however, I could not have imagined the weight gain and muscle loss that I am experiencing but I can at least live again. I can sit through a movie, or go shopping or to dinner with friends without that constant fear. My weight is making me miserable right now but I plan on altering my diet more and doing more strength exercise to build up muscle to see if that helps. Overall, I do not regret the surgery. I would rather have my life back and be fluffy than be thinner and not be able to enjoy doing the things I love.

    4. I had an ablation, two years later , no change, worked for about six months but well worth a go, not painful at all, and what didn’t work for me, may for you. I go for a complete hysterectomy mon

  21. Wow! You sound just like me. I had my full vaginal hysterectomy on Oct 10 2016 and feel great now that I’m not having my period every 2 weeks! I do feel much more flabby in the lower abdominal area. I’ve always exercised, so that’s not difficult for me but I feel like I’m gaining rather than losing. I lift moderate weights 3x per week and have started an HIIT program on the treadmill. It was going great until I had minor foot surgery so I’ve not been able to run for 2 weeks. I’m 52, 5’8″ and 168lbs (last time I checked). I think the key for me will be eating more 1 ingredient foods (natural state) and eating less. Has anyone heard of BioTrust LeptiBurn?

  22. I’m 42. Because of complications with my second pregnancy, I decided to have my tubes tied. That’s when the complications with my period began. After dealing with a painful, heavy cycle for 6 years I decided to try the Ablation. That worked for 2/3 months, and my period came back even worse than before. My doctor told me my next step would be a partial hysterectomy. June 2016 I had that done. It started laposcopic, but there was to much scar tissue. So they went in threw my c-section cut, remove the scar tissue and finished the surgery.
    I haven’t been the same since. I work rotating 10 hour shifts in a automotive manufacturing plant. Work 7 days, off 2, 7 nights off 5. Sometimes my energy level feels like it’s below zero, I’ve gained over 30lbs, been to the doctor several times since surgery for back pains, and my legs hurt like hell all the time. I weigh more now than I did with either pregnancy!! I use to work out at least 2/3 times a week. Now after work, all I have energy for is a shower and bed.
    My breast, my stomach, my hips are all getting larger by the day.
    My boyfriend is a great support system because he’s constantly telling me that I look fine, or that I’m beautiful. I appreciate him and love him for that but it doesn’t change the way I feel about myself. I’m looking into different diets and exercise plans that’ll worked me. I’m also considering the gastric sleeve. I don’t know what else to do and it’s very depressing.

    1. I also experienced similar problems. My lower back hurt so I wouldn’t exercise. I went to a trainer and he told me to strengthen my core. I started with doing as many sit ups as I could 3 times a week and planks 2 times a week. I just did them at home for like 15-20 minutes. My back pain disappeared! I hope this helps you!

    2. I just had a partial hysterectomy and have started gaining weight myself. I have turned to my Young Living essential oils to help with that. I’m drinking lots of water with lemon oil in it. If u can get your hands on the oils, do some Pinteresting on what helps with weight loss and increasing your metabolism. Oils are amazing for your body and obviously all natural. Good luck and please remember…you are beautiful even with curves! None of us want to look anorexic. That’s a true disease all in itself and I’m very thankful I have never dealt with it. Be positive and don’t hate your body! Its yours and there are others in worse situations. Much love and comfort in your journey to love your body that you were given!

  23. I have pre-cancerous cells that despite 2 attempts are not removed so have been told a hysterectomy is next / I am very very concerned about the Weight gain aspect – I have been given a choice of full or partial hysterectomy / does anyone know or can advise if the weight gain probability is the same for both procedures or if less likely if I keep my ovaries ? Pls help as doctors only tell you what they think is easier
    Anyone’s help or advice would be appreciated – I am 44

    1. I am 47 and had total hysterectomy July 2016 due to extremely large fibroids. Kept ovaries and have gained 25lbs so far. No matter what I do it seems like I’m gaining 2-3 lbs every few days lately. It’s very depressing. So much that had I known of this after affect….I might have considered living with the fibroids. Major issue was pain and pressure on bladder causing frequent and uncontrolled urine leakage. Hope this help and best of luck.

    2. I kept my ovaries as well…30lbs. Just like Lori mentioned. But I rather gain 30 lbs than have pre cancerous anything. All the weight seems to be in my lower abdominal area. Considering just getting a tummy tuck. However 3 years later and im still paranoid about being cut open again.

    3. Emily, be careful with having a tummy tuck. I had one after my twin daughters were born. I was sewn up so tightly I couldn’t stand straight for almost a year and couldn’t lay on my stomach for nearly 5 years after. The pain was excruiating. Even now, 15 years later my OB/GYN says that my stomach is extremely tight. Be careful…

  24. I feel everyone’s pain. I would have never done the surgey knowing all the things everyone is experiencing. I have all the symptoms. I gained so much weight in my stomach and my body just aches all the time. I am 42 and had this 7/2015. The weight gain started 2 months ago and I gained 25 in 2 months. I have a huge belly and my boobs are disgusting huge. I have no sex drive, no energy and the sad part is I have 2 young kids 8 and 6. This is the worst. I feel like I have neglected them due to my issues. I have developed high blood pressure and now I am schedule to have the gastric sleeve. Hope this works for me. Wish me luck everyone. I will pray for all of you

    1. Leila, are you sure the weight gain is from the hysterectomy surgery? That weight gain usually occurs within the first year. You’re farther out than that and with all that you’ve described it sounds like you may have Low Thyroid or Adrenal Gland Fatigue issues. I would suggest making an appointment with an Endocrinologist. Best of luck to you.

  25. Hi I am nearly 5 weeks po full abdominal hysterectomy can I ask when you started doing excercise ? I went out in my mums car last week went round few shops ect then on the evening had a bath as I have been getting showers all the time then the following day I was so sore inside and have been for few days now and all am thinking is did I over due things ? I was walking fine up until this point now am having to hold myself again

  26. I’ve had fibroid tumors for 18 years , bleeding so bad , I had to change careers and lifestyle. I had 2 babies with C-section , a tubal ligation , always been a Heath nut , with proper nutrition and exercise. When I was first diagnosed I had a heart attack and hemorrhaged 5 pints of blood , I have lived 18 yrs with hemorrhage so bad I could hardly work. I eat hormone free meat , raw veggies , & no caffeine , just water , and I squeezed Lemon and 4 oz of wild turkey honey. My bleeding has stopped and if it gets unbearable I take 2 cayenne pepper pills for pain and raspberry leaf tea. I’m 50 and no way Drs are gonna cut on me with benign tumors screwing my bod up more. With menopause the bleeding will shrink tumors, so watch the estrogen dominance. Doctors want yr money!

  27. I had a hyster 3 years ago,, leaving the only the left ovary. I lost 60 lbs,,, had much energy. Woke up just Monday,, before last. Stomach hurting like I was having a baby. Went to the doctor Monday morning just past,, they sent me straight to surgery to have that left ovary removed. It was twisted,, with a cyst on it,, and no blood supply to it. It was laparoscopically removed. Now it’s Wednesday,, I’m at home,, still very sore. I’m peeing every five minutes,, I do take linsinopril 20/25,, so I’m really peeing sho nuff now. I’m only 3 days in now,, once last night I had this out of body experience for about 3 seconds. I don’t have much of an appetite right now. I can’t do anything,, I’m on bed rest. I will be back to let you lady’s in on any changes as they occur. 3 Days and counting!!!!

  28. Hi there. I am 52 and I had a hysteroscopy and d&C at end of September 2016. The results was lots of polyps but non cancerous.The doctor suggested a hysterectomy because of abnormal bleeding. Reading all the comments just scared me. I don’t know what to do. I feel fine now. Only when I get my period it is painful and very heavy but lasts for 7 to 8 days only. Not sure if its really necessary for the op. Any advice will be welcome.

    1. Hi Sue, I’m 53 and I’m facing the same as you my doctor gave me four options. I was having lots of bleeding during my periods, and I had polyps in my cervix and I have fibroids in the muscle. They removed the polyps but it did not help the bleeding so apparently it’s the fibroids that are making me bleed. The options are an IUD, a shot every three months for a year, putting pellets in my ovaries or a hysterectomy. I’ve been reading into all four but certainly don’t want the the hysterectomy as it definitely changes your body when you cut the ligaments from your pelvic bones, you will spread and have no waist line anymore. My sister gave me advice the other day to try before I made any decisions about my heavy bleeding. She told me to try drinking a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in very hot water two or three times a day even four times and she said it will return your periods to normal. I started this just yesterday. I’m a busy girl but hopefully I will get back to you about how it’s working for me.

  29. me either I am due to have min done next Friday, it came about from thinking I had a hernia in June. it turned out after a scan it was a large cyst on the left ovary. I was sent to hospital three weeks later with abdominal pain and they operated. I thought great done, it was difficult for them to do the womb was squashed to one side the left tube and cyst was such on the bowl and it took over four hours to fix. apon going for a check up, I was told that there was a non aggressive cancer inside the cyst. all in all 15cm tumor with 1/2 litre of cyst.
    now I am told I have to have a complete hysterectomy yay not. I am up and down as it is god help everyone after its done. good luck to anyone waiting for this operation.

  30. Thank you so much. I have had the weight gain and thought I was losing my mind. I had a hysterectomy about 4 years ago, African and Native American mix and just discovered after much frustration what the main issue is. Thanks for the website i will check them out. I know of a couple of natural doctors and will request the test. I will try with my medical doctor first to see if she will run it. Thanks again. Now i have a starting point for my insanity☺️

  31. Terrie, I sincerely hope you have been able to resolve some of your issues (your post almost made me cry). If not, please consider the advice offered by Pamela above. If you haven’t, please look into BIO IDENTICAL HORMONE therapy. You can contact a reputable compounding pharmacy in your area and they can refer you to a doctor who prescribes it. All of your hormone levels need to be tested, including ESTROGEN, PROGESTERONE and TESTERONE. Women need testosterone just like men (we just have much lower levels of it). Testosterone can restore both libido and energy. (I have experienced it myself and even woke my husband up in the middle of the night once). It must be balanced with estrogen though, which must be balanced with progesterone. The hormonal symphony is a complex work of art (more proof that there IS A GOD!). There may be some trial, retesting and tweaks involved to get your prescriptions just right, but once you are there, YOU WILL START TO FEEL AND LOOK more like your YOUNGER self again!!

  32. Deidere. I insurance is about to change and I’ve wanted this done for a very very long time. I have no desire to have children and I have fibroids and have always had very painful and irregular periods. I’ve also been on every birth-control matchable with the exception of the shot. The fact that I’m getting back to me time and keeping my ovaries, I thought it was going to be the best idea. What has been your biggest hang up post surgery? Mine is in about a week.

  33. I’d really like to know where the data came from about changes to the position of pelvic bones and lower back due to hysterectomy. It sounds to me like the women who say they lose their waistline and have bigger hips are also saying they gained a lot of weight, which would also create that effect. I need a hysterectomy due to extreme bleeding that I have already tried to stop using natural and allopathic medicine methods, but your article has scared me.

  34. I had a total hysterectomy in 2012 and was also caught blind sided by the joint pain and weight gain of 30 lbs…I finally am taking control and went on a Bio Protein diet that I have lost 26 lbs and counting. I am at last feeling back to normal and with great guidance and support I hope to change my eating habits and exercise more to help me keep it off. Age 54

    1. What do you mean by bio protein, is there a certain brand you are using or you just changed your diet?

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