How to increase metabolism after hysterectomy to get rid of belly fat?

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Does coffee increase metabolism

Coffee contains several stimulants, like caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, and chlorogenic acid. Caffeine is the most potent, and apart from speeding up your metabolic rate, it also makes you feel more energized. Moreover, after the liver breaks it down, it helps mobilize fat from the fat tissues. Remember that what you put in your coffee (cream or sugar) may add extra calories and prevent you from reaping the benefits of coffee’s metabolism-boosting effect.

What slows down metabolism?

What slows down metabolism

Lack of sleep

Sleep deprivation greatly impacts the metabolism of glucose and hormones that regulate your appetite. Poor sleep affects two important hormones, Ghrelin and Leptin. Lack of sleep will increase your hunger hormone Ghrelin and cause you to produce less Leptin, suppressing hunger. Consequently, you will have an increased appetite and may put on weight. Moreover, chronic sleep deprivation may increase one’s risk of obesity and diabetes.

Spending most of the time sitting

A sedentary lifestyle will slow down your metabolism. Prolonged inactivity may harm your health. The body will lose its ability to mobilize fat from the fat cells and properly use its insulin. Moreover, you will store more fat throughout the body and lose valuable muscle tissue. So if you spend many hours working at a desk, including some activity in your daily routine is crucial.


When you are stressed, your body produces more cortisol than usual. Cortisol is a hormone that may initially increase metabolism, but if the stress continues, it can make you very hungry. So chronic stress can lead to over-consumption of unhealthy food and cause weight gain.

Besides, stress often causes sleep deprivation. And as we already mentioned, this may slow down metabolism.

Going on a crash diet

With crash diets, people often reduce their calorie intake way below their BMR. In most cases, these diets have the rebound effect of severe food cravings that result in binge eating. You’ll likely not see the desired weight loss because these diets are very hard to stick to for longer.

Increase metabolism after hysterectomy with a Metabolic diet

As you can see, what you eat and drink significantly impacts your metabolism. Metabolic cooking is a great way to increase metabolism after hysterectomy.

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