Pain After Hysterectomy- Tips To Identify Its Source

As with most surgeries, women will have to deal with pain after a hysterectomy. How much pain you will feel after the operation depends on the type of hysterectomy performed and your individual susceptibility to pain.

pain after hysterectomy

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The degree of pain will vary depending on the type of incision made. Some studies and research suggest that women have less pain after laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy than they do after a traditional vaginal or abdominal hysterectomy.

Vertical abdominal incisions are usually less painful than horizontal incisions. Vaginal hysterectomies have the least amount of pain.

However, 5 to 32 percent of the women who had a hysterectomy reported pain 4 months after the surgery.

What to expect after the surgery:

As you would expect, the first 24 hours after your surgery is the most uncomfortable time. The pain is mainly in your tummy, and some patients describe it as being like bad period pain. If you have undergone a vaginal hysterectomy, the feeling is more of a bearing down pain or tenderness.

Sitting on a chair is uncomfortable in the beginning. But after a day or two, the pain gradually starts decreasing. Although this pain after the surgery starts diminishing after four weeks, you need to accept that soreness may linger on for some time in most cases.

Gas post hysterectomy

You may expect pain in the abdomen and bloat after surgery. During the operation, the bowels are motionless, and gas builds up in your belly. This can cause great discomfort and pain until you can pass some gas or have your first bowel movement.

Don’t be embarrassed to pass gas; hold it until you can discreetly go to the bathroom. The air must come out and is a necessary part of your recovery.

A remedy for gas pain after hysterectomy:

  1. Get out of bed and start walking to encourage peristaltic of the bowels. This is the best way to get rid of build-up gas.
  2. Apply a heating pad to reduce the gas pain. Do not apply heat near the wound as there is less sensation, and the skin can easily get burned.
  3. Drink some hot tea. Especially peppermint tea promotes bowel movement and helps to ease gas pains.
  4. You may try Simethicone (Gas X). This is a medication that helps the body to get rid of excessive gas.
  5. Constipation after hysterectomy can cause gas pain when stool blocks the rectum. Then taking Colace (a stool softener) may help.

You should also know that the pain medication and antibiotics you get after surgery can slow down and disrupt bowel activity. If you feel you don’t need it anymore, consider stopping the pain medication.

Common after laparoscopic surgery is that trapped gas causes shoulder pain. This is because of the CO2 gas they introduce to expand the abdomen. This trapped gas irritates the diaphragm’s nerves, sending pain signals upward to the shoulder.

It is not unusual that this shoulder pain lasts up to a week. Apply a heating pad, and lying on your side may help to relieve the pain. Though they may help, remember to be cautious with pain medication as they may slow down your bowels. If the pain persists, contact your surgeon for advice.

Causes of pain after hysterectomy:

There are several reasons women may develop persistent pain after hysterectomy. If the pain becomes worse during the recovery phase, there are chances that you may have complications.

1. Vaginal or bladder prolapse

The most common cause of pain after hysterectomy is vaginal or bladder prolapse.

When they remove the uterus, the vagina is attached to supporting ligaments, but these tissues can weaken over time. Roughly 10% of women will experience a vaginal vault prolapse in the years following their hysterectomy.

If this happens, you may experience:

  • A dragging, uncomfortable sensation at the top of the vagina.
  • Pain during sex.
  • Lower back pain after hysterectomy.
  • Aching in the pelvic area.
  • Problems with urinating.

2. Pain around the wound after hysterectomy

Pain around the incision can be the result of a late surgical infection or abscess in the abdomen. There may be an infection when the pain is accompanied by fever, the area around the wound is red and feels warm, and one is generally not feeling well.

3. Painful sex after hysterectomy

After the removal of the uterus, they stitch the top of the vagina (vaginal vault). Sex after a hysterectomy can be uncomfortable when the wound has not completely healed. This usually takes 6 to 8 weeks but can also take longer. Like with any wound, the tissues around the vaginal cuff may be less sensitive and flexible initially.

But also abnormalities of the vaginal vault or cuff cause, on occasion, chronic pain after hysterectomy. At times, the pain at the very top end of the vagina can be neuropathic due to nerves sending abnormal pain signals.

Usually, there is no visible damage, but even a gentle touch is felt as pain.

4. Pelvic pain after hysterectomy

After surgery, your body will start forming scar tissue as part of the normal healing process. When two healing tissues connect with scar tissue, they form what they call adhesions. Because the normal surface has been disrupted, organs normally sliding along each other will now stick together. This may cause pelvic pain after hysterectomy and several other symptoms.

Other symptoms women with adhesions may experience are:

  • Lower back pain
  • Constipation or pain with bowel movements
  • Bladder pain after hysterectomy
  • Pain during intercourse

Pain after hysterectomy due to endometriosis’s reoccurrence may happen when the endometriosis lesions are not thoroughly removed during surgery. Having a hysterectomy does not always cure persistent pelvic pain due to endometriosis. Women who choose to keep their ovaries should know that they have a 6 times higher chance of reoccurrence than women who have the ovaries removed.

5. Ovarian pain after hysterectomy

Monthly ovulation pain can continue after a hysterectomy when a woman still has her ovaries.  After they remove the uterus, ovulation continues normally. Without the uterus, the eggs produced fall into the pelvic cavity, where they are absorbed.

About 10% of women will develop ovarian cysts after hysterectomy. They believe this happens because there is less blood flow to the ovaries after they remove the uterus. Some of these cysts cause no symptoms at all, but others can be the reason for severe abdominal pain after hysterectomy.

Ovarian cysts always need a closer examination. Most of these cysts are harmless, but there is always a small risk that they twist, burst, or contain cancerous cells. Ovarian cancer, in the early stages, has few vague symptoms.

More specific symptoms, such as bloating, persistent pelvic pain, and nausea, usually develop in later stages when cancer has already spread.

6. Painful joints after hysterectomy

Following a full hysterectomy, women can also suffer from joint pains. This can affect various joints in the body, such as the knees, shoulders, and hips. You can read more about menopausal arthralgia and why this occurs in our post about sudden and widespread post-hysterectomy joint pain.

Treating pain after hysterectomy:

How they treat pain after a hysterectomy depends on the cause and severity of the pain. In normal cases, pain after hysterectomy responds well to pain medications. Taking enough rest during the recovery phase is important, and doing too much too soon may lead to increased pain or tenderness.

You need to know that the body’s soreness and aches may persist for quite a few months. Therefore, to distract your mind from pain, involve yourself in relaxation techniques, hobby classes, or light household chores. Be patient with yourself, and keep in mind that your pain will eventually completely fade away.

The pain should gradually decline and should be intermittent in the later stages of recovery. However, if this pain worsens, your physician will check your condition to determine the underlying medical condition. Then, you may need a complete examination by your gynecologist and running the necessary laboratory tests.

Reviewed by: Kimberly Langdon M.D. (OB/GYN)
Date reviewed: 18/3/2019

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  1. I had mine September 21 2022 I had a total hysterectomy keeping my ovaries. Prior to this is had 3 ectopic pregnancies so I lost both tubes before this surgery. I had stage 1 cervical cancer and surgery removing fibroids the size of a grapefruits. When they pulled my uterus out this surgery I had huge fibroids growing on the outside and the inside. I have had five surgeries pertaining to my reproductive system. I’m 44 years old and I have no kids. I have read a lot of people’s posts on here and my heart Goes out to all of you. I’m not here to complain or discuss the pains that I have. Even though I’m only two and a half weeks in. I’m just here to tell everybody despite everything we have gone through with our bodies, we’re all here for a reason and we all had this surgery for a reason.. I’m alive and I’m going to make it. No one said it was going to be easy I mean some of us had our stomachs cut and some of us had it snatched through our vaginas. but at the end of the day we are strong. We are women that have endured so much but we will be okay. God bless you all and I pray that all your pain and suffering subsides.❤️

  2. It’s been since 2018 since I had my hysterectomy and if I had to do all over again… I would never do it. I’m in worse shape now than before. The dr will not give me any estrogen and tells me to fight it(female family dr) severe abdominal pain going into my back, want to sleep all the time, sore to touch all over, hot flashes, restless nights, sex painful until I’m to s point I want to cry, gained 50 pounds so far, my stomach sets on my legs… very embarrassing because I was never like this. Don’t get a hysterectomy if there is any way that you don’t have to

  3. I underwent a hysterectomy on January 14,2020 . Still in pain, bleeding when I urinate, back pain. Three weeks after surgery I went to the E.R because of pain. Later was told I have Strep B. I’m over this.

  4. I was in pain for 2 years with blacking out during a bowel movement. I went to at least 3 Doctors with one OB/GYN telling me all that was wrong with me was my age & dryness. I went back to my PC & DEMANDED a MRI. It showed a mass & some Endo. Sent to a gynecologic oncologist. He did the robotic 5 holes that was 9/24/19. I had scar tissue from my tubal grown around my colon and other organs a mass & ovarian cyst. Total hysterectomy. It has been 2 months I feel terrible. My incisions have healed but I get pains like muscle spasms where the incisions were. I am so tired all I want to do is sleep. No more blacking out with bowel movements or urination. But I still have pain and feel drained. How long will this last? No sex yet as I “feel” I am not healed on the inside yet. I went back to my PC and told her well sent for cat Scan that shows nothing but a node in my lungs now. Anyway how long am I going to keep hurting with these at times stabbing pains where the incisions were. I am 61 yo & just tired off all this. IDK where to go from here.

  5. I am post full hysterectomy about 4/5 months. Slight pain in the lower left quadrant of my abdomen has increased dramatically (in a band from front to back). I’m concerned this is serious. My procedure was done laparoscopically with five incisions – four on my abdomen and one through my naval. I have an appointment with my GYN next week. Can you comment?

    1. There is always a small possibility that scar tissue or adhesions have developed after the operation. That can be painful. It’s good you made an appointment with your doctor to check this out.

  6. I’m 6 days post op. I was not expecting to have pain like this. I have been reading all these posts. It scares me. I had a severely prolapsed uterus. Needed a hysterectomy over a year ago
    Didn’t have insurance. So now I have had it and thought I would be fine in a week or so. Apparently that was wishful thinking. I look 4months pregnant from the bloating. I feel so lazy. My husband is working so hard to tile our house and I can’t even help. Very frustrating.

  7. Hello. My name is Carla and I had a hysterectomy 2/15/18. Having a difficult time with getting my bowels to move, and there is painful gas and bloating. I knew to expect this but m also having pain in lower back and abdomen that feel like labor pain. I return to work after 6 weeks and I wonder if that will be enough time for healing, or does it depend on how fast each individual heals. Going to 2 weeks post op soon and looking forward to know how I’m doing. Hope all have a healthy healing!

    1. Carla-
      I had the same problem after my surgery too (10/17). I took everything, stool softeners, fiber etc. but it just got worse. Then I decided this was crazy and drank some senna tea twice in two weeks. It helped somewhat; however, rereading Fiber Menace helped the most, along with daily walks – 1000 steps to 5000 steps by the fourth week. Turns out they really put your bowels asleep during surgery and it takes about 2 weeks to awaken them! Hope this helps

    2. Hey Carla. The feeling of being constipated is normal. Its been my experience that the pain meds really slow your bowls down. In order to get the Bowles moving, drink prune juice, only take the pain meds if necessary and using a heating pad helped me a lot. I returned to work after 8 weeks. Im able to sit at work whenever I need to to which helps. I had a hysterectomy November of 2017 and I’m still healing. Some days the pain is better and some are worse. Pray that you have a quick recovery.

    3. Hey Carla, I had my hysterectomy 1/24/18 and I had same issues. My doctor recommended milk of magnesia along with doing a little walking. My first 2 weeks post-op were painful but after that’s it’s been a lot better. Watch what you eat. Eat foods with lots of fiber. Foods with gluten can cause constipation because our bodies digested slower than other foods.

  8. I had a complete hysterectomy 6 years ago(Dr. said endometriosis was so bad my uterus was gray mush when she removed it). I have been on hormone replacement for the last 2 years faithfully. I tried it for one year post surgery and hated it. I quit taking them and quit going to the doctor because I truly felt she didn’t care. I went to a new Dr. And got the reports from my surgery. Guess what, i never had endometriosis. Pathology said uterus was normal color with no discoloration, and no endometriosis. I had a cyst on my ovary. I can’t begin to tell you the betrayal I feel. I now have osteoporosis. I am 39. I have been have increasing pain in my vagina and right side. Difficulties urinating. I called my new OBGYN (works for same hospital other Dr works for) I was told to contact my family Dr with my problems because I no longer have female organs. Literally that is what the nurse said to me on the phone when I called last week. I am at a loss.

    1. Hi Angelique, this is ridiculous. Is your vagina not a female organ? After a hysterectomy women have an increased risk of developing a prolapse. Your symptoms may be due to a cystocele or prolapse of the anterior wall of the vagina. Who is going to look at that? Your family doctor? I would insist and ring again for an appointment.

    2. Hi folks my names fee. I had an abdominal radical hysterectomy 29/01/ came with complications due to morphine pump after surgery making me very sick and immobile. I had stayed in hospital for four days.I came home and given anti-clotting drugs to inject myself daily. On the 3 rd day at home, we had to remove the dressing from where the blood drain had been inserted. We noticed a little discharge on the dressing but the wound looked dry.
      The following morning I went to wave my son off to school and noticed blood as clotermycein made my blood thin.
      A clot had forced its way out of the drain site, leaving two more in my vagina. I had to stay in hospital for further 4 days.
      Last week I was told the clot lying on top of my vagina measured 9cms and fortunately has naturally shrunk to 6cms the other clot has now dispersed.
      Has anyone else had these problems?
      My iron level had also dropped to 84%. I’m now building it up with ferritin and iron rich foods.
      I still had a uti this week, even though I’m resting.
      I’m unsure about hrt as I’m suffering from hot sweats and disturbed sleep.
      I read that hrt can cause breast cancer.
      I would be grateful of any advice. I get tired so flipping quickly and that’s not me!

  9. Hi everyone,
    I myself had a total hysterectomy with a removal of my right ovary and tube. My right ovary was completely covered with a cyst, my surgeon tried to save it…no luck. 6 months prior to it, I had a D&C with hydroscopy due to heavy periods (2 weeks before and post op I was soaked and hemorrhaging, clotting etc). I’m only 38.
    I did birth control, midol, etc. Nothing helped. Now it’s been a year and almost a month,and I have been having bad pelvic pain 24/7.(I have my left ovary and tube left). I’ve been to my Dr, more than ever…I have been seen by a surgeon, had cat scans, ultrasounds, c125 test, blood work, 2 colonoscopies, upper gi, etc. All of this is frustrating..I know I have a cyst on my left ovary now (it was fine during the surgery and with in a few months after – wham!). Can anyone help me? Thanks. ~ Sara

    1. Hi Sara,
      So sorry to here your pain and frustration. Just try and remember the trauma your baby has been through. I am 9 months post surgery, with everything gone and I still experience extreme pain and a heaviness. There is a really good chance your left ovary is ok and there e pain is due to the trauma of surgery. Try to stay positive. Sorry for your pain.


    2. I’d say the opposite. Just from experience. It only takes 1 ovary to make you miserable and in my case, very similar to yours, after 1 month the other ovary was multicystic. I had a radical hysterectomy a month later 1/23/18

  10. I had a total hysterectomy 12 weeks ago. Yesterday I got sharp pain on my right side. It went away over night. Still having trouble sleeping, and feel exhausted all the time, and so emotional. Just struggling generally!

    1. Hi Brenda, not sure if anyone’s answered you already so thought I would try and cheer you up. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy in March 2017 and was off work for 8 weeks. Like you, I was tired all the time but the worst thing I found about it all was how emotional I was! I’m not too good at telling people around me when I need help so didn’t get any support for it. Luckily, once I got back to work, my mood lifted and 9 months on, I’m feeling fine and glad I had the surgery. Just wanted you to know, it really does get better and you are still only at the beginning of your post op journey so hang in there and look forward to a pain free future xx. Not sure if you are allowed to give out personal details on here but let me know if you fancy a chat and I will put my details on. Emma xx

    2. Hey Brenda I had a prolapse uterus so I had a hysterectomy on January 20 2018 last Sat and I’m still in pain not as bad as before however I’m still hurting. I’m up most of the night laying in bed crying watching tv. When does it start getting better. I go back to work the beginning of March.

    3. Ha Brenda and Adrienne and everyone my name is Tracy I also had a hysterectomy on 1/22/2018 I had my tubes, cervix and uterus removed. I am 31 so they left my ovaries. My hysterectomy was due to two abnormal pap cin3 precancerous cells. Does anyone know if they will run a test I am going crazy not knowing?

    4. Hi
      I had a full hysterectomy last Monday 22nd Jan 2018
      Keep thinking I feel better then if I sit up or out of bed too long or miss pain killers, feel like I’ve taken a step backwards.
      Had 2 c/sections and thought this would be comparable but it’s not is that right?
      Discharged after 48hrs with no advice and 4 weeks worth of pain relief and injections to prevent blood clots

    5. Hi my name is Mandy I had a hysterectomy idk the medical term but they took my uterus fallopian tube (apparently I only had one) reconstructed my vagina and removed a lump on the wall between my butt and vagina right inside my vagina on Jan 11th 2018 my doc said they only want you on pain meds for a week after surgery. I haven’t been able to manage my pain, even when I was in the hospital. I’m having horrible hot flashes can’t sleep, and am in extreme pain but haven’t had pain meds since Jan 23rd any advice on how to control are relieve pain. They gave me morphine but it only helped for like 20 minutes and I had to wait two hours then They tried Percect I couldn’t keep it down, they tried Dauladid it didn’t do anything then they tried Percect without Tylenol n it helped some but not nearly as much as I hoped. I have my post opp tomorrow any recommendations on pain meds that worked for you? I have tried ibuprofen Aleve and Advil also. Should I ask for a muscle relaxer or specific pain meds?? Or just continue to deal with it. I need to get back to work, my doc said I should be able to go back after 4 weeks but no sex till at least six weeks. I don’t care much for my doc I tried switching but all the other obgyns are scheduling three months out. Any advice would be appreciated

    6. Oh I’m sorry to hear that. I had my robotic hysterectomy January 18 2018 and the pain in my left side is unbearable. I didn’t have it after recovery started, it started 2 weeks after surgery. I’m praying it doesn’t last 12 weeks, I need to go back to work in 10 weeks. I clean houses for a living so it’s very strenuous. I’m worried.

    7. Also had hysterectomy Jan 22 2018, was doing well, think lifted too much as hurts worse than last week. 60 yrs stage 4 ovarian cancer. Responded well to chemo and used cbd/thc oils. Expensive but think it made huge difference. Sorry for your pain, hope we all improve/get better.

    8. Hi Brenda, Mandy, and all. My name is Vicki. I had stage 1A endometrial cancer. On March 31, 2017, I had a LAVH total hysterectomy with BSO (ovaries and tubes removed), and several lymph nodes removed, too. Complication when they removed my enlarged uterus and lascerated my vagina in the process. My recovery was long and painful. Even now I still have the occasional pain on my pelvic and vagina area, but most likely the pain is from scar tissue.
      Anyway, I know what you’re going through. At 4 weeks post op, l could not sit without pain in my pelvic and vaginal area. I had to return to work and sat on a rubber donut for 2 additional weeks.
      So if the pain persists, contact your doctor because something may not be right. It could be an infection or even a stitch in the wrong place. Make the doctor listen to you. This is your body and you only have 1 chance to heal properly from this operation.
      As far as the hot flashes and the sleeplessness, I had severe flashes that kept me awake most of the night. My doctor put me on estrogen only HRT. That really helped me. You may want to talk to your gyn about that option. There are also non-estrogen meds that may work for you. It will also help with the emotional side effects of a hysterectomy.
      Remember this was a major operation and it takes time to recover and adjust. My blessings to you.

  11. I had a LAVH 6 weeks ago. Went home the day after and staff at Liverpool Women’s were just wonderful. I had endometrial cancer, so everything went. I felt OK, but overdid it by going on a 4 mile walk last week. I was fine during the walk, in fact I was happy to be getting back to normal activities, but later that night, and for the last four days I have had pain which I reckon is just muscle strain. Frustrating to be set back on the road to recovery, but I know now that this has to be a slow and sure recovery. A call to the nurse confirmed what I was thinking, but best to check anything that you think is out of the ordinary. Good luck to everyone on their own path to recovery.

    1. Hi my name is Norma I had a hysterectomy 1/16/2018. I don’t do pain pills and didn’t want morphine either. I did well with ibuprofen 800mg. My stay in the hospital was only one day. I was doing great until I went to see a Broadway tour it was too much for one day, I paid for it the next four days. When the doctor says no bending and to just rest for 6 weeks they mean just that learned my lesson. Be patient, rest(means just that-sit back read a book, catch up on your taped shows, write a letter, What the heck write a book or story of your experience, walk a little so you don’t develop clots) but please rest and no lifting more than 10 pounds. I still have minimal pain but not worth taking any type of pain killers not even the ibuprofen. Hang in there ladies. Oh and wear loose clothing.

  12. Hi everyone.

    Seems like I have been having the same experience. I am 33 years old. I had Total Abdominal Hysterectomy, Prophylactic Appendectomy, Left Salpingo-oofrectomy and removal of a left peritoneal cyst two months ago. The post-opt pain was severe and was tired all the time. The pain lessened but its still there around the scar. Last 2 weeks or so I have noticed the return of pain during sexual intercourse. Before having the surgery this was common but had gotten really bad from February this year. My fiance was too terrified to have sex and cause me discomfort (thank God for this amazing and understanding man). Sex and urination caused me severe pain, nausea, vomiting and profuse sweating. My periods were always heavy and lasted 2 weeks but last December, the vaginal bleeding was none stop. My haemoglobin kept dropping and I was tried all the time. I gave myself pain injections every 12 hrs and took iron tablets for months. Saw 6 different OBGYN and they all said it was Endometriosis and I was prescribe all kinds of oral and injectable hormones or anti-protaglandins. None of these worked. When I couldn’t stand this anymore, I said let’s do surgery (which no one wanted to do on account of my age and that I did not have kids).

    I have gained 10 pounds since this surgery and yes its all in the abdomen. I am exhausted all the time.Took me about 7 weeks to actually start back my normal routines. What bothers me is the pelvic pain. I also have pain and burning on urination and yes being a Dr myself, I thought it was a UTI. Had my urine tested twice and they were negative. In the area of my only ovary on the right, the pain is extreme and debilitating. Saw two different OBGYNs and had a pelvic ultrasound. The ultrasound showed my only ovary has a cyst. The Drs think the pain will go away and I should take pain killers again. The one who did my surgery said the ovary looked fine during the operation and suggested I started taking OCPs. I am just thinking I suffered all this to be in the same position again.

  13. I had TAH with bilateral salpingectomy on 7/8/2017. I used faktu for my rectum then ate fruits like papaya & avocado for easy bowel movement. I felt pain & had vaginal bleeding then spotting which i think is normal. The scar is getting healed. It’s 6 weeks now but sometimes there’s still pain. How long will this be healed so that I can drive my motorbike again in going to work? Pls.advice. Thanks.

  14. My name is Heidi one year ago I got really sick I had a huge tumour wrapped around my uterus, appendix etc, and behind that was End stage colon cancer was 43 and no history of this in my family,I look very young and have always been super active,I had full hysterectomy plus 12 folfox chemo treatments,I have no energy I’m always exhausted ,I take morphine when pain is bad ,my legs ache my hands & feet feel like I have arthritis , my stomach bloats and I have a hot flashes every five or ten minutes, oh man I hate it ,it drives me freaking crazy,I just started getting a pain in my stomach on right side but not low higher up like a stitch, like I had years before when I had a cyst , I hope the empty space where my appendix was is not a cyst again,I get constant headaches, hard to sleep even harder to get up ,but I push myself and do all kinds of stuff myself, I wanna stop being so tired no energy and the hot flashes are bad !! But the estrogen doesn’t work it makes it worse! Any natural suggestions??

    1. Hai
      I had hysterectomy on 4/5/2017 ( pelvis, uterus, myoma with 14cm and one of the ovary removed )
      The surgery goes well ( thanks to the gyne). Unfortunately, i had leg, foot, shoulder and even my hand pain and numbness. I can’t even sit and walk for too long. Most of the night I wake up coz of the pain and hot flash. Every morning it is hard for to get up due to the pain. I did go to the orthopedic and he said it is normal after the surgery. He gave me neuro bion to be taken at night. I did the investigation by doing mass bone density which was recommended by one of the gyne. The result was osteoporosis ( risk of fracture – HIGH ) and also did the blood test for vitamin B, calcium and vitamin D. The result was absolutely fantastic. Tomorrow 13/8/17 my appointment again with orthopedic and will ask for physio for the pain. The pain really killing me.

    2. Hi Heidi,

      I don’t know that I can provide any answers for you, but was touched by your story and all you have gone through. I will keep you in my prayers!

      I just had radical hysterectomy with Cervix and ovaries removed after chronic left pelvic pain and repeated DNC’s which could not totally remove masses from uterine wall. At 59, already through menopause, but all complicated by rare mast cell disease. Pain management tricky. Pain entire left side from pelvis up to/through diaphragm, shoulder, even nose and face.

      Previous pathology benign-praying yours can be treated, pain eased and long healthy life for you ahead!

    3. Palliative Care Corpoartion 7822 Beach Blvd, in Huntington Beach;CBD and THC oils, suppositories work well on hormonal and colon cancer. My #s way down ca125 and feel so much better through chemo. Medical marijuana, before it is heated…
      Talk to Kyle, Doreen and Donna ok but not as knowledgeable. Good luck.

  15. Hi I had a hysterectomy with a prolapse repair on 8 June 2017 and apart from the catheter remaining in for a further week all went well. But the other day I went for prob 8k walk which was over fairly rough terrain and since feel very achy also a very small about of blood but only the once. Hopefully someone can put my mind at rest that I have just over done it a bit and not done any damage.

    1. Chris it is much better to seek medical advice from your Gynae than from a forum! Sounds like you did too much too soon…easily done when you feel OK in every other way. Hope you will heal again soon!

    2. Thank u very much Sarah for your reply. Feeling much better now. So as you say. I think I over did it a bit and have since rested up a bit a feel better for it.

  16. Good morning! Wow am I glad I came across this forum! I had a laparoscopic abdominal hysterectomy on 7/6/17 and in a hurry to get back to my old self (long distance running). However, after reading the comments, it’s clear to me that I must stay off my feet as much as possible to fully recover. The pain in my lower abdomen is subsiding a little each day, but that doesn’t mean I should begin walking a distance more than going to the bathroom. I am not taking the narcotic pain meds as they made bowel movements impossible. Btw, drinking epson salts helps with that task. I realize everyone’s experience is different, but most important is bed rest – no matter how good I may feel or how bad I want to feel.

    1. I am a reasonably fit 82 and had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy just over two weeks ago. Ovaries, tubes etc, lymph nodes also removed as melanoma in uterus. I have good appetite, sleep well and enjoy my wine, and am easily walking over 1 km each day at a time. Started driving and small shopping again last week, and back to the bridge club and going to cinema, so must be very lucky. Took Panadol only for first week post op but not since. Main problem Is feeling of pressure over pelvic area. Get tired so mostly use food I pre-prepared from the freezer for meals, but not too bad and still hope to go overseas 6 weeks post op. Lots of frustration as have to wait for further tests, no gardening nor golf, and no lifting. Having help to clean the house is great and a pie of books to read also helps plus computer games!

    2. I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy on 8-18-17. I am 5 days post op. Feeling lots better but had a bad time with a bowel movement. First one today after 6 days. Took stool softener milk of magnesia and finally prune juice did the trick today. Was very painful. Still, have belly button pain and some lower abdominal pain have cut back on pain medicine but still take it at night. Over all feeling much better. I had this surgery done because I had cervical cancer. Waiting for the pathology report. Praying all is well!

    3. Hi, I’m a 78 year old and 8 weeks post op. I had a full hysterectomy plus six inch of bowel removed,all at same time, was in hospital just over two weeks. Since I came home I’ve taken no pain killers, my only problem is the dull heavy ache at the bottom of my stomach, but is worse if I get a bout of wind. I think I’m doing really well and trying not to over do it. I go for ten minute walks three times a day which seems quite enough at the moment. I still haven’t regained my appetite, and have to take energy drinks twice a day, prescribed by dietician. They help but I still have to eat protein and high calorie foods, no half fats or low calorie foods, plenty of milk. I do hope all you young ladies see some light at the end of the tunnel, I feel blessed I have had two good surgeons and family help, plus exceptional care from the hospital I was in in Wales. Liz

  17. Hi. Sorry to read about these experiences. I am 5 days post op for hysterectomy, ovaries, lymph nodes removal and biopsies for suspicious ovarian tumour. I have had emergency bowel surgery before this, but this pain is far worse. I don’t know if this is because of the poor pain medication this time or that this surgery is just worse. Also, I felt really pushed to vacate the bed and I’m at home trying to self administer anticoagulant injections into my stomach. I’m nauseous and full of trapped wind. When I was discharged home I had to ask if I could have some medication for when i was at home and they would only give me one box of analgesics. I worry about women who do not have someone to care for them. At the moment I am immobile due to the pain.

    1. Hi Sue:

      Reading your post I felt desperate for you and so much sympathy that I fet urged to write and empathise with you.To be pushed out of hospital too early speaks volumes about the state the underfunded NHS is in. Added to that it seems there was not a lot of empathy for your situation (and there is no excuse for that). Here you are in a traumatic and emotional situation following your surgery, and you are having to self administer injections. This cant be right?
      I feel lucky that my problems were few in comparison following a vaginal hysterectomy . I have healed well even though a small tumour was found in my endometrium after a biopsy. Even though it is not serious I know how awful I felt on being told. So I cant imagine what you are going through. I live in Mallorca and the health care here is superb, even though I struggle with the spanish to keep up with what I am told…and yes I am alone without a partner to help.

      I do wish you well and some rapid healing. The wind will pass (literally!) and the bloating cease…it just takes time. I just wanted to share my care and support for you.

      Sarah x

  18. I had an abdominal hysterectomy (ovaries remain) about 18 months ago, at age 38. I was very active prior, walking about 6km a day and almost daily yoga. I thought I would recover quickly as I was walking (gently) several km a day two weeks after a cesarean. I returned to work 3 weeks after hysterectomy, which in hindsight I should not have done. It took me at least a year until I could exercise without pain, I would come home from work at 5 and go to sleep. Wake up at 7, prepare for next day and go back to sleep until next morning where I felt I was dragging myself out of bed.

    I suffered exhaustion both physically, mentally and emotionally. In addition I was very bloated. For almost 12 months I had abdominal swelling (looked like i was heavily pregnant), and belly felt heavy, almost like i was pregnant, and suffered fluid retention in legs and ankles, as well as joint stiffness. I also experienced pain with sex and so didn’t have much for about 10 months. Have now returned to normal (sometimes a bit of dull pain).

    I still suffer with abdominal pain, however mostly dull rather than stabbing pains. I went for 2 second opinions and both gynae gave me an ultrasound and said that I was healing normally and it may take 24 months to feel myself again.

    I strongly recommend rest. Don’t push yourself. Be gentle and kind with yourself. It is hard to relax, but you need to let go and take a slower pace for a while. Allow yourself to sleep, your body needs a lot of sleep to heal itself. Eat well, avoid inflammatory foods (sugar, processed foods etc).

    18 months on and I am starting to get back in to my 6k walks (a few a week) and a couple of yoga classes a week.

    1. I am sorry about the length of time it took for u to start feeling a little more normal. I am relieved to hear that I am not alone in feeling like recovery is taking longer than expected. I’m on week 6 and still am not feeling like I thought I should. I also am a hiker and can only do 1 1/2 miles every few days. I also went back to work early although on a limited basis but now wish I waited until I felt a bit better as I think that’s what slowed down my healing process. I also never knew how much bending I do!! A definite no-no! Laundry is no longer on my to-do list. I’m hoping if I’m “good” again that I will heal quicker. Next doc appt in 2 weeks!

    2. I had full hysterectomy and removal of both ovaries on May 16, 2017. The surgery and recovery both went well, but I just can’t seem to get my stamina back. My belly looks huge, every joint in my body aches and hot flashes/night sweats have me really done in. The last few days have been back aches and abdominal pain. I was happy to see that I’m not in this alone of feeling like the healing process is taking forever. Have decided against HRT and I’m just hoping for a little light at the end of the tunnel soon. Went from active and full of energy to dragging myself around all day. Still feel the surgery was worth it just want my energy back!!

    3. I’m glad I’m not alone I had my hysterectomy in April 2017 at the age 35. After constant bleeding for 2yrs after my son was a C-section, in oct the year before I started getting tummyache after painkillers and loads of different meds I had the op. It was a sub hysterectomy left my left ovary and cervix. Everything went fine then 12weeks ago I started bleeding again and now the pain has come back, so back on tablets and painkillers, its a constant tummy ache like cramps but worse anyone else has this. Now waiting for another appointment as I shouldn’t be getting either ☹

  19. Had total hysterectomy 3yrs ago, (vaginal so no cutting the abdomen) i have pain like bruises on inside, I can’t even put pressure in that area it hurts so bad. Then I also get something inside (maybe intestine on left side) it will twist or get caught on something and I can feel it twisting and then have to stand still while it gets un twisted and it hurts. Dose any of this sound familiar to anybody? Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Alexis I had a vaginal hysterectomy in May 2017. I too had a sensation of bruising & ‘twisting’ afterwards for several weeks. It seems to have passed but occasionally I get it after sitting for long periods I.e. Car journeys.
      I was told ( by my Gynae) that muscles are cut during surgery particularly the rectus abdominis muscle. Also internal organs like the bowel & bladder re settle into new space.
      Please see your Gynae and have yourself checked over with ultrasound so that your mind is eased. No one should be having pain & discomfort after so long!
      Wishing you the best Sarah

    2. Yes it sounds familiar to me. I had a TAH 4 years ago and my cut was 7 inches vertically. I don’t think what I am feeling are adhesions as it is not a pulling feeling and there is no pain. But I often feel like something is caught up on the left side and by standing up and stretching it helps. But I feel discomfort in that area every day and often hold my stomach as it feels unsupported somehow.

    3. Yes the twisting I get it feels like there’s a knot in my stomach
      I’m 3 week after a laparoscopic total uterus ovaries and fibroid removed
      Intermittent pain very
      Unbearable like contractions was given buscopan which is not working at all
      I’m still taking laxatives which helps with my bowel movements

    4. Hi Alexis
      I just got on here to find out what it is happening to me I have a sharp pain in lower left front that feels like something is ripping or a ripped muscle I have to sit gently and it’s worse walking and doing things I guess I will have to go have it checked out unfortunately
      I hope that you and others do the same could be anything even UTI
      I pray for everyone for full recovery I do think we get moving to fast but we as women have no choice

  20. Just coming up on 4 weeks post hysterectomy (May 10th)….ovaries remain. No post op bleeding/spotting, was in hospital for 5 days. Have been apparently doing too much walking, which resulted in bursitis in my hip (icing it really helped). It’s the random stabbing pains that I’m wondering about, both sides of my abdomen/groin…and then sometimes vaginally. Reminds me of the trapped gas pain from my emergency c-section years ago. It’s not crazy or all the time, but I’m monitoring it. See my GP on Wednesday, and Gyno on the 22nd of June. Don’t have to be back to work until Jul 4th, so hoping things calm down by then. Everyone’s experience is unique, but always make sure to ask questions until you are satisfied. Oh, and my surgeon must be in love with office supplies….I had 45 staples. 🙂

    1. Had the same surgery about 3 years ago, still have those similar sharp pains you describe, occasionally. Honestly, took me about a year to recover and not feel fatigued all the time.

    2. I am 4 weeks PO yesterday TAH with ovaries left in (16th june) and last few days after while taking morning walk or at home after some activity, i have been getting peircing (like 100 needles) in my pelvic region .. almost like bladder/lower bowel.. below the scar/pubic line.. pain initially comes in waves, and normallh has setyled with rest, but today is prolonged.. i am weeing normally, and am gaving regular BM so not concerned with that.. wondering if this is more activity related or should i be more concerned? Today was the worst (pain wise) that i have felt since surgery..

    3. 37 years old and had mine the 10th of March.
      It took me 8 weeks before going back to work and I still don’t feel like myself. I have this bruised feeling under my bellybutton. It hurts to the touch.
      I have put weight and I really want to go back to the gym.

      Any input on the pain I’m feeling or how long it took to return to a normal workout? I can’t even walk a long distance without my tummy hurting.

  21. 2 June 2017
    Had completion surgery six weeks ago, this was following a laparoscopic removal of both ovaries and tubes in February 2017 just eight weeks earlier. Reason for completing the hysterectomy was unexpected cancer of the ovary. I now have pain where the laparoscopy and laparotomy sites cross, it feels like surface pain and also deeper in the tissue. I have got haemorrhoids and find bm sometimes very painful it also feels like something pressing on bladder. I had slight bleeding which turned to a discharge at four weeks, the surgeon said this was ok but now at six weeks I had slight bloody staining again last night. I am due to start chemo next week but am finding it difficult to get answers and if it will be ok to start the treatment . I think I also overdid it this week with housework and walking. Not sure what to do really to get answers.

    1. Yes I had a full hysterectomy in April 29th 2017 and I am still having a lot of pain where they cut me and then my bladder feels like it’s going to fall out sometimes and I still get the twisting and pitching and a very deep stabbing pains in my lower part of my stomach and the same side that my incisions are on and I have gained s much weight that it is very hard to walk long distance and up stairs are even harder for me to get my breathe while I am a very stubborn person and I hate for someone else to take care of me I had bleed for two weeks while I w have a bowel movement and if I would go to the bathroom to pee and I have asked my gynecologist but he said that it was ok but then three weeks ago I called to get a appointment with him because of the bleeding and I am scared because of it and all of the pain and guess what I don’t have a doctor anymore he just up and left no call of why or even where he was moving to so I am am searching for a new doctor around the Chillicothe area I would like to get some right answers because I had the surgery because of a ovarian cysts so I am very scared that it has become more of something else

  22. I am 69. I live in Mallorca Spain. I had a vaginal hysterectomy a week ago . I had been suffering with hyperplasia in the endometrium without atipia, but it was felt it was best to remove the uterus to remove the possibility that the cells could change. I stayed two days in hospital and was feeling amazed at my seemingly speedy recovery this past week. So much so that it lead me to believe I could do more. My lower belly (never slim) seems to have bloated more than usual and I have a dragging feeling and some pain. I had severe diarrhoea for the first 6 days and now my bowel feels settled. Mostly I get very tired, the slightest thing now makes me tired, even though I didnt feel that at the beginning. I fear I might have had a relapse as I have troublesome low back pain. I just wish the bloating would subside. Has anyone had painful bloating issues and how long before your belly finally subsides?

    1. I had everything removed 28th february 2017. Still got bloating worst in morning and late at night. I never had any abdomen pains at all and did not need any pain killers I was in hospital one day.the worst part was going to toilet it felt like giving birth fir the first week. I was off work for 7 weeks. Since going back to work my body is now in bits. Every muscle and joint aches after my shift and when I sit down and get back up I can hardly walk for the pain. Tiredness is still an issue I am in bed for 8pm most nights. I thought I was one of the lucky ones with no pain after op. I was not expecting this I can’t take hrt because of blood clots as I have had one before. I had to inject dataparin for the first six weeks. I am 50 yrs old and work in a busy bar I just hope the stiffness and body aches don’t last long. I am visiting the doctor tomorrow to see if I can get anything for it. I have also noticed my bones creaking all the time which I never had before. The dragging feeling down below lasts for about a month. That’s the vaginal cuff they make to keep everything in that’s why you get told no lifting bending or stretching. Very hard to do when you feel ok. Everyone experiences different things with the recovery. I think with the removal of my ovaries has a big part to play with my aches and pains. Night sweats is a killer to up 10 times a night. Hope everything goes ok with you.

    2. I had a total hysterectomy and tumors removed 11 days ago. I’m feeling pretty good but I too am still bloated and have gas pains before any bowel movements. I feel like I’m on the mend about every other day. The other days I’m extremely tired. I got my Staples removed today. And I get weird twinges of pain in various locations In my abdomen. Hoping this is normal. I see my doctor next week to talk about treatment plans.

    3. I am 37 years old and got mine the 10th of March. It is now the 20th of June and I am having bloating plus tenderness in my abdomen. I wish i knew the answer. My doctor gave the okay for me to walk but after a week of just a brisk 15 min walk, I have had nothing but pain and bloating.

      Follow up is Thursday. I can’t wait.

      I did apply a heating pad to my tummy the first 3 weeks and that seemed to help. You can call your doctor and see if he/she feels that may work for you.

  23. Hy, I’ve done hysterectomy now is 8 months still experiencing pains on the abdomen and on my vaginal help I don’t know what to do now I’ve removed the womb; ovaries due to ovarian cyst and fallopian tube pls help

    1. Hi I’m almost 4 months post op and I too am having so much pain in vaginal area, bloating, body pain, headaches, abdomen pain, bowel and urination cramping, and so much more. Dr keeps saying all is healing with no answers. My husband is super frustrated with me and I don’t know what to do. I’m exhausted all the time. Had uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and cervix removed. Had hyperplasia, cysts, adhesions and severe endometriosis affecting all female organs, abdominal wall, cervix, bladder,bowels, you name it, it was affected. Dr removed endo from all…he says. The surgery was both vaginal and laparoscopic with extra portals. I don’t know what to do. Dr is no help what so ever now.

  24. I am 10 weeks post op and I have had no pain whatsoever I have not need to take any painkillers.
    I had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy with ovaries removed. Since returning to work 2 weeks ago my back legs feet and arms ache all the time. I read a post about menopausal arthralgia do you think this is what I have.

    1. Thank you for your reply Esther. It seems you must have gone back to work too soon, as your job is strenuous (on your feet all day!) As you had a total hysterectomy and are pre menopause (I presume) you will obviously go into menopause now..night swearts etc. At 69 I have been through my menopause (started at 55) and sorry to tell you this, I still get night sweats.and day sweats…nothing relieves it and I was told it might last the rest of my life…heavens I hope not!
      I see my gynae next week and hope she can throw some light onto this continuous bloating I have. In the past I have had two bladder operations (prolapse) the last op 20 years ago so my stomach muscles are not the strongest. I pray this paunch will disappear soon! Its most uncomfortable. Hope your night sweats lessen and you get some very important sleep to help you heal Esther.

  25. I had a complete hysterectomy 3 weeks ago. Laparoscopy through the vagina. I ended up getting that wonderful vaginal cuff cellulitis and was admitted four days in the hospital.. the most pain I’ve ever been through. Now it’s all cleared and now I’m having severe lower abdominal pain. I can not even stand up straight. My gynecologist is on vacation, so it looks like I am going back in the hospital in the morning to see what’s going on. Ugh I’m so over this.

    1. I know how you feel I’ve been going through the same thing as you. My pain is now mostly in my groin area! Extremely tired and no energy at all!

    2. I had the same procedure on the 12/7/2017. I have twinges in my abdomen from time to time. I also get a pain as if I need to pass gas but don’t and have to wait for a few minutes for it to subside. I never heard of vaginal cuff cellulitis, what is this and how did u know u had it? Hope your on the mend.

  26. I had a hysterectomy about 7 weeks ago, 3/9/17. My cervix, uterus, and both tubes were removed. Happy to say most of my pain/discomfort is gone. I have noticed that I get extremely fatigued from doing simple things like ordering groceries. Before surgery, I could walk 4 laps around my block, which amounts to a mile. I started trying to walk at 6 weeks and barely walked 100 steps and got extremely tired, my son was with me, he had to run back to the house and get the car and pick me up. I tried the recumbent bike and lasted only 2 minutes. Is this normal??? I go back to work tomorrow and I’m very concerned about getting very fatigued after an hour or two. Last question, I have a boyfriend that’s been patiently waiting to resume our sex life. I read some women resumed after 6 weeks, but honestly, I’m terrified, because my man is well endowed. Any advice???

    1. Hello Ann B,
      You are not feeling 100 percent, then you could do with a few more weeks off work. I had a Total hysterectomy on the 1st March 2017, and sometimes I have good days and bad days. Am not going back to work until July as I worked on a very busy ward, doing 13 hrs shift. Liked you I was petrified of having sexual intercourse with my fiance, because of all of the stories I heard. I went to the Doctor and she recommends me using a water base lubricant.You and your partner can both used it. I haven’t had any problem at all with sex. No pain what so ever. If you are in the UK, go to Booth chemist for the lubricant. I hope this was helpful for you.
      Rose Marie

  27. I’m going in my 6 weeks after opération had my uterus cervix and tubes out the past week I’ve been having like a pinching pain on my left side upper incision but lower then belly button has anyone experience this just seeing my doct in a week !!

    1. Hello Tammy
      I am into my six weeks and had a Total hysterectomy and had the same problem that you are having. I was very worried, so I went and saw my Doctor, who told me it’s a part of the healing process. The inside of your body has stitches too, so it will take time to heal. I was alo told to drink lots of peppermint tea as I would have a lot of trapped wiind which can be very painful . I hope this might give you a little comfort. Please get lots of rest too.

    2. I had a complete hysterectomy 7yrs ago and i still have issues with pain in abdomin durring sex and even sometimes without intercourse. Also pain in joint of hip and elbo that came on almost over night. Keep all appointments and ASK questions! Good luck

  28. I had a total hysterectomy, appendix, ovaries, uterus and much removed October 2015. I was admitted with a chest infection and they did a CT Scan. They thought cancer but I was allowed to go home once they got me breathing. I was given an appointment in outpatients to see the Gynaecologist.

    Within the week I was ever so poorly and rushed to Stroud Hospital and back to Gloucester Royal. On the Monday my kidneys were packing up. I had a catheter fitted. I was seen by Mr Hall the Gynaecologist. He then arranged for me to go to Cheltenham.

    I had my operation on an emergency.

    Home again after a few days.

    An appointment came through to see Mr Hall and Mr Formally at Cheltenham. They went to tell I had cancer removed from my ovaries and that is why I had to have a full hysterectomy. I had this cancer for two years and my surgeon missed it.

  29. I had a total vaginal hysterectomy(still have ovaries and tubes) on March 19,2017 durning this time I have lost complete vision in my left eye. I was seeing perfectly with 20/20 in my eyes before the surgery and of course no one knows what happened. The first day after the surgery I was complaining of seeing white dots and a bad headache they said I loss a lot of blood and said they were going to give me a blood transfusion but they never did I wasn’t home but a little over 24 hrs and got readmitted into the hospital and had lost more blood so they had to do a transfusion they kept me two days and said I was fine. I’m anything but fine I had high blood pressure and took medicine for 20 yrs. Now I’m lucky if it’s 96/53 thats it everyday now or lower. My temperature runs between 96.1 to 101.4 this is everyday. I’m in so much pain I tryed to cut pack on my pain meds but that was a big mistake I was in even more pain. If I don’t take a pain pill every 4hrs I feel like I’m going to die. Something is wrong they keep saying cat scan neg.ct scan neg mri of brain neg.. .I see the Gyn tomorrow and I’m going to lay it all on the table somebody has to know something and I’ve already taken antibiotic and still running a fever of 99 100.9 has anybody experience this before.

  30. I have had a total abdominal hysterectomy last Wednesday. I’m using suppositories to loosen my bowel, it works wonders. But sometimes when lying down I experience severe pain on my lower abdomen. I thought I was going to die due to that pain, can anyone help I need some advice on how to lie down peacefully.

    1. Hi, I was in that place 4 weeks ago, and yes at the time I felt that dying was a good option! Just keep telling yourself that you’ll get through it. For some reason I felt that I had to go home 24 hours after my op (doh!). I couldn’t lay on either side and it was so painful on my back, as I couldn’t move as I couldn’t use my stomach muscles. I had keyhole, so if you’ve a large incision, just be careful how to achieve below.

      The best way I found was to ask my husband to use at least 4 pillows (old heavy feather ones hold position better) to form an V shaped ‘ramp’ for my head and torso (so your whole body is at about 30 -45 degrees). We then used my daughters very firm bean bag to raise my legs 18” off the horizontal and I bent my knees over that. It basically reproduces what the ‘bend in the middle’ beds do in hospitals. I was like that for about a week.

      Good luck, you’ll get there!

    2. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy ten days ago so I understand completely. Firstly, avoid getting gas through watching your diet. I sleep pretty flat on my back with one low pillow and a larger pillow under my knees. What a help that is. I also have an electric blanket which really works wonders. Hope this helps.

    3. Hi Lesley
      I used a hot water bottle on my back at night and lots and lots of pillows. My husband was lucky to have bed space at all.
      The Hot water bottle helped a lot!

    4. I’m Almost two weeks post-surgery from a laprascopic vaginal total hysterectomy and umbilical hernia. I feel pulling cramping sensations in my abdomen when I lay on my side, so ice been using a body pillow between the legs and as tummy support to keep my untoned tummy from trying to flop to the side. They also did a stent in my ureter because of a stitch that likely crimped my ureter, and we had to bypass placing a planned bladder sling. I get the stent removed today, and I’m super nervous but excited, as I think it’s causing more pain in my urinary tract and bladder, confusing the source of my current abdominal pain. I’m getting cabin fever, and had two decent days of slowly attempting to move more and handle some light housework, but today feels like a set back. I probably pushed too hard. 🙁

  31. I had a full hysterectomy 7 days ago today. I am 32 yrs old and had to have this due to endometriosis. I am very swollen and hurt bad. I have a little bit of a fever there and redness. Along with numbness can’t feel anyway around my incision. I am very worried about how swollen I am. It’s Friday night and just noticed it when my husband help me shower. I have 16 staples in me and very concerned. I can’t call my doctor til Monday due to weekend. Does anyone think this is normal or have experienced this. I really don’t want to go to hospital and sit there where it’s very uncomfortable for hours waiting, I’d rather wait and call my doctor Monday. Does anyone think I should be concerned or just over thinking.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      The fever, pain and swelling may be a sign of an infection of your incision. If so, the sooner you see a doctor and start treatment with antibiotics the better.

    2. I had mine ten days ago and I’m quite swollen but no redness or fever. You might have an infection so best get checked out. I insisted on stitches rather than staples as I’m allergic to nickle.

    3. I had my hysterectomy and tumors removed 11 days ago. Took 33 Staples which I had removed today. My incision is still pink and puffy but the nurse said it was healing well. I thought I’d feel much better by now but from what I’m reading….I guess it’s going to be a few more weeks.
      Good luck.

    4. Lisa the swelling of your belly (swelly belly) is very common. I had a total hysterectomy, ovaries and tubes moved. Pain has been severe at times, but I am taking pain meds. I found the heating pad on the lowest setting is a great help. Good luck and don’t panic. You will get there albeit a little at a time.

  32. Hi I had full hysterectomy on 2nd March 17. Thought I was doing really well. I reduced my pain medication to once a day. What a bad day I had today absolute agony. Leg and back pain unbearable back on medication. Slept alot this afternoon in bed rather than sofa as laying flat seemed to help. Anyone advise if this leg and back pain is normal, and how long it lasts ( days weeks) and if I should seek medical advice.

    1. Laying on my back is only relief I can get. Also, had complete hysterectomy 3-24 10 days in but over did yesterday & you will feel it. Any fever or redness should be addressed. Pain is off and on and swelling is ridiculous but looking forward to a better life once healed.I will not over do again and will give my body the time it needs, so just listen to your body and try to relax as much as you can.

  33. I’m partially posting this to test the date that posts with it, because I’m seeing posts from the future (I’m writing this in March of 2017).
    I’m also writing because I’m having the most incredible pain where my cervix used to be and suffering clinical depression because of it all.
    The shortest version of my story possible: Over twenty years and nine surgeries with stage IV endometriosis, and I STILL can’t have a bowel movement or intercourse without crippling pain (NOT a euphemism w/ the latter– I literally cannot stand up straight after sex, sometimes DAYS afterward, if I can even dare to attempt intercourse).
    I had my hysterectomy five years ago but had my cervix removed three years later during a laparoscopy for recurring endometriomas. I’d kept my cervix because I was told that your cervix along with the bands of connective tissue attached to it would help with bladder prolapse. A couple years later, mine was atrophying due to a lack of blood supply, so it had to be removed. I had a laparotomy for my hysterectomy and oophorectomy due to the advanced stage of my illness, and then, get this, I had to have a second laparotomy a year later because half of one of my ovaries wasn’t removed during the first laparotomy. It was a huge mess.
    The bottom line is that I am in more pain now than I ever was before my hysterectomy/oophorectomy, and the pain has gotten progressively worse since my last surgery when they removed my cervix and fresh endometriomas. I was wondering if anyone else here had such dramatic worsening of bladder/vaginal pain post-hysterectomy. I’m consulting with a surgeon again next week, but I am worried that more surgery will lead to more scar tissue and make it all worse. I just don’t know what else to do at this point.
    I had a cystoscopy and the urologist said he recommended laparoscopic surgery because he felt significant resistance when he tried to inflate my bladder for the procedure, so I know there’s something there, but of course nothing is showing up on a CT and my insurance won’t approve a pelvic MRI.
    I’m probably screaming into the wind as it seems we’re all dealing with a grossly under-researched illness, but if anyone can offer counsel, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Michelle

      I’m writing this post hoping that things are better with you by the stage I write it, which is June 2017.

      My heart went out to you when I read you had two laparotomy procedures. That’s awful.

      I had a laparotomy 10 days after my first child was born in 2006, as I got a post op infection from an emergency c-section. It was so traumatic for me, especially as I had an unsettled baby to deal with at same time as having life threatening infection.

      I have just had a laparoscopic hysterectomy 17 days ago and I’m in a fair amount of pain. Reminds me of the pain I had with laparotomy even though different procedures.

      During my surgery three major adhesions from the laparotomy surgery had to be dissected. My bowel was herniating through the laparotomy scar and my bladder stuck to my cervix amoung other things.

      I don’t know if pain is coming from hysterectomy, adhesion dissection or new adhesions from recent surgery. It’s all a bit overwhelming to think about.

      I hope I turn a corner soon.

      Take care and hope you have the answers you were after by now.

    2. Hi Michelle, I had to reach out to you. My name is Jo and I’ve been living with this hell for 20 plus yrs. I too had a total hysterectomy with my cervix removed at age 26. I’m now 47 and wake up early with cramps and gas hitting nerves. The pain flares last up to 2 weeks at a time. I’m sure I’m full of adhesions. Especially in the bladder and bowel but I’m terrified of having further surgeries. The last laparoscopy, the surgeon said he wouldn’t touch me with a barge pole. Everytime I take a shit ,it triggers raw burning pain. I had to masterabate to stop the nerves from going crazy. They put me on Tramadol for pain but it’s used as a men’s premature ejaculation pill now. Idiot doctors! Anyway I’m trapped now because I needed a break from the pain….I started taking opioids… I’m totally addicted and feel like I’ve got no where to go. I’m terrified of being labeled a druggie as my pain is insufferable. I’m trying medical marijuana but I can’t say it is stronger than the opiates. I sleep with a wheat bag every night and live alone.
      It is a nightmare. Have you tried any meds that have helped for you?
      I don’t want idiot drs who know nothing about this terrible disease to take over and push me over the edge.
      Desperate at 5 am today.
      I’ve tried a restrictive diet which does help regulate my bowels so I don’t strain. My pelvis is relaxed. It’s the organs that are stuck to each other.

  34. I had a hysterectomy in 2011 The doctor told me he done a complete. Well I still can’t have sex. I have unbearable pain Went to a different doctor 3-6- 17 and found out that I have a cervical stump I was wondering if this could be the cause of all the pain Thanks, Karen

  35. Hi. I just had a partial hysterectomy done 2 weeks ago, I know i just had the surgery but, is it normal to have extreme burning pressure from your vagina? I’m hearing so many horror stories and I’m really terrified that I’m always going to have some type of issue from this procedure.

    1. Hi I have a burning pressure where I believe my cervical stump is. It hurts especially after bending down . I completely overdid it yesterday whilst doing some housework even though I was being very careful. It is so painful today I am dosed up on codeine and am lying on the sofa to try and take the pressure off. I am nearly 10 weeks post op. Will this ever get better?

  36. Hello 37 stage 3 cervical cancer. Had my uterus cervix n tubes taken both ovaries remain. Also had bladder sling n posterior wall repair. Day 3 post op n still no bm. Tons of gas tho. Standing for 3 minutes causes extreme pressure below. Still have a catheter in. Drinking lots of fluids really trying to not take pain medications but I am every once in awhile. When will things start not hurting or causing extreme pressure.

    1. I had mine ten days ago, catheter out on day three and home on day four. I was sent home with paracetamol and ibuprofen as I can’t take morphine or codeine. The pain didn’t start to really subside until day six when I had to send my husband to the pharmacy for help. He came back with Tramadol (I live abroad and we can buy this over the counter) but although they did help, they completely zombified me for the following 24 hours. By day eight I’d say my pain was down from 5/6 out of 10 to 3 out of 10 and tonight I’m sitting at about 2 which is more like a really bad period. Try not to eat or drink anything that will cause gas or pressure in your bladder, stomach or intestines. Stick to really easily digestible food as wind and pooing seem to be the biggest causes of pain. Good luck xx

  37. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy about 8 weeks ago. My issue is that when I have to use the bathroom there is such an uncomfortable pressure around my incision. Does anyone else experience this? I know that I need to increase my water intake. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions or advice.

    1. Hiya, it’s been six weeks for me and I have the same problem?? I think it normal.

    2. Hi there, I just had a Total hysterectomy a week ago. I have a towel that I folded up and whenever I go to the bathroom , I put the towel where I had the incision as a protection and lean over to make yourself a bit comfy.I was told to do that by the physio and it seems to helped me when I cough, go for a wee or bowel movements. I hope this might help you.

  38. Hi, I am only one week posted. I’d say I am in more pain then expected, but I am sure it is normal due to how recent everything is. I am 31 and this was medically necessary but I’m kinda freaked out by what everyone is saying. Any positive experiences? I had tubes, uterus, cervix and one ovary removed and I would love some reassurance that sex will be good and this pain isn’t forever. . . . someone please show me the light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. Hello Dear. I am now 8 weeks into recovery after a total abdominal hysto. I am 47 years old. I am so sorry that you are experiencing pain. I have to say mine was more uncomfortable than painful. I don’t think any surgery or recovery is positive, but what I can say is that you are not alone and you MUST take the time to heal. I will reassure you that the pain will not last forever. However, I have read where it has been painful for some women to have sex after a hysto. Unfortunately, I don’t have a SO to experience this with to answer! LOL!

    2. Had TOH hysterectomy 10 weeks ago. I am 52. Had slight complication with stitches at top and bottom getting infected. However antibiotics cleared it up. Had sex at 8 weeks and have not lost any intense feeling. It has taken me longer to orgasm. But more foreplay does it. Feel extremely lucky as I had a high sex drive. Noticed I am more drier than normal. My partner says I am not but was a bit sore the other night after a long session. Will use lubricant for now on. So yes it doesn’t have to be all scary. Things haven’t changed much for me. Sex is great. I haven’t experienced any mad mood swings. I am less emotional than the build up to the operation. I was really all over the place. Yes hot flushes are happening but bearable. Just wondering what summer will be like and then there is the old swelly belly.
      But you can’t have everything good eh.

    3. Hi. Hysterectomy in 2007. It gets better. Sex is amazing! It look about 4 months for my body to get back to “normal” as far as that is concerned. Hang in there. And do not be shy talking with your provider about what you are going through. 🙂


    1. It goes away after a couple of weeks. I dreaded going to the loo I also thought I was giving birth.

  40. 6 weeks post hysterectomy. ovaries still in place. Suddenly got severe pain at base of skull. Had a stiff neck for 4 months already but it was a burning pain. Op must affect the joints somehow.

  41. Hi, i had a partial hysterectomy 2 yrs ago and then 6 weeks ago i got my left ovary n 3 cysts removed so now I’ve had a full hysterectomy.But the last week or so I’m experienced a lot of pain in my lower hurts anyone knows what it could be

  42. Hello. I am 32 and had a partial hysterectomy 4years ago. I was doing okay until some days ago. If a huge appetite, I’m gaining weight, have a lower abdominal pain on my right, my boobs hurt, I have constipation, urinate all the time and I’m always tired. I had an ultrasound and all was well. Only my uterus was shortened, everything else was left intact. What could this be I’m very worried

    1. Hi my name is veronica and I had a total hysterectomy and cervix removed stage 4 almost cancer 3 years ago. Just feel like you just described me. After i recovered I felt fine but have been gaining weight ever since and the last few months gained allot of weight. Have a sharp pain in my right side abdomen especially after I cough, sneeze or throw up. Lower back pain, constipation, urinating a lot, my boobs are sore and hurting and now starting to get some pain while having intercourse. I am worried too and just started going to the Dr. I am going to have some ultrasounds done. I would love to know what kinda answers you find out or get. Contact me any time please good luck

  43. 6 weeks after surgery going back to work.
    Doctor gave me note, I can’t lift over 10 pounds.
    I have 2 part-time jobs, one in a school setting, I use my feet often, the other as a cashier in a supermarket, I use my feet and I lift items.

    Is it a good idea to go back so soon?

  44. Had a Radical Hysterectomy on December 14, 2016. No ovaries were removed.
    I had the usual pains and gas pain.
    Then December 30, 2016, I ended up in hospital with an infection from the Radical Hysterectomy done. Was in hospital for 5 days. Had catheter in my vagina for 12 days to drain infection out.
    Since surgery I have had:
    1) Nausea or vomiting or clear liquid fluid just coming up with abdominal cramping/ pooping at the same time.
    Since last check-in by GYN (post-surgery),which was January 19
    2) kicking in my vagina or pelvic as if 9 months pregnant with Child with big feet.

    Is it normal?

  45. I had a hysterectomy Dec 1 2016 with cervix removal. Right ovary remains. Healing was going fine and my recovery was almost painless. But Dec 27 I sneezed and I’ve had a constant burning sensation on the left side of my abdomen ever since. The pain is severe and requires 10mg of Norco and 800mg of Ibuprofen to bring the pain to a tolerable level. I’m afraid I’ve damaged something inside. I go see my Gyne on Jan 4 for a check up. Will this burning sensation eventually stop?

    1. I had a hysterectomy on dec 8 2016 and I’ve been having a really bad sharp burning pain in the upper right part of my stomach bad…

    2. What did you find out from your doctor? I had a full hysterectomy less than 2 weeks ago and I have a burning sensation in my lower left abdomen as well.

  46. Drink blended aloe peel off the skin and an 8oz glass twice a day for days .
    To improve urine, bowel movement, burning sensation.
    Then you go once a day when needed.
    Also dandelion for the digestive tract.

  47. Denise, I agree with what Lydia said. I also had a hysterectomy 2.5 years ago and also work at an adult store that sells lubricants. Definitely use it….I have to now myself but I would avoid using the flavoured ones as they can cause yeast infections and such (Not always do they but to be safe I wouldn’t) when used vaginally. (Use for oral though as they do taste GREAT!) Wet makes a great Aloe based one and also Intimate Earth makes one with Tea Tree Oil, Guava bark and Sea kelp.

  48. I had a partial hysterectomy in 2011 about 8 mths ago I noticed I started having pain in my pelvic area during intercoruse it has only been getting worse idk what this might be ? it feels like my insides are about to fall out I’m having sharp pains inside and it feels heavy please give me an idea of what this could be ??? And I’m only having this issue with intercoruse and for about an hour afterwards !!!

    1. I’ve had the same Jen and I had my op 8th feb 2016. I was told by my consultant this is due to a weak pelvic bone. I’m
      Not sure if this maybe the same for u, but I’d speak to your consultant. Intercourse and general day to day can be a struggle for me! Hugs to u Hun xx

    2. Hi Jen

      Don’t know if you’ve figured this out yet or are still searching, but being my exact symptoms I thought I’d share what I know. After a hysterectomy ( I had one also), all the connecting pelvic muscle fibers weaken. When I saw my gyn after having these symptoms, I found that my bladder, rectum and vaginal vault had begun to prolapse. It can take years to progress or become a surgical option only in a matter of mos. This happens faster if you’ve experienced childbirth Its a simple diagnosis so once you feel you can tolerate another gyn exam, I would go. Best of luck

  49. Hi i just had my hysterectomy 3 weeks ago i have pains in my stomach,i still have my cervix pls what is the problem?

  50. Hi had my complete hysterectomy hysterectomy in 2011. I just started having vaginal pain – Started having frequent UTIs – I’m a nurse and it seems to happen more when I’m on my feet for 12 hours feels better when I’m laying down but I still feel a burning pain – ice packs have helped – I haven’t seen the doctor yet for the pain because I thought all the pain was coming from UTIs but after being on several anabiotic’s I’m realizing now that is a chronic pain – I do not take any hormone therapy – had acupuncture for hot flashes and no more hot flashes now – hope to find the answer soon – i’m open to anything that helps except surgery – I hope we can find the answer I was happy to see your post

    1. I have had hysterectomy in 2011 as well but over the years off and on I’ve been in pain. I gained weight over the years but this year I took a few off only because I had a colonoscopy done. It is a chronic pain because no one is telling me what I should do to help or to find out what is the problem. I feel sometimes afraid to eat certain foods and I need an answer for my lingering pain. I’m really worried that it could be cancer. The tests I have done for bladder, liver, stomach all seem normal. The pain isn’t going away and it comes sometimes a few weeks long or months. In the night it keep me up and I don’t know what else to do. What suggestions do anyone have?

  51. Two weeks post op total hysterectomy. Pain is more severe now then last week. Sever rectal pain lower right abdominal and pain when trying to release bladder. Not uti burning pain but stabbing ripping pain. Is this normal ?

    1. Had TAH bilateral salpingo oophrectomy 9/30 week 3 and 4 were the worst for pain. Had lower right abdominal pain and a burning/ pulling sensation just below my navel and below scars on right side. Horrible stabbing pain on right side after eating. Bowel pain was awful. Called Dr. Office they said right side pain normal due to trocar on right side during surgery. It started to get better late in week 5. Had 6 week check still some pain when I turn or reach across but doing much better. Still spotting which I was told is normal at this stage. Good luck.

    2. The pain in my rectum is unbearable. Is there that can do to alleviate the pain. I have taken stool softeners and dulcolax. I have had bowel movements the pressure is too much. Any suggestions. Fm

    3. Lavender oil massaged into your pelvic area seemed to assist me with this unbearable pain after partial hysterectomy.

    4. Hi, just wondering if you managed to feel better after this? I’ve had exact same…especially with bladder and lower back pain, bowel is getting better but I was fine the 1st-week post op. It started in the 2nd-week post op 🙁 I just hope it goes away, I was feeling great 5 days after surgery and doing wee walks and housework etc. Nothing strenuous:(

  52. I had a hysterectomy with removal of ovaries also in 2004. Last November I started having symptoms of a bladder infection, which had been chronic. after two courses of antibiotics I still had the pain, burning, pressure, spasms. sitting and standing exacerbate my symptoms of pain.

    I have seen a urologist, had a cystoscopy, a ct scan of the abdomen/pelvis and now am seeing a vulva specialist for 4 months now; with very little improvement in my pain symptoms.

    the vulva specialist finally did a biopsy a few weeks ago and I am waiting for the results.

    I am very frustrated and exhausted from the pain and the restrictions of my activities of daily living.

    I am searching for relief and have not found it yet.

    if there is anyone out there with the same type of symptoms and have any suggestions, I would really appreciate some help.


    1. Kristy,
      I’m 6. Months post On, and still have pain with bowel movement, sometimes when urinating , and Sex ….. sex creates pain which spreads through my entire abdomen, and it’s so severe that I’m bed bound for days ,
      I have been bak for checks ups after check ups , and all I’m being told is I need time , up to 12 months my OB GYN tells me , it’s a joke and I regret ever going through this procedure, it’s ruining my life. I’m praying that it will resolve over time ,
      I hope your recovery doesn’t last as long as mine .

  53. Hi im 8 weeks po im still havin a bit of lower abdo pain and also upper stomach cramps and get very tired in the afternoon.
    Is this normal.
    I haven’t had sex yet as i have to wait 2 more weeks. Cause at my 6 weeks check up dr said im still inflamed and have stitches still.

    1. My wife had a hysterectomy done. In two days be her six weeks and she having the same experience, what did doctor do to help you. I would like some insight on this matter. Thank you or something. This is my wife’s email

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