Post hysterectomy bleeding, when should you be worried?

Is it common to have a little bleeding 3 weeks after my hysterectomy?

You need to know that you can expect some post-hysterectomy bleeding after surgery. They may have removed the uterus, but after a hysterectomy, you are left with an inner wound at the top of the vagina named the vaginal cuff.

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post hysterectomy bleeding
Post hysterectomy bleeding is very frightening whether it happens right after the surgery or years later.

Because it is impossible to see the healing process of this inner wound, you may forget it is there, and blood loss may come as a surprise.

Hysterectomy is a major surgery, and the recovery process will take several weeks or even months. While your body is recovering, small amounts of bleeding signify that internal tissues are healing and repairing themselves.

If the bleeding is persistent or heavy, there may be complications after the hysterectomy, which requires immediate medical attention. It may be a sign of the wound re-opening, so you must report this immediately.

However, you can expect some spotting or mild bleeding after hysterectomy.  Let us begin to separate normal from abnormal bleeding after hysterectomy.

When should you be concerned?

It is important to know that bleeding after a hysterectomy is normal. Following a hysterectomy, you may experience vaginal bleeding or spotting for four to six weeks, which is nothing to be concerned about. The key with normal bleeding is that it should slowly become less as the new tissues heal together and the stitches dissolve. This type of bleeding is irregular and not heavy like normal menstrual periods.

What is the difference between normal and abnormal bleeding?

Post-hysterectomy bleeding should gradually take the form of spotting or light pinkish-colored discharge.  You may notice that the bleeding increases (along with the pain) after sudden strenuous physical activities.

Right after surgery, the bleeding is consistent as less area is healed. You may consider this normal if the blood is not a bright red color. A lot of bright red-colored blood may be a sign you are bleeding; the wound may have re-opened, so do not ignore this.

You should follow your surgeon’s advice to avoid this kind of complication. Take plenty of rest after surgery, avoid bending, don’t lift heavy things, and do not insert anything into your vagina.

Vaginal bleeding after hysterectomy (during 6 week recovery period)

Vaginal bleeding after hysterectomy may occur for several reasons. Sex during recovery may cause vaginal injury or the inner wound to re-open. Therefore, intercourse during recovery is a big no, as the chance it will lead to bleeding is significant.

Causes for bleeding while recovering from hysterectomy

Sometimes a badly tied blood vessel can lead to post-hysterectomy vaginal bleeding. When the suture of the blood vessel slips off, the wound may re-open, and you may need a second operation as they need to re-suture (close) the wound.

Though very rare, vascular abnormalities and hypersensitivity to certain types of suture materials can also cause post-hysterectomy bleeding.

Causes of Post Hysterectomy Bleeding (after recovery period)

There are several reasons why women may experience heavy bleeding after six weeks of surgery. The most common causes include wound infection and vaginal injury. Trauma or infection of the vagina can also cause bleeding. In sub-total hysterectomy (where the cervix is not removed), the bleeding can be due to infection, injury to the cervix, or the retained endometrial lining.

Scar (granulation) tissue at the vaginal cuff can also be a reason for light bleeding after hysterectomy and is not uncommon. This bleeding happens mostly after intercourse.  A study shows that vaginal vault granulation may occur in about one-third of women who have a hysterectomy.  Small lesions equal to or less than 5mm will often heal spontaneously.

If you have a partial or subtotal hysterectomy, there is a 10 – 15% chance you will have mini periods. With this type of surgery, the cervix and a small part of the uterus remain, which may cause monthly bleeding and cramping.

Larger lesions may need to be sealed off by burning them (cauterizing) or treated with silver nitrate.

Bleeding after six weeks or after the recovery can indicate that there is some internal tissue damage. If you notice any spotting or bright red discharge after six weeks of your surgery, report it to your doctor. Also, call your healthcare provider immediately if you experience any other associated symptoms, such as pain, nausea, severe headache, or extreme tiredness, along with post-hysterectomy bleeding.

Hysterectomy bleeding years after surgery

If you haven’t had a period for several years following your hysterectomy, sudden vaginal bleeding is obviously a shock. Logically, your first thought is that there is a connection between this bleeding and your hysterectomy. This is not necessarily the case. Bleeding years after hysterectomy may be direct, indirect, or unrelated to the surgery.

  1. Often, we see this bleeding after intercourse. After the hysterectomy dropping estrogen levels will cause changes in the vaginal wall, known as atrophic vaginitis. Lack of lubrication during intercourse can result in trauma of the vaginal epithelium and cause bleeding.
  2. Cervical polyps can also cause vaginal bleeding and spotting. These polyps are fleshy, abnormal growths, and are nearly always non-cancerous. When they grow inside the cervix, they are endocervical; on the outside, they are ectocervical polyps.
  3. If the cervix is left intact during the hysterectomy, you can still develop cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer. This can cause, in some cases, significant vaginal bleeding and most often after having intercourse.
  4. A rare cause of post-hysterectomy hemorrhage is endometriosis of the vagina or of the vaginal cuff. A vagina is an unusual place for endometriosis to occur. Surgical spreading of endometrial tissue is possible when they remove the uterus via the vagina.

Treatment for bleeding

If they discover the problem early, bleeding after hysterectomy is easier to manage and treat. This depends, of course, upon the source of vaginal bleeding. Your physician may recommend complete bed rest followed by pain medications.

If the cause of bleeding is internal hemorrhage, they find the source, and the blood vessel is ligated to stop blood loss. In the case of wound infection, antibiotics are the line of treatment. If a woman has lost a considerable amount of blood, blood transfusion or surgery is sometimes inevitable.

Reviewed by: Kimberly Langdon M.D. (OB/GYN)
Date reviewed: 19/3/2019

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  1. Diagnosed Lupus and Chrohns and Hoping you still see this and have answers. 20 yrs ago I had a complete hysterectomy. I’ve been having heavy bleeding with clots off and on. I’ve seen every Dr for a year and they act like I’m making it up. I just want to know what’s wrong if u figured urs out please I’m desperate because my Drs give up.

    1. Are you on any blood-thinning medication? Blood thinners can cause vaginal bleeding as the tissues of the vulva and vagina are more susceptible to injury. After a hysterectomy, reduced levels of estrogen will make the vagina drier and less elastic.

  2. I had a hysterectomy where they took everything but my ovaries and November of 2016 and last night I started bleeding after intercourse and it was very bright red and a good bit of it I am just very concerned because I know after 2 years I shouldn’t be having bleeding anymore and I had endometriosis really bad before so I’m concerned about that also I have Lupus and do chemo treatments for that and I’m also on blood thinners because I had a stroke I am only 29 so I’m very concerned but if anyone has any advice on what this could be I would greatly appreciate it and I am planning on making a doctor’s appointment as soon as the office opens today but it normally takes a couple of weeks to a month to get in so I’m just trying to get some answers ASAP

  3. I just had a hysterectomy 2 and a half weeks ago. Three days ago, I noticed that I began swelling and bloating more. That was followed by pressure on my digestive system, some mid to lower abdominal pain, and a weird hunger pang feeling. If any of you have ever taken anti-depressants/anxiety meds, it feels like the feeling you get in your stomach the first few days after you start taking them. When I lay down the feeling subsides. Also, today I’ve been bleeding. It started out pink and is now red. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    PS I have called my doctor’s office and am waiting to hear back from them, too.

    1. I having the same problem with the bleeding and it’s been 3 weeks now. When does this stop?

    2. Dawn I had a complete hysterectomy on 03/30/18: it’s been about 4 weeks and I did bloat after week 2. I have been spotting since the super but it has been light blood was brown and sometimes murky red. Today I started to bleed a dark red light flow but I just went to the bathroom and I have clotting that is bright red. What do I do?

  4. Its been 18 yrs since my full hysterectomy due to endometriosis. Ive been fine until about a week ago (i also have crohns, so everything automatically gets blamed on that) when i started having severe abdominal pain that radiates into where my kidneys lay in my back, with severe fatigue and a general feeling of unwell. About two days ago i started havingv spotting when i wiped (from vagina) now its moved ont o having to wear a pad. And i havent had intercourse for at least a week and know its not an infection.
    Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated im a little nervous at this point

    1. Hi!
      I had a total Hysterectomy ( cervix removed ovaries left) nine weeks ago. My doctor said it would be ok to have intercourse after 8 week- but I had a small bleeding after. It stopped right after, haven’t seen any blood after- but I’m worrying. I’m due back for check up next week, but I’m also planning a weekend with hubbie. The check up appointments and information is not that good in Sweden, happy to find this page. The nurse would just say wait, but it’s more of an automatic reply- do someone have the experience of light bleeding- and no pain after the first intercourse after the op? And the absolute first went well, this was the day after and it might have been a little more action then intended..

    2. Hi everyone. Had hysterectomy they kept my ovaries 2 1/2 weeks ago. I’ve been bleeding since. It’s the color of like a popped cyst with blood. Hard to explain. Also been having sharp breath taking pains in my lower
      abdomen. Called in last week said it’ll fix its self not to go to the we, and to wait till my check up. Unless I soak a pad every hour. What’s y’all thoughts?

    3. I am having the same situation with Dawn right now, it is very frustrating with the bleeding.

  5. Had a vaginal hysterectomy October 2016. Today just saw a bright red spotting, but no pain. Had no problem since then until today. What could be the problem: Please help.

    1. Nosipho: I’v had abdominal partial hysterectomy 9 weeks ago never had no bleeding until now bright red. It lasted 3 days I wore a thin pad. It’s spotting today. I called my doctor, she’s sending me for a trans vaginal/trans cervix ultrasound to check for cervical polyp. Base on the results she’ll decide what to do. Maybe you can ask about that. Feel better, hope this helps.

  6. Just had a full hysterectomy 8-8-17. I walk like I am supposed to everyday as I did when I was in the hospital. ( I also had almost 60 liter cyst drained). OK 6days after surgery I was just lying down and It felt as if I pee’d myself. It was blood. Today I called my Dr. They said that as long as I didn’t soak my pad. Well it don’t gush?? Until I lie down. It is now dark/bright red. I will be calling back tomorrow. Freaking out here. And I can’t stand to be down all the time.

    1. Peg..I just had my total hysterectomy on 8/3/17. I’ve been walking, and doing some light cooking and generally behaving myself for the first week. But I felt so good after surgery I went back to work the second week….I know…naughty…I worked 3 days and had relatively no spotting until the third day so…Thursday, called dr office, got scolded for doing too much, and now I’ve been laying down resting. It is day 4 of doing nothing but laying down, except for the occasional short walks and going pee, My spotting has increased, but according to what I’ve been reading via Mayo clinic site (and others), it’s normal because it’s not bright red and not as much as a period. Still, freaks me out. I’m only 2.5 weeks post-op. I still have to calm myself down and stop myself from freaking out because I have spotting every time I go pee…and there’s a fairly good streak of pinkish reddish-brownish blood when I wipe…but from what I’m reading, it’s normal and I just need to breathe and rest. Did you find anything else out when you called back? It might be useful to the rest of us experiencing similar things. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. I’m going through the same thing it have been a year for me and I’m still seeing blood but it’s light pinkish and when I have a bile movement not I’m having constipation it’s time for my check up. Hope all is well with you and me and all the other women’s that are experiencing the samething or similar to it

    1. Hi Felicia
      I am 4 mos post op total husterectomy( TAH )and been spotting since after my surgery last may 20 2017
      I have the same issue like yours
      Everytime i jad to pass a stool and push a bit spotting came along i am sure its not hemmorroids
      Pls let me know what your doctor says
      Thank you so much

  8. I just had a partial hysterectomy a week and a half ago I’m 30 years old my Dr says I shouldnt be in pain but I am experiencing extrim amount of pain and light bleeding that only happens when I pee I don’t know if this is normal

    1. I had a partial hysterectomy 7/20/2017. I had adenomyosis, fibroids and endometriosis I took 800 mg ibuprofen before surgery. My pain after surgery was nothing compared to the pain before. I stop taking pain meds 11 days after hysterectomy, my doctor said that was great, but said some women take pain med for up to a month. Give it time, don’t push it give your body time to heal we get 1 chance of healing properly. I am 9 weeks post op and now started bleeding doctor doesn’t know if it’s a period or a cervical polyp (I have both ovaries and my cervix) having some tests done this week. I have no pain and I feel fine it’s just blood there and I’m uneasy about it. Good luck, hope we get better.

    2. I’m experiencing the same thing this month made a year since my hysterectomy. I go to the doctor on the 4th of October did you find out what’s going on with you?

  9. I had a total hysterectomy in 2003 when I was 49 yrs old. Well 3 years ago I stopped using any kind of hormone treatment (I used natural hormones 4 yrs prior to quitting treatment) so now I notice I have a dark spotted discharge but then notice when I have a migraine I sometimes have light spots of blood. I had a Pap smear a few years ago which was fine. I am 63 yrs old & not sexually active & haven’t been for years! I was taking a natural supplement called tri-chromium which help me loose weight & got me off blood pressure mess. So should I be concerned?

    1. I had a hysterectomy in 1996 and kept my ovaries
      For the last 24 hrs I have been blood spotting slightly .My surgery was for cervical cancer. Can you please advise

  10. Had my uterus and cervix removed 3 1/2 years ago. I have pelvic congestion as well. A month ago I started having minimal red vaginal bleeding a few times ONLY after bowel movements. Had a transvaginal ultrasound done to check every thing out. All things checked out normal. Doctors have no answers. 🙁

    1. I have been bleeding since 2014 every month and when I have a bowel movement and wipe I see b!old there as well. I don’t understand it all!

  11. Hello everyone
    My mother has had a total abdominal hysterectomy surgery on 12/6/2017
    Almost two weaks from today . Next day after surgery my mom feel some blood discharged from vagina but after two days it stopped but today means 2 weeks after operation my mom feel some spots of blood (without any pain). is it is normal or not ?
    One more thing i want to know that for how many time she have to take medicines
    Plz give me suggestions i am little worried

    1. I had a total hysterectomy on June 6th, very little interns of discharge right after surgery. However on the 2 week Mark I had quite a bit of bleeding. Seen my surgeon and she did am internal, said everything looked good. She told me to stay off my feet for 4-5 days and if the bleeding starts to come out while I’m at rest to go back in and see her. I tested for 4 days and the bleeding stopped and that was 2 weeks ago and i have not had any bleeding or problems after the 4 days. I just over did it and that was my body’s way of telling me. As for meds can’t really help with that, if its pain killers I alternated between tylenol and Advil ever 4 hours while I had constant pain. Now I just take tylenol as needed. If you are really concerned or the bleeding is heavy or has a bad odor, she should see her surgeon.

  12. Hi I’m 32 I had a total hystorscctomy almost 4 months ago now. I woke up the other day and I had a nasty discharge and then the next day I started spotting. Now I have been having cramps is this normal or should I seek medical assistant asap

    1. Hi i guess we have the same issue. I’ve had my uterus removed becauseof big tumor last march 16, and i would say that i’m not yet fully recovered. Yesterday morning i had dark red spots until this morning thank God less. My doctor is out of town and nurse adviced me if will bleed more today i need to run to emergency. Im just nervous. Not sure if the reason is that i have been lifting some stuff or because i just had intercourse 2 days ago. But i hope i’ll get better soon. I hope you as well

  13. I’m 2 weeks post opp from a total hysterectomy (still have ovaries). Yesterday all day I had a pink discharge and then at 8 pm went to the bathroom and wiped and had s significant amount of blood, but when I went to the bath 30 mins later it was back to a pink discharge. Went into ER and she told me i had a hormonal surge and to expect some bleeding for the remainder of my 6 weeks and to take it easy. My bleeding today has been more Constant, like I’m having a light-medium flow period with cramps. I’m not soaking a pad in an hour but I’m really concerned because the blood has increased. I don’t have the option to call my doctor, here is canada ur only option is to go to ER and i was just there yesterday. Anyone else have this? I’m really worried

    1. Hi Courtnay, I too experienced post bleeding after my operation. I was 7 weeks out though. I had a bloody discharge the whole time but it got worse a few days before I started hemorrhaging. I woke up at 7 weeks covered in blood. My internal sutures had popped. You know your body, if something doesn’t feel right, there’s probably something wrong. I was told a light amount of bleeding is ok but nothing like a period is normal. I would go back. Your vaginal cuff could be coming loose or your sutures. Don’t wait like I did! I almost waited too long! Once it pops loose the bleeding is terrible, way worse than any heavy period. It’s like someone turned on a faucet of blood. They recauterized where my sutures busted and put me on strict bed rest for a few days and light activity for a week. Prayers you get better quickly!!!

    2. I had very similar symptoms at 2 week post-op. My doctor explained this is completely normal and that 10% of women who have a total hysterectomy will have spotting with light bleeding. This bleeding can last anywhere from 10 days to the remainder of the six weeks recovery.

    3. Hi everyone this tues will b 2 weeks since surgery… they took everything but 1 ovary… and they used my csection scar… up till now i have just had a light pink bleeding but i used the bathroom a bit ago and when i wiped it was bright red and soaked the tp.. i wiped several times but it didnt get lighter and when i went to flush the water was red but no blood on my pad… is this normal or should i call my dr.. plus i cant sleep and have spent most of today crying… oh and i have been cramping like a period sinve yesterday

    4. Hi ladies.
      I had my total hysterectomy on the 19th of December. Didn’t have much bleeding right after surgery (almost none at all). I’ve been walking and getting around a little bit because I was going crazy in my house. But, I haven’t lifted anything heavy or done anything strenuous. No sex. No insertion of tampons or the like. Just keep getting sharp pains on the right side (incision area) and then when I go pee, there’s bright red/dark pink blood in the stool and on my paper. However, nothing in my pantry liner. After reading all these comments, its starting to seem like this must be fairly normal so long as there’s no hemorrhaging or massive pain. I see my doctor in two days. Hope it’s normal and not neccesarily a new lifestyle. Not sure I’m going to love having light bleeding the rest of my life as the main reason for the surgery was to eliminate the blood in the first place. 🙁
      Good luck to all of you. Say a prayer and let God handle the worry.

  14. Hi, I had a total hysterectomy Nov 7, 2016. Noticed today I have heavy bright red bleeding. Had cancer in my ovaries.Already had my six-month check-up and everything was fine.I haven’t had any pain or blood during or after intercourse.I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience or if it is completely normal or should I be worried.Thanks.

    1. Please go get checked bc my best friend had the same situation and that’s how she found out it spread, notify your ob/gyn or your oncologist asap. Doesn’t hurt if they tell you everything is ok.

  15. I had a totally hysterectomy on April 17, 2017. Everything has been going good and have had intercourse before and no issues. This morning after intercourse we noticed blood on the covers and we both had blood on us and it was bright red and heavier then just your normal spotting. I’m not sure if I should just wait and see if it slows down or go to the ER. Anyone else had this.? Thanks I’m very worried.

    1. I started hemorrhagimg at 7 weeks out and I had not had sex yet. My bleeding was severe but my doctor told me it was normal to have menstral type bleeding if you pop a suture. I would stil call my Dr and have him check me. Don’t wait like I did. I had to be recauterized at the hospital and it was not too pleasant. I probably needed a blood transfusion but since my vitals stayed ok my dr opted out even though I lost so much blood. I would call him now just to be safe!

    2. Why not ring your doctor and ask him. Did he give you the ok to have intercourse so soon? Usually, women have to wait until their 6 weeks check up. This is when the doctor checks if the wound has healed and it’s safe to have intercourse.

    3. I had a full Hysterectomy on April 12, 2017. One morning I woke up and I started bleeding very heavy. It was only 18 days after my hysterectomy. My husband rushed me to the hospital and I had to have surgery all over again and had to receive 3 pint of blood. I was bleeding at the vaginal cuff and a blood vessel. So i would go either to the hospital or to your Dr.

    4. Thanks everyone for the comments.
      Yes Marit. I got the OK for intercourse. Last check up I had he said everything was looking great and as soon as I stopped spotting and having discharge I was ok to have intercourse.
      I waited it out and The bleeding slowed down and just stopped after a couple hours. Everything is good now. Thanks again for the comments

    5. Please tell me the answer to this…I did the exact same thing. The bleeding has stopped, but I don’t know if I should see my doctor? Any info would be appreciated.

  16. I had my uterus removed 3 years ago, April 19 of this year was to have both ovaries and tubes removed but they could only take my right one due to scar tissue and ahesions really bad after my uterus was removed, I am now having pinkish discharge which I had intercourse two days ago, their was no pain at all during intercourse but maybe that’s where the bleeding came from, I also have to have another surgery to have left ovary removed with more surgeons, my doctor was worried I would of bleed out with only him doing the surgery , so now I’m scared, have appointment with him today thankfully

  17. Heather this is Linda I had my uterus removed 3 years ago and on April 19 of this year was suppose to have both ovaries and tubes removed, but my doctor was only Abel to remove the right ones still have left one. Doc said I had so much scar tissue and ahesions that it looked like someone dumped a bucket of cement in my belly, said he had never seen so much scaring. Had intercourse two days ago and now have discharge and blood when I wipe, the blood is lite pink but I’m still worried

  18. I had a total hysterectomy in 2000. last night after intetcourse I started bleeding not heavy but bright red. I am very dry in that area but have never experienced this before. I am a stage 4 breast cancer patient with that being controlled by taking away all hormones. I am worried sick.

    1. I woke up this morning covered and blood and bleeding very bad. Two days before I noticed more of the dark brown blood and thought I’d wait it out for my follow up appt two days later. Boy was I wrong! If you notice new blood or a change in your bleeding call your dr and go be checked. My internal sutures had popped open and the dr had to go in and remove all the blood and clots and close up the wound. Don’t wait like I did. Go be checked!!!!

    2. Coconut oil (cold pressed I believe, google it) is the BEST lubricant at any age but especially once we get older and experience dryness. You can put it on the member or make small suppositories in the freezer. Coconut oil also helps against VD and VIs.

  19. Hi,
    I had a partial hysterectomy 11 years ago. They left my cervix, why I have zero idea. 3 weeks ago I was getting ready for work felt a gush of fluid running down my legs, I thought I peed myself, nope it was bright red blood! Instead of going to the ER I went to work, proceeded to go through 5 tampons in 2 hours……..finally gave in went to ER. They did nothing! Said it was “odd”, referred me to my Gynecologist, she found nothing out of the ordinary. Told me to just ignore it for now! Just had ultrasound it looks normal too!? Yet I still have random spotting?! Without a uterus, ovaries or being on any hormones? How is this possible? Even after 11 years?! Has anyone ever heard of this type of thing?

    1. If you still have a cervix you will get what is called “mini periods” but I could have your Gynocologist check your cervix with a Pap smear test to rule out disease.

    2. I had my hysterectomy in 2009 and now I’m experiencing light bleeding every now and then.
      I had a pap done last week now waiting on results. I did have a pap last year and came back fine. Dr said I do have a little bit of a cervix left.
      I’m worried
      What were your results?

    3. I had my total hysterectomy done since 04/2011, I am still bleeding light blood, but when I have intercourse it would be bright red blood, I was having pain in my lower back too, I went back to Dr. since 2011 till 2015. I was totally tired of running Clinic, MRI, sonogram, X-Ray, Ultrasound result came from scar tissue, cyst, and tons of painkiller medication. Last years around October 2017 the pain becomes very intense, I cannot sit down on even as I am talking this message here. so tonight I decided to stock on the internet and see whether they are other women there going through the same thing I am going through. Do you know that the Dr. has caused major complications she cut my nerve, hurt my vagina cult that was why they were giving me tons of pain medications? I am in very very serious pain, I don’t know what is going with my life. I freaked out, crying every day. If anyone knows anything to treat wound inside there please contact me. Or anywhere I can get proper treatment please let me know. I am planning to do another screening of my HPV before it too late.

  20. I had a partial hysterectomy 6/16/14 by the DaVinci. 2 weeks after surgery I experienced heavy gushing deep red bleeding. This happened twice. Each time I went to the ER and I was packed with vaginal packing to help it stop. Took months for me to get over it and return to work. Had some random pain after but he thought it normal.
    Went for my yearly PAP 1/17. They found sutures on the back of my vaginal wall and cervix. Long story short my new Dr. Didn’t understand why I was left with my cervix when I was a potential cancer patient my last surgery or why I still had sutures. I soon underwent another surgery. They removed my cervix, sutures and mesh around cervix (which I didn’t know I had).
    I’m week and 3 days post-op. I’m still having lots of pain and light pink vaginal bleeding. I hope everything is normal. I feel useless. I hate sitting around. Is this normal??

  21. I am in my 4th week from tahbso, I walked 30 min just slow walking ( window shopped) yesterday, and next morning when about to pee there’s a blood a pink discharge, I am worrying now because my surgeon is about 1 and a half hour to travel. Is this serious?

  22. I had a total hysterectomy 11 months ago. I woke up to bright red blood from my vagina this morning. It’s NOT from sex. What should I do?:-( Feeling very concerned!

  23. Total abdominal hysterectomy December 5, 2007, 23 years old and 6 months after scheduled c-section of my only child. I had very significant endometriosis and was prolapsed. In October 2004 I had extensive uterine surgery to remove my twin that had embryonically attached inside me in my mother’s uterus. I still have ovaries, not sure of functionality, though. In the last month or so I’ve had some sporadic light vaginal bleeding sometimes bright red and sometimes brownish. A couple months ago I had a yeast infection or by. I took clindamycin (sp) and it cleared up. I’ve also had a very very thick white discharge for over a year, no odor, but in excess. I have a gut feeling this is cancer but am absolutely terrified of seeing a doctor. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Angela I hope everything is going okay I was just wondering what happened if you got to see a doctor or not and if so what did you find out I’m having some very similar problems and I am really needing some advice if you get a chance I would love to hear back from you thank you

  24. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy on the 30 of April 2016 ,but my left overies remains I’m having pain to my lower left side of my abdomen and spotting after a bowel movement is it normal.

  25. Thank you so much for this article and everyone’s comments, so helpful. I am spotting and sore 4 weeks after, having had no bleeding since the first week and hardly any soreness for a few days. It’s a relief to know that this is normal, although I probably pushed it by not taking it steady enough. (Children on half term and hubby’s come down with flu). Thanks guys for sharing, here’s to a smoother recovery and wisdom to stop before we do this to ourselves again. We are worth relaxing and taking it easy to get recovered string and well.

  26. So I had a full hysterectomy on may 19 2016 and last night I noticed some bleeding I am worried because I also have endometriosis but my surgeon told me he removed all the tissue affected. At first the blessing seemed heavy but it seems to be light now I’m not sure what it could be or if I should be worried.

    1. Hi Tiffini
      I hope everything is going okay your story sounds similar to mine and I’m just trying to see if you ever got any results on what could be causing this I have endometriosis also so I was wondering if it was because of that or something else if you could respond that would be great I would really appreciate some advice on this

  27. Hi !!! I had my abdominal hysterectomy on 17-01-2017. Now I am worried because now I have bleeding with brownish red colour. What’s the reason??? Will u pls suggest me about medications.

    1. Hi Ananya, No need for medication, just take things easy. Get plenty of rest. The brownish color suggests it is old blood from your inner wound. This is just a self-cleaning process of your body. Best of luck.

  28. Hi, seems like an insignificant question compared to some of you. I had a complete vaginal hysterectomy 8 weeks ago and now yesterday I noticed pink spotting. This morning a small blood clot and still slight pink discharge. Is this normal. I have read a lot about the granuloma slothing, etc. I’m a little concerned but not sure. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

  29. Hi, I had a partial hysterectomy done Oct,31,2016 but they took out my uterus my tubes and cervix. Then I started getting sick after my surgery and now I’m spotting but also having cramps and back pains. I’ve been in and out of the hospital for 6 months before my surgery now I’ve been in and out of the hospital for having problems with my partial hysterectomy and being sick I’m not sure what to do

  30. I had a complete laparoscopic vaginal assisted hysterectomy 12/19/16, I was in the hospital over night, I had very little pain and bleeding. I went back to work after 2 weeks off half days, it’s not to bad I just get tired easily. My only problem is I feel like there is a tampon in there that feels like it is falling out, I use to have those feelings once in awhile when I got my period which I haven’t had for almost 2 yrs., I called my doctor New Years Day and said something to him and he said it was just the swelling that I’m feeling, I sure hope it goes away.

    1. Hi. Do you know if they put vaginal packing in your vagina? If so, please check if it was removed the day after your surgery! I had the same surgery as yours few days ago and I felt that way before the packing was removed. At first, the nurse made an attempt to remove but the nurse could not see any packing. We thought probably nothing was put in but I still felt the discomfort. I put gloves on and discovered the packing and removed it myself. Please check immediately with your doctor. Thanks!

    2. Hi. I had the same procedure on 12/16. I also went back to work after two weeks. I never had any swelling. I had one big gush of blood about ten days post op that my dr warned me would happen and since then very light spotting with bowel movements. The only pain I have is when I have to have a BM since it sits lower now. I drink a lot of warm tea, no sugar and sit with my tummy hunched/compressed as much as I can and that seems to be the most comfortable.

  31. On 12/28/16 I had a laparoscopic procedure and had everything, uterus, ovary (had only one left) and cervix taken. On Saturday morning, 9 days after, I had a cramp that signals a bm, I thought I had peed my pants and ran to the bathroom. It was bright red blood. Since then I have been bleeding bright red blood. Would not call it spotting. More like a period. Need to wear a regular pad. Blood continues to be bright red. I called my GYN, she said she is not worried. I also have a lot of stomach problems from gass. I have stomach and intestinal issues from. Active IBS! Right after surgery it was the most pain I felt. Was told to walk. I have. No one told me not to bend or to not do light housework. I have swept and dusted loaded and unloaded the dishwasher. After reading, maybe I over did it??? I still suffer from gas. When I go to empty my bladder or to have a bm, I feel pain. I try to let it just happen so I don’t clench up. I am worried about the bleeding. I will let my dr know that I continue to bleed. I am very sad. I knew it would be a major surgery, but it did not register that it would be life changing. I used to hike, ride horses, train dogs. Not a demestic kind of girl. Love the outdoors. Will I ever be able to do that again?? I am also a Kindergarten teacher by day. I worry abt going back to work. I feel scared and discouraged.

    1. Hi PurpleViolet15. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Rhonda and I had a total robotic (Da Vinci) laparoscopic hysterectomy on the same exact day as you did! I’m having some scary bleeding too, especially tonight (26 days out). Fingers crossed this isn’t serious. Good luck. I know how you feel.

    2. Hey ladies, had the same procedure as Rhonda, and I feel your pain. I am just out of 8 weeks and am still having vaginal bleeding and brown (old blood). Sometimes it is only spotting sometimes like a gush. I have been very inactive, just following Dr.’s orders, and have had sex one time at 7 weeks. I am sick of being sick. I decided after my last appointment that unless I am bleeding to death or have agonizing pain, I am going on with life as usual and stop worrying about what is fairly normal after surgery. I believe this is so unhealthy worrying everyday, I just wish I was informed a little better as to what to expect. Especially the whole BM crazy crap.

    3. Just wanted to add, I did not have one drop of anything until I had sex at 7 weeks and I did go to the doctor just shy of 8 weeks and he did apply the silver nitrate.

    4. Hi. I am having the same problems. I had a hysterectomy on Feb 10th. Removed all but the ovaries. I bled for two days after surgery then nothing for the following 10 days until a gush of red blood like a period. Last for about an hour then went to continually spotting since. Yesterday another gush of red blood now still spotting a little more today. Very scary even though the doctor says it’s normal for 4-6 weeks. Had enough of bleeding and didn’t think I would still have this problem after a hysterectomy!

  32. I have a question – Partial Hysterectomy about 6 years ago, with a mini period every month. About 11 months ago I had Sleeve Surgery and I have been doing weight training and cardio for about 4 months. I haven’t really noticed much of a mini period this years, with the exception of a few. Thinking this may just be because of all the changes and weight loss. However, today, I have bright Red period, that I believe was a lot. I have a little concern. I do have tow girls home for he holidays and they are on the cycle now and could just be us getting in sync…..IDK. Should I be worried? If it stays, I’ll call the doctor in the AM. Maybe its the exercise.

  33. Hi ladies, I had a partial hysterectomy on 11/16/16. I’ve been walking since the evening of my surgery. I feel wonderful. No pain at all. However, I’m passing a clear fluid with no Oder, sometimes a light pink discharge. A couple of days ago it’s was a bright red. Eight weeks leave from work, I don’t know what to do with myself. How do I know if I’m doing to much. I’ve been a runner for 20 years. it’s hard to sit still. I don’t want a set back. I’m looking forward for my post check up.

    1. Marie I totally understand if had everything removed but my left ovary
      On Nov 30 2016 on Dec 10 I had a bright red blood after urination and what looks like scar tissue. I did stand to wash dishes and I can’t help coughing or sneezing my next doc visit in Jan 5 2017 hope I don’t have a setback this is new to me I have no idea what to do with myself. I do not like to sit still and I’m ready to move around and I think I’m makingyou kids crazy

    2. I also had a hysterectomy on Nov. 30 th. I’ve had a pink discharge w/ no other issues. Yesterday I had bloody discharge like a period. Not quite as heavy but more then I feel
      Is ok. I called my Dr. he said it is
      Ok unless gets heavier. I’m scared. I’ve definitely not taken it easy enough. Hard when you are active normally. I’m going to stay down for next couple days. I go back to my dr on Friday.

    3. Hey there–

      My surgery was 11/22. I feel the same. I did not experience any bleeding in the first few weeks However, 12/18 I am spotting and I too am afraid of moving around too much. I have 7 weeks off from work. I am twiddling my thumbs too. I am calling the doc on Monday to advise because I simply don’t like the fact that I am spotting. What a trial for any woman to encounter.



  34. I had a partial hysterectomy, with my cervix and ovaries intact. However I notice spotting every other month. Is there a need for concern

  35. I had awful bleeding, like hemorrhaging, went to the hospital, had ultrasound, they sent me home same way. Followed up with Ob/Gyn, had MRI, polyps inside uterus. Had full hysterectomy Nov. 2nd. Left side is still sore, do not know why. Discharge, lite pink. Hopefully this will go away. Gas pain is awful but once released, feel better. Feel bloated and FUPA is so loose and just hangs over incision. Have gained weight, was hoping I lost some. Need to lose some fast, any suggestions?

  36. I had a hysterectomy 10 months ago, and now I’m in the hospital for GI problems and began bleeding….is this normal?

  37. I had a complete abdominal hysterectomy on 11 Nov. Today I had slight bright coloured spotting. Should I be worried? I don’t have pain on the incision but a lot of bruising around it. Have been experiencing gas issues and bloating too.

    1. I had mine on the 8th of November and had bright red blood tonight. I see my doctor at 11am tomorrow so I will let you know what he says.

    2. I have pink everytime I go to the toilet, I had a total on the 10th. Iv read lots of different material and it seems to be normal part of recovery unless it is red?. Iv found I’m also on a lot of pain today but hoping it is also normal. Hope you’re recovery is as easy as can be.

    3. Hi! I had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy on November 15. I have had hardly any discharge until today. I woke up and went to the bathroom and the toilet was full of blood. The last two days with the holiday, I am sure I over did it. At what point should I be worried with the bleeding. I am in no pain at all.

  38. I had a complete hysterectomy January 2006. I havnt had sex since January 2016. Im starting to see blood on my tissue coming from my vagina. I get it at least four times a month. I have no cervix. Should I be worried.

    1. Im 2 years post op and dealing with the same issue. Did you figure anything out?

    2. I’m having the same problem but I don’t no nothing. I’m worried it’s been April 2014 when I had my total abdomen hysterectomy had everything removed even cervix.
      I haven’t had sex in over a year and I take 1mg of estrogen everyday to keep my vagina to stay moist because before I didn’t use estrogen it was dry and cracked and burning from dryness real bad.
      Does anyone know what is causing this bleeding and I also get nauseated real bad and right side hurt side and to back.
      If you know please let me know. Thanks

  39. As long as the blood isn’t bright red you are fine. It’s just a sign of the healing that is occurring inside your body. Also make sure it does not have a bad smell – it should smell like blood but not fishy or rotten. If it smells your doctor can take a culture and then prescribe an appropriate antibiotic to clear it up. The hardness, pain and bloating is gas. Surgery gas is like I pain I’ve never felt before and I am like a Viking in most cases… lol. The only thing that helped was walking around the house as much as possible and drinking hot tea. Make sure your incision is kept clean and there are no pieces of undissolved thread poking through and causing the discomfort.

  40. Hello Ladies. I had a complete hysterectomy in 1990. I started to have occasional spotting after intercourse but in August, 2016, I fell on my back and left side after missing two steps going out of my house and then I started to notice bright red blood after I urinate on the tissue paper. I’ve been to my family doctor and the first time the PA saw me and did a pap and sent the results to the lab. It came back negative for intraepithelial lesion and malignancy. WBC esterace was 1+ and occult blood was 3+. She told me that she thought I had Vaginal Atrophy. Then October 18, I went to see my doctor and she did a pelvic exam along with the urine test. She told me that I had a Urethral Polyp and I needed to see the nurologist/gynegologist. I do not have my ovaries, tubes, uterus, or cervix. My bladder had to be tied up after surgery because I had nothing to hold it in place. I have been putting on weight like crazy; my last urine test was WBC esterace 3+ and occult blood 1+. Has anything like this happened to anyone else? I have an appointment on Wednesday, Nov 2 for the specialist and I am so freaking out that I have bladder cancer. I have no pain at all, just the bleeding.

    1. Hi Suzzykat. I would not worry too much. Urethral polyps are non-cancerous growths that may cause bleeding but can also, when big enough, block off the urine flow. The urologist you are going to see may suggest doing a cystourethroscopy to examine the urethra and bladder and at the same time remove the polyp.

    2. Ohh. I am so sorry. You have had it rough. It will get better, pray and be strong.

    3. I am experiencing the exact symptoms right now. I do not have my ovaries, tubes, uterus, or cervix. I first started experiencing the same symptoms two months ago but it was like once or twice..Now I’m seeing blood daily after I urinate with what looks like small pea size blood clots. I also experience a sharp pulling pain in my vagina when I urinate. My hysterectomy was in 2002. I’m very worried because I didn’t have any complications after the surgery and have not had any issues until now. Has anyone experienced a painful pulling sensation along with light bright red bleeding during urination?

  41. Hello I had a hysterectomy May of 2016, after intercourse I have bright red blood. Is this normal?

    1. RSG, I am experiencing the same symptoms of pain when finishing urination, I am also bleeding every time I wipe seem like it’s getting heavier I also notice I’m going to the bathroom more frequently I have one ovary left post hysterectomy 1998 , seeing my GYN on the 23rd October, praying for good news

  42. Hi. I underwent a vaginal hysterectomy and bladder repair 3 1/2 weeks ago. Still spotting. Still have twinges of pain. Still have abd distention/bloating pains. I am always second guessing everything I do..too much?? Not enough?? This is taking so much longer than I expected.

    1. I had Laparoscopic Total Hysterectomy 3 weeks ago. My doctor advised me too walk he said it would help out for clot. Now I’m having problems with abdominal pain and bloating. It’s 4 days later after doctors appointment. Today I drove to the store 4 hours later I’m having break through bleeding .. Am I doing to much

    2. The gas is normal but the more you move the faster you get rid of it. Not strenuous moving of course but just walking around the inside of your house. I had gas pains so bad this summer in the days following my surgery it brought me to tears. My sister a nurse practitioner made me begin walking in circles around my den as I watched tv and in a few days the gas pain was gone. She also had me to drink lots of hot tea.

  43. I’m exactly the same as Charline. It’s been three weeks since I had my hysterectomy and my scar is burning and stinging but not red or opened. My left side it’s painful expecially when bending over and walking. My belly from my belly button to my breast is so hard and bloated. I’ve just started bleeding pinkish colour today not much but am worried. Is this all normal what do I do. Louise nsw

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