7 Little Known Ways To Survive Hot Flashes After Hysterectomy

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Do you struggle with bothersome hot flashes after hysterectomy? Are you going through a phase where whatever you do, eat, or drink seems to trigger a hot flash?

hot flashes after hysterectomy

These intense heat attacks followed by bouts of sweat are just some of the many symptoms that are characteristic of menopause. And for many women, they are interfering with their daily life.

Over the centuries, women have reached out to Mother Nature to find remedies to relieve their hot flashes. And, like always, nature has the best solution for anything a person can encounter.

Don’t silently suffer. Instead, use the advice below to take control of your hot flashes.

7 Excellent natural treatments for hot flashes

1. Active woman – healthy woman

exercise for hot flashes

One of the best ways to deal with uncomfortable hot flashes after hysterectomy is to put on your sneakers and get out. Trust me. It is much better than sitting in front of a fan trying to cool off.

Many of us think that the sudden increase in body temperature in menopause is unavoidable. However, the researchers found that women who spend a lot of time sitting (in the home or office) are more prone to intense hot flashes than those who are physically active.

A recent survey shows that the symptoms of menopause are relieved immediately after aerobic training.

For example, go for a nice walk, run, stretch, or practice yoga. These activities stimulate the muscular, nervous, endocrine, and digestive systems, improve circulation and secretion of hormones, and accelerate detoxification.

Besides, this will increase emotional stability, which will help to prevent anxiety and depression.

We know that these two conditions accompany menopause.

Even if you are not fit, it’s never too late to start with exercises. Enjoy walking, cycling, working in the garden, swimming, cardio training with equipment, or, why not – dancing!

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2. The best hot flashes diet. What to eat?

hot flash diet

Studies have shown that a diet rich in phytoestrogens reduces the frequency of hot flashes. You probably already know that soy is the best source of phytoestrogens.

Great sources are soy milk, tofu, and tempeh. This study shows soy’s benefits for menopausal women are more than real.

Furthermore, linseed is also an excellent tool in the fight against heat waves because it contains phytoestrogens and essential fatty acids, which relieve menopause symptoms and balance hormone levels.

A great way to help the hot flashes after hysterectomy is to include more hazelnuts, walnuts, and almonds in the everyday diet. Also, fish oil and flaxseed oil have proven to be great helpers in increasing the intake of essential fatty acids.

There is no particular regime. Try to switch from cow’s milk to organic almond or hazelnut milk. This is a good start to help your body fight hot flashes.

3. Herbs for hot flashes after hysterectomy

herbs for hot flashes

In almost every manual on medicinal herbs, they will mention black cohosh for hot flashes. Black cohosh is known as the female root because it contains substances that may act as a natural replacement for estrogen. Its healing effect is noticeable after just one month of use. Women who have liver problems should consult a doctor before using black cohosh.

Sage is another herb that contains phytoestrogens. You can use it as a beverage or medicinal bath to improve hormonal imbalance.

Try sage tea for hot flashes. You prepare this tea by pouring 2.5 dl boiling water over two teaspoons of dried plant. Then, cover the tea and leave it for several minutes to get a medium infusion. Two to three cups a day are recommended.

Other plants which have a high content of natural estrogen are:

  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Dong Quai (Angelica Sinensis)
  • Red clover (Trifolium pratense)
  • Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra, licorice)
  • Shatavari (Asparagus racemose)
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somniferous)

4. Psychotherapy can really help

Psychotherapy  to relief menopause symptoms

Research conducted in the UK, which was published in the journal “Menopause”, showed that psychotherapy can be very helpful in relieving the symptoms of menopause, such as heatwaves and night sweats.

The researchers followed a group of several women in menopause. They found that two-thirds of those who went to psychotherapy or applied some of the methods of self-help (phone interview with a psychologist, books …) had much milder symptoms than the women who did not have this kind of help.

Cognitive behavioral therapy involves interviews with the doctor to change the negative thinking models (one of the main factors that are worsening the symptoms of menopause). Research has shown that the beneficial effects of this therapy show after just a few sessions.

5. Hot flash sleepwear to keep you cool at night

Special sleep wear for night sweats

What can you do about those terrible night sweats after a hysterectomy? If you wake up several times during the night and throw off the bed covers, looking for ways to cool off, then you are not alone. It is still unknown why, for many women, hot flashes are worse during the night. Some call it positional hot flashes as they get them as soon as they lie in a horizontal position.

Dr. Pat, a gynecologist and director of the New York menopause center, advises women to stay calm. She also suggests that before you go to sleep, do some breathing exercises to relax. Also, put a thermos with some ice water near the bed. When you wake up having a hot flash, dip a washcloth in some ice water and put it on your neck until the hot flash subsides.

It is a fact that the right sleepwear and a perfect room temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius are crucial for quality sleep without hot flashes and night sweats.

Hot flash sleepwear is made of polyester microfiber that wicks away moisture from the skin and dries quickly. This material they often use for sportswear really helps. Other fabrics like linen and cotton are good alternatives with their cool feel and sweat-absorbing qualities.

6. Acupuncture for hot flashes after hysterectomy

acupuncture for hot flashes

Acupressure and Acupuncture are old techniques that were widely used in ancient China for treating and helping many conditions. Modern medicine is slowly accepting the benefits of these great and beneficial ancient techniques.

A recent study found that half of the participating women noticed a reduction in hot flashes after eight weeks of acupuncture treatment. The other half saw little or no improvement. It remains a mystery why some women respond so well to this treatment, and others find no relief for their hot flashes.

7. Bee pollen for hot flashes

bee pollen for hot flashes

Bee pollen is what bees collect with their bodies to feed their young ones. It is rich in nutrients and free amino acids and is readily available in health food stores.

It is also a natural treatment for hot flashes that many women rave about. A recent study revealed that both honey and bee pollen improved symptoms of menopause and reduced hot flashes in women with breast cancer getting anti-hormonal treatment.

Another study also confirmed that women taking the pollen extract Femal for three months had fewer hot flashes than those taking a placebo.

Most Bee pollen products are inexpensive and certainly worth a try if you are dealing with severe hot flashes.

Please note that some people are allergic to bee pollen, and ask your doctor before taking a bee pollen supplement.

Surgical-induced menopause should not be a period of suffering. Combining all the healthy approaches can help greatly reduce hot flashes after hysterectomy. A new approach to lifestyle, life habits, and self-awareness will be the key to a natural and healthy journey through this difficult period in life.

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  1. Ice packs wrapped in a towel & placed under the breasts performs miracles for the treatment of hot flashes. It feels strange & looks stranger…but it works!

  2. My hysterectomy was done the last of Sept.2017.I’ve tried the black cohosh with zero help.I try to keep an ice pack and cool cloths w ice water near at all times. Mine happens mostly at night and the only way I can explain them is as a volcano in my neck face and head.I feel as if my head is literally on fire.then the perfuse sweating happen.I’ve tried lightweight clothing however usually I wind up just in my underwear.I feel like I’m cooking.This is informational and will try more remedies.ugggg.Pain before surgery and now struggling with menopausal symptoms.blah.Thanks for the info

  3. Eating Luna bars helped with my hot flashes until I got quite I’ll and realized I am allergic to soy. I tried plenty of the alternatives mentioned here. Finally found what works for me. I use Emerita Phytoestrogen cream with black cohash and take Evening primrose oil. If I run out of one the flashes come back.

  4. This article is good. I got many new information. I do take horsegram sprouts. Have marginal results.

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